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  1. Driving license -- 2-Phasen-Ausbildung
  2. Which station when flying from Basel?
  3. Taxi driving license
  4. Renault/Nissan 3.0dCi V6
  5. Car Battery needs recharging
  6. SBB 1-day travelpass Plus
  7. Baby Seat in Van
  8. Some questions about cycling infrastructure
  9. [Motor]Bike roads, where there are less,... ahem..... troubles !?
  10. Cheap economical and Best SUV / Kombi
  11. Providing vehicle registration info when selling a car
  12. M6 Gran Coupe Leasing advice!
  13. ZVV Annual Pass and half price card?
  14. Public transport problem for aged invalid
  15. Trip to Lugano- Drive or train?
  16. Flight cancelled, will regulation 261 apply?
  17. Pickup of a mattress- help in transport
  18. Stopped by police officer
  19. Anyone know a German VW garage near Swiss border?
  20. Importing car from germany
  21. Can we rent a car in Germany?
  22. Aftermarket Bumper
  23. Awful Sixt rental experience - anyone else??
  24. Small boating requirements
  25. road fines
  26. Tires for motorcycle around Lausanne
  27. Avoiding paying double for zones
  28. What to do in the case of a verbal attack?
  29. Empirical study on vehicle velocity vector fields and human stress conditioning
  30. tram driver's attack!
  31. Insuring a car in the uK whilst living in CH
  32. Car train over the Gotthard?
  33. And then there were four...
  34. Campervan Storage
  35. 1-year Half Fare VS GA (discounted for the value of Half Fare)?
  36. Grey import car - any issues?
  37. Renting a fun-car for the weekend
  38. Commuting to ETH Hönggerberg by Bike
  39. Driving Theory Book PDF
  40. Swiss speeding fine - what next ?
  41. Drivers licence theory materials
  42. Buying a used car
  43. alternative to expensive cab service
  44. how many speeding tickets do you get every year on an average
  45. HELP! Needed contesting driving ban
  46. Oil changed - no power now.
  47. Placing radars just after speed limit sign on a highway
  48. Parking letter from private company
  49. Borrowing an EU-registered car and driving to CH
  50. Train tickets - valid all day or limited time?
  51. Volvo Car Service - Switzerland or France?
  52. Experience with Piaggio Medley?
  53. Car park prang - how to proceed
  54. Please help evaluate BMW leasing offer from dealer [too good to be true]
  55. Bringing a foreign leased car to Switzerland
  56. Mixing All seasons with winter/summer tyres
  57. Warning M20 Closed 27.08.16
  58. Any Volvo owners in Lugano area?
  59. Where to pump car tyres in Zurich
  60. Yamaha Kilibre Fuel Tank
  61. Taking over a car lease
  62. Towbar installation in Germany
  63. Geneva annual bus pass
  64. Is there a legal requirement that all cars must have 3 point seatbelt in backseat?
  65. Any garage spaces to rent in Wollishofen?
  66. Looking for stretch limo for 10 ppl
  67. Supervise Swiss learner driver on a full Australian licence?
  68. Getting plates for a car - do you need a B permit?
  69. Easyjet now has business class?
  70. Self Service Garage Experience review - Zurich
  71. Car failed vehicle control
  72. Where in Interlaken can I get my car's brake pads replaced, and should I?
  73. Does your tpg monthly card get replaced for free when it's been lost or stolen?
  74. Mitsubishi Outlander vs Ford Maverick
  75. Failed practical driving test in Zurich
  76. Any low cost garage in Vaud?
  77. Calais: Migrants allegedly attacking cars
  78. Where to buy oil filters in CH
  79. Is 4wd a necessity in Valais (Crans-Montana)
  80. windscreen replacement co.
  81. Motorcycle: license and parking
  82. Car share options
  83. Water taxis in Geneva?
  84. Best place to leave bike for 2 months: Zurich
  85. Nachtzuschlag [night supplement for public transport]
  86. Driver's License Conversion
  87. Lend Swiss car to a friend with Spanish driver license but no international license
  88. Do you think train is always on time in Switzerland?
  89. Swisspass refund
  90. Driving no Licence
  91. buyers of all car types?
  92. Eurostar staff strikes
  93. Gemeinde Tageskarte and foreign visitors
  94. Motor-boating in Switzerland
  95. Changing/refunding a paper SBB ticket
  96. Buying used car <15.000 CHF
  97. Driving License Excahnge -- Current license issued 10 months ago
  98. Buying Used Car from Dealer: Need Strategy
  99. one for the motorbike gurus
  100. Lost item on bus
  101. A1 Motorcycle course in English in Zürich
  102. Motorcycle restriction rules for 'A limited' license
  103. Please recommend a car repair garage in Germany which nearby the Basel border
  104. Kontrollfahrt route
  105. Uber vs Taxi at 5 am
  106. Swiss License Swap
  107. Driving with Foreign Plates
  108. TCS vs ACS road side assistance
  109. Steering wheel shakes at high speed
  110. BMW body repair garage in and around Geneva
  111. Any Suggestions, Wireless Turn Signals for Bicycle / Trailer
  112. Help with byuing used car
  113. Car Insurance Claim - inspector
  114. Automatic gearbox oil change
  115. The Mclaren with the highest mileage is in CH
  116. looking for parking at zurich
  117. Help needed - very high garage charges without informing me
  118. Least expensive parking in Zürich
  119. No compensation for delayed flight
  120. How to register an E-Bike (45km/h)
  121. Question on right of way (2 lane road)
  122. Fraudulent car ads?
  123. Temporary insurance for foreign car after moving to CH
  124. Europcar (what) Privilege Card
  125. Public transport fare for baby
  126. Return license plates to post office in Zurich?
  127. BMW X3 review
  128. Prices for Same Car between Cantons
  129. Good starter bike?
  130. Import car from NL to CH
  131. Selling bike - advice needed
  132. Question about my Allianz insurance.
  133. Importing a VW Golf 2011
  134. Cheap parking in Bern
  135. temporary car insurance in Geneva
  136. driving in eu with no-eu license
  137. Parking at Malpensa Airport (Milan)
  138. Another ore MFK car wash thread. Only this time, in Ticino
  139. Road trip through italy
  140. Dead car - best course of action?
  141. Stop off driving Rotterdam-Zurich?
  142. Does anyone have a spot near Dietikon where I can wrench on a car?
  143. selling our car
  144. Heads up pistonheads: Cars & Coffee in Lugano this Sunday!!!
  145. Tow Hook and Homologation
  146. UK to Zurich end of July
  147. Swiss Insurance Companies
  148. car hire from DE or CH to Croatia????? urgent help...
  149. Swiss upgrade "bargain"
  150. WTB an inexpensive vehicle
  151. Train disruptions: Bern - Fribourg
  152. Swiss car hire cars in Europe
  153. busted attempting to join the Mile High Club?
  154. Getting my alloy wheels coated / painted black
  155. Carshare to the UK at the End of July 2016
  156. Fined twice for the same speeding offense?
  157. Buyer rights when seller steps back?
  158. Motorbike greycard and license plates
  159. Motorcycle tires
  160. Question on Leasing Early Buyout
  161. Fine for using the phone while driving!!!111one
  162. Motorcycle travel accessories (BMW 1200 GS)
  163. importing a classic [car] + intro
  164. Sunday drive thread
  165. Motorbike MFK less than 3 years since the last
  166. Share of a car rental Zurich-London-Zurich around 21 August 2016
  167. Sharing experience on car export to EU
  168. Advice on car-buying
  169. Best routes from Zurich to/from the Netherlands (Noord-Holland)?
  170. Importing a UK motorbike
  171. Extended car warranty
  172. Speeding- Swiss License ( originally UK ) - Konstanz
  173. Car Wrap
  174. Filling out an accident report
  175. Selling a car advice
  176. Forget Tesla! I want a Nikola!
  177. Bike rack legality - lights, plate, etc
  178. Repainted car and checking VIN number
  179. Turn light color on a classic [American car]
  180. Tinting of windows in car
  181. Importing Car from Sweden
  182. Change nationality on driver's licence question
  183. Car finance/leasing
  184. Camera flash for starting off too soon after red light
  185. Breakfast in France, lunch in Italy