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  1. Mouthwash can trigger diabetes and high blood pressure
  2. baby milk for 7 months old
  3. Recommended dentist in or around Allschwil?
  4. daycare, any subvention?
  5. HMO PharMed TelMed HMO etc?
  6. What is high Blood pressure?
  7. Any advice please!
  8. List of kindergartens in St. Gallen
  9. Dentist in Germany
  10. Do you have a good pediatrician in the Triemli/Albisrieden area?
  11. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  12. Giving birth in Fribourg Daler
  13. A perennial EF favourite: smoking ban in SBB
  14. Corsodyl/gingivitis mouthwash
  15. can doctors access a shared database?
  16. Partner had a stroke and looking for things to do
  17. Orthodontic Treatment in Germany
  18. Need a quiet place near Stadelhofen to do medical stuff
  19. Memorial Tree
  20. Enjoy life- as you never ever know ...
  21. Good English speaking psychotherapist or psychiatrist in Zurich City?
  22. Call for help : Wheelchair transport
  23. Music classes in english for toddlers in Lausanne?
  24. Alimony for the child
  25. Advice needed Re Parkinson's
  26. Breakthrough in origin of DYSLEXIA discovered
  27. Mothers move out of family home to pursue "dreams"
  28. Hospital tried to rip us off!
  29. Occular Migraine
  30. English or German Speaking GP in Lausanne
  31. eye injections again diabetic blindness - krankenkasse authorisation.
  32. Screening for Ovarian Cancer
  33. good skin specialist in Vevey?
  34. Raising legal case against doctor
  35. Finding a GP in Nyon area.
  36. "Simple" Divorce Process
  37. How are same-sex married couples (US) treated legally in Switzerland?
  38. Removal of Lipom / Lipoma in Zürich
  39. Received demand to pay 'missed' medical bill altough it is already paid
  40. nursery feedback in Baden
  41. Canton of Geneva Maternity Laws
  42. Need a bath seat or stool
  43. anyone living in Pfungen
  44. Normal physio session duration
  45. Changing insurance premium in open enrollment
  46. Dermatologist for mole removal Zug
  47. I need braces. Is it worth getting them in germany or france?
  48. Online doctors - tried?
  49. Need a infertility acupuncturist and/or specialist
  50. Tinnitus
  51. Physiotherapy Recommendations - ACL reconstruction
  52. Divorce - Original marriage certificate
  53. English speaking counsellors and Psychologists in Zurich area?
  54. Any Recommendation for English speaking gynaecologist in Winterhur
  55. Pregnant wife giving birth abroad while on sick leave from work
  56. How to fill prescriptions?
  57. English speaking Psychiatrist- ADD diagnose
  58. Refused complementary coverage -- options?
  59. Swiss/German equivalent of Dettol??
  60. English speaking GP & paediatrician in Nyon
  61. Looking for a good English speaking [divorce] lawyer in the area of Zurich
  62. Moving Child Benfit from Ireland to Switzerland - E411
  63. Does your insurance determines the experience of the doctor you get?
  64. Prosthodontist /Dental prosthetics specialist
  65. Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows
  66. English Speaking Child Psychiatrist
  67. How to claim child support when living outside Switzerland
  68. Money for the child
  69. Kids GPS trackers
  70. Horgen hospital
  71. Permethrin in Zurich?
  72. Divorce
  73. Disclaiming inheritance
  74. Grief support group - Geneva
  75. Iron supplements
  76. Foreigner facing a divorce but broke
  77. Bell's Palsey info & support
  78. Where To Get Married In Switzerland?
  79. Change married name after moving to Switzerland
  80. Scuba Diving Medical
  81. Separation/divorce process in court
  82. Where to find cheap throwaway toys for a long flight?
  83. Sharing a nanny in Kilchberg, Zurich area
  84. Adoption - Swiss living abroad
  85. Divorce: do both you and your spouse have to live in CH for 1 year before filing?
  86. Excessive alcohol drinking protects against dementia :)
  87. Inheritance/Remarriage/Survival
  88. Hemorrhoids - THD method
  89. Lifestyle meds via IV
  90. Ask for a recommendation of the dentist for kid in Lausanne
  91. How do I dispose of expired meds?
  92. Dental Clinics in St.Gallen
  93. English speaking psychologist in Lausanne or Vevey?
  94. LSF to SPF Conversion
  95. Custom made engagement ring
  96. blood tests in St Gallen
  97. What does a cost estimate cost (dentist) ?
  98. School vacations for 3-4 months
  99. Where i can buy used Dental Units?
  100. Parents to be in Bern
  101. Medical Form
  102. Vertebrae Checkup as an International Student
  103. Solid foods fresh alternative
  104. Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio vaccine
  105. Legal - Property Inheritance
  106. help! having a baby in Switzerland
  107. Hello, looking for a particular doctor....
  108. Separating: married with children
  109. Divorce lawyer - Zürich
  110. Médecin de famille franchise
  111. English playgroup / school in Fribourg
  112. Health System Thoughts...
  113. Divorce Lawyer in Lausanne and region
  114. Medical fees regulation?
  115. Damaged property and kids responsibility to replace
  116. Child Allowence
  117. Physio in Zug
  118. Cost of CT scan?
  119. Doctor in Geneva for Lower Back pain
  120. Health care costs - deductible
  121. Alimony reduction?
  122. looking for Gastroenterologist / IBS / FODMAP doctor recommendations in Zurich area
  123. Vaccination for Rota virus
  124. MediService AG
  125. Extended vacation as a child falls sick during your vacation
  126. Trying to connect with other Jang Taekwondo parents
  127. New Diabetes trial treatment?
  128. Phobia treatment
  129. What do I do if my ex wife is denying me visitation with my son.
  130. Kids dentist recommendations in Germany/France
  131. Zurich: IVF Injections/Medications - anyone buy over border DE or AT?
  132. 'Cohabiter' but should I be married?
