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  1. Swiss driving licence valid in USA
  2. Taking my car from the UK to Switzerland for less than 1 year
  3. Driving throughout Europe
  4. BMW oil change interval - how long?
  5. MFK Question - Beiblatt
  6. Renting ebikes in/around Nyon/La Côte
  7. Importing a NEW car from US to Switzerland
  8. By Road and Ferry - Montreux to Cork, Ireland - tips on route
  9. Car servicing etc
  10. Narrow booster seats
  11. Hire Car with Roof Box in Switzerland, Germany or France
  12. Quick help please with car sale!
  13. Car lease - flexibility
  14. Trailer import
  15. Moving to Switzerland with the Car
  16. Motorcycles Parking at Bahnhof?
  17. Caught doing 140 or 150km in 100km zone autobahn
  18. [Drivers licence] Conversion and questions, Mark II
  19. Bicycle questions (bike Tag, Insurance)
  20. Caught running a red light
  21. electric car - recommendation
  22. Contract sell/buy
  23. Copper brake pipes and stainless hoses on cars/vans.
  24. How to pay fine
  25. Car condensation problem - convertible soft top
  26. Blue Zone parking - Where do I get it
  27. Legislation of electric scooter.
  28. Lidl EV charging station
  29. Deep discount on new cars on autoscout
  30. Buying a second hand car
  31. Highway Cruiser Ideas Please [comfortable, quiet, reliable]
  32. Is car registration needed?
  33. Deadline for submitting car accident report
  34. Driving a Swiss registered car with a U.K. License
  35. Piano transport service
  36. Cancel car importation
  37. The smiley face signs .. Are they cameras too?
  38. Good car photo shoot location
  39. Roadside assistance outside Switzerland when driving car with foreign plates
  40. Traffic light camera...need opinion
  41. Dress Code on Zurich Busses
  42. People don't like large cars ?
  43. Dash Cams - Are they legal?
  44. Importing Electric Motorbike from US or Canada?
  45. Temporarily moving out of country with my car
  46. Residents parking - Blue zone - Neuchatel
  47. Looking for Evaluation Form for test drive
  48. Impossible to buy easyJet Plus card online
  49. Many cities starting to ban diesels below Euro norm6
  50. Reversing camera installation on a car
  51. My Experiences regarding my driver license conversion
  52. I am looking for driving school in Olten
  53. When is a car not a car?
  54. Trading in vehicle (+ cash in difference) at dealership?
  55. Scooters/Mopeds that don't need a license?
  56. Standing room only on a PIA air plane
  57. Dent repair
  58. Residents Permit on UK Plates
  59. Mototrip 1953
  60. Thinking to buy a new car but..
  61. Driving to Switzerland with stuff
  62. 200Km/h through the Gotthard Tunnel
  63. Car insurance - liability (minimum) or partial casco?
  64. Import car to Switzerland: e-dec data
  65. Auto-Outlet Spreitenbach
  66. Long diversion on road between Vallorbe and Pontarlier
  67. Return lease car with less km - garage easier on charges?
  68. Car damage-hit by an unknown
  69. Diesel cars and mileage in CH
  70. Bicycles no longer required to have bells.
  71. Second Hand Car buying (Not another similar thread..:-))
  72. 7 Seater Needed For Sat 18th Feb, Bülach ZH
  73. Austrian vignette & Arlberg tunnel
  74. Any suggestions when taking over a car lease
  75. SwissCard - How to pay annual fee
  76. Blue Zone parking availability
  77. Where to find a rooftop luggage carrier for rent
  78. Is Dacia popular in CH?
  79. Audi A1 repair question
  80. New mobile phone app for drivers
  81. Importing classic car and TUV's
  82. Commute ZH-Schaffhausen Is it doable?
  83. Fined on the Blue Zone
  84. Jeep Cherokee users
  85. Using Tesla summon & Autopark in CH
  86. Self Driving cars
  87. Exporting Swiss vehicle to UK
  88. VW Key duplication from key number
  89. Cheap transportfrom Zurich to St. Gallen
  90. SNCF website
  91. Amateur Car Detailing Den
  92. Carpool to Germany: Anyone driving to Frankfurt on February 14th or 15th?
  93. Interior car cleaning - La Cote/Divonne/Ferney
  94. Free public transport in Ticino from tomorrow?
  95. Setting up a Car Sharing Club
  96. Half price fare card question
  97. Best place to purchase train tickets (international)
  98. February 1st is around the corner - get your Vignette 2017 !
  99. Car Mobility Questions
  100. Buying a Used Car. Alternatives to AMAG?
  101. Paris Anti-Pollution Stickers Fines Begin 30 Jan 2017
  102. Buying a used car in Switzerland
  103. BP Auto Car Wash, potential health hazard?
  104. Converting California CM1 Driver's License
  105. Lugano - Scooter Questions and Recommendations
  106. Help: consider to buy an Audi A3, 1st time buying 2nd hand car, any advice?
  107. Usage of parking meter (Basel)
  108. How do you wash your car?
  109. Importing car from Ireland- specific question
  110. Bern:Driving Practice and Verkehrskunde Kurse
  111. Can I get by with an economy car to Chateau d’Oex, Switzerland
  112. Cars, Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid
  113. Toll Roads in Switzerland
  114. Logistics of buying a car
  115. Can anyone claim insurance with my driving license copy
  116. Anyone flown Turkish Airlines long haul?
  117. used car broke down
  118. Adliswil to Sihlcity by bike commute
  119. Looking for Car Mechanic
  120. Car price negotiations due to small interior damages
  121. Buying a used car is Zurich with no recent MFK
  122. The ZVV app
  123. gondolas and funiculars included in Swisspass / GA
  124. Ticket for Weil am Rhein on Tram 8 from Basel.. have GA
  125. Send boxes of personal items abroad
  126. autoeurope.ch
  127. Rail Travel
  128. electric scooter - rules?
  129. Swiss driving licence
  130. Car on Train to Vienna
  131. Snow socks
  132. CH Driving Licence
  133. SBB pass, a dumb question
  134. Short Term Car Insurance (Swiss Plates)
  135. Audi S4 review + VIN decoding
  136. Missed the train
  137. Is my car sufficient for driving in Holland ?
  138. Parking meter question
  139. Basel Abo and Reka: TNW vs BVB
  140. Dutch licence being flashed for a small fine, what should I do ?
  141. SBB HalbTax automatic renewal
  142. Having Insurance and Getting a Plate
  143. Insurance when PRIVATELY importing a car EU to CH
  144. Can 75 hp 1.2 TDI car take a moutain route ?
  145. ZVV zones calculation (Zürich <-> Pfäffikon), with Netzpass 110 and Anschlussbilett
  146. Easy Jet prices
  147. New Licence from scratch
  148. Certificate of Entitlement from BS Motorfahrzeugkontrolle
  149. Prices Transportantion
  150. Documents needed for police spot-check
  151. Exchanging UK to Swiss license after 8 years
  152. Possible 48 hour strike action at UK airports 23rd December 2016 - be warned
  153. Cars in CH: Automatic transmission
  154. Company Car
  155. Driving a car with foreign plates, but what if...
  156. Cost of owning a vehicle
  157. License plate data service
  158. When do they start to salt the roads
  159. Car window tinting
  160. Experience of importing a used car from Germany to Switzerland without a Dealer
  161. Covering up the Vehicle Identity Number?
  162. Yearly Vehicle Check
  163. Zurich: serious crash in Gubrist tunnel direction Bern 13:30 today
  164. Need an opinion on second hand car
  165. 2017 Discounted Vignettes
  166. Independent garage (Jaguar) - Geneva area
  167. Co2 offset services for import
  168. Mobile Mechanic
  169. Ready to go green
  170. Options to commute from Zug to Zurich in public transportation
  171. Randomdly flashed [speed camera]
  172. New to Bern
  173. Anyone working around cars? Can you help?
  174. A Trustworthy and capable transmission service
  175. Is it feasible to commute every working day from Aigle to Lausanne and back?
  176. Quick bit of translation advice please.
  177. Car purchase agreement lawyer in Kanton ZH needed!
  178. Aftermarket exhaust not EC approved
  179. Winter tires passing by CH
  180. Buying a Used car - new to Switzerland
  181. Do you need winter tyres?
  182. Winter tyres
  183. Motorbike damaged in Garage - Accused?
  184. Car hire from Genava airport to France
  185. How powerful a car should be
  186. Winter tyres / wheels - CH equiv. of 'halfords'?
  187. Sports Exhaust
  188. Bringing my UK car or buying a CH used?
  189. REminder- snow tyres and the law in CH
  190. Winter tyres for my car
  191. MFK - positive feedback - canton Zurich
  192. Service Manuals for tons of vehicles - www.alldatadiy.com
  193. Used car sales/salvage?
  194. Dealer wants to retract some dicounts after selligng a new car!
  195. Proposal for a do it yourself moto garage.
  196. Recommendations on mechanic/garage in Dübendorf/Wallisellen area
  197. preparing for driving test, what do I need to do? (Winterthur)
  198. Park & Rail App - for paying for SBB carparks
  199. Transport petrol 95
  200. Looking for info on buying a used bicycle in Zurich
  201. AutoSmart or Chips Away type Vendors in CH
  202. Car leasing or purchase
  203. Strassenverkehrsamt and modifications
  204. Zurich Car Show - 10 to 13 November in Oerlikon
  205. Rail Engineering Works in UK Over Christmas Warning
  206. Zurich/Zug Commutable?
  207. Website for comparing ownership costs?
  208. Change tires - Nyon area
  209. BMW woes: Turbo specialist in Vaud?
  210. Motorbike purchase - not imported
  211. Car Fraud , Be careful
  212. Tips for driving 125ccm Motor Scooter in Winter
  213. Renewal of Demi tariffs on Swiss Rail
  214. Winter tire question
  215. Tips for leaving car outside over winter
  216. Was hit by another car, insurance doesn't pay
  217. Hotel for tires in Vaud, Valais area?
  218. Diamond cut wheel repair
  219. Driving to the UK - stopped by "flying customs" near Calais
  220. Getting to the Scotland
  221. for Friday: are you faster than your car?
  222. Zug / Cham / Knonau to Sion drive in the next few days
  223. Anyone tried the new SBB app?
  224. Leasing - mileage change possible?
  225. BMW almost out of garantee, check-up?
  226. Changing damaged bike rims
  227. Motorbike clubs
  228. How many Bikes can you take on a train?
  229. Taking our UK car when we relocate to CH
  230. Autoscout front end upgrade
  231. Seat Ateca Vs Mazda CX5
  232. Help! Serious Speeding Offense + Another Ticket
  233. Xmas in Australia - 1350 USD Round trip in Business Class
  234. Lease a car
  235. Ordering winter tyres, rims - need help
  236. 2 cars or 1 + public transport?
  237. Driving instructor recommendations Stäfa, ZH or close
  238. Driving Test Preparation
  239. ZSG surcharge from 11 December 2016
  240. Incident/accident with motorcycle
  241. Driving license -- 2-Phasen-Ausbildung
  242. Which station when flying from Basel?
  243. Taxi driving license
  244. Renault/Nissan 3.0dCi V6
  245. Car Battery needs recharging
  246. SBB 1-day travelpass Plus
  247. Baby Seat in Van
  248. Some questions about cycling infrastructure
  249. [Motor]Bike roads, where there are less,... ahem..... troubles !?
  250. Cheap economical and Best SUV / Kombi