  133. IVF in Switzerland with high sucess rate
  134. Anybody interested in baby outings Lausanne
  135. Digitising Dental X-rays
  136. Fasting
  137. Swiss fathering according to the law.
  138. When is the grass allergy season over in CH??
  139. Gastroenterologist in or around Basel?
  140. What does a binding appointment mean?
  141. Water testing?
  142. Trailing spouse having trouble adjusting
  143. Doctor specialised in Cushing's Syndrome in Zürich
  144. recommendations for invisalign treatment Zurich?
  145. Finding a Paediatrician in Basel Stadt
  146. UK divorce, need to have it recognised by a swiss court
  147. English speaking Pediatrician (Wiedikon)
  148. Why Switzerland Has the World's Best Health Care System
  149. Physio in Lausanne
  150. Kesb & mmi
  151. hair loss shampoos
  152. Dermatologist Recommendation Bern?
  153. Newborn baby and citizenship
  154. Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO) Unit in UK Details
  155. Marriage Registration in UK without Notice
  156. Child support in Switzerland
  157. I hate maths
  158. Physio in Seefeld
  159. Family Doctor/GP in 8032?
  160. Things required for a newborn ?
  161. Help with twins
  162. Glaucoma treatment in Switzerland
  163. Excessive Stomach Gas
  164. PCOS expert
  165. Birth records access
  166. Monthly Family Budget for St.Gallen
  167. Do you know how to find a Nanny in Zurich area?
  168. Urologist in Zürich?
  169. English speaking gynaecologist in Bern
  170. Nanny suggestions required
  171. creative lessons for a toddler in Kilchberg
  172. Skin care clinic in Vaud
  173. Fair pay for a nanny
  174. Fiasp ... Faster acting insulin
  175. Mums with babies in Basel
  176. Winterthur gynecologist
  177. parental rights in Switzerland for non Swiss parents
  178. International school
  179. Moving to Zurich in one month - picking up Health Insurance Plan
  180. Breast cancer surgery process in Switzerland
  181. Preparing for a birth in Switzerland
  182. the length of maternity/parental leave vs. employer
  183. Which gym you going to?
  184. Possible new treatment for dementia/prion
  185. Long term sick leave and implication on salary/maternity payment
  186. Diabetes and Freestyle libre
  187. Tdap Vaccination (Tetanus,Diphtheria, and whooping cough(pertussis) during pregnancy
  188. Just moved to Geneva and 6 months pregnant
  189. Registration and Birth certificate of a new born
  190. Advice on legal matters
  191. Children Soccer Leagues in Basel Stadt
  192. Morphine patches
  193. How much for a bite splint ?
  194. DIY DNA tests
  195. Any mums-to-be in Lausanne area?
  196. Medical malpractice
  197. Physio in Baar / Zug
  198. English speaking psychiatrist in Bern
  199. searching for English speaking Dermatologist
  200. English speaking Physical Therapist in Vaud?
  201. Getting married before permit expires
  202. Fertility clinic
  203. Where to buy supplies for first aid kit
  204. Divorce and children back to home country
  205. Part Time Cook Needed
  206. Looking for a medicine. Please help!
  207. Good therapist in Lausanne/Yverdon?
  208. Divorce in Vaud - seeking lawyer
  209. Death of a colleagues father
  210. Rega vs. rescue coverage via health insurance
  211. Kids Endocrinologist Recommendation
  212. Toddler Passport photos
  213. Hypothetical question: Visiting Switzerland & running out of medication
  214. URGENT! I need to find a shoulder surgeon, any recommendation?
  215. Help for Au Pair in Aargau
  216. Gynecologist in Dietikon or Zurich Alstetten
  217. Reiki Therapist near Lausanne
  218. Wedding dress alterations - help!
  219. Hospital cost - private vs half-private
  220. Chorionic Villus Sampling in Zurich
  221. TCM + confidentiality
  222. Need your help T.T
  223. Divonne-les-bains dentist (France)
  224. Any English speaking gynaecologist in Locarno?
  225. Seeking an excellent gynecologist in Neuchâtel
  226. Typical cost for a simple visit at the emergencies?
  227. Nursery / Creche for non-working mum in Lutry/Pully
  228. considerations prior to teeth whitening procedure
  229. Questions about Pampers, Nappies, Diapers etc
  230. Concerns about vaccination
  231. Power Of Attorney Query
  232. Need help [concerned about possible malpractice]
  233. kindergarten in Zug/Steinhausen
  234. Where can a 4 y.o. learn UK english?
  235. Tagesmutter - anyone has hired one for full time?
  236. Glaucoma
  237. Getting divorced to a swiss national
  238. Family doctor & Pediatrician Rapperswil (SG)
  239. Good English speaker pediatrician in Sion (VS)
  240. Midwife in Baden and perineal re-education
  241. Looking for playgroup in Wallis
  242. Paternity
  243. Need a mediator, he's in Switzerland and want to divorce me.
  244. Nose shape correction
  245. Affordable opthalmologist in Zurich
  246. Arriving in Switzerland - what insurance to pick for pregnant wife
  247. Dentist to help against snoring
  248. Childcare recommendations and ZIS/SIS reviews
  249. Rules of abortion in Swiss
  250. Family name as middle name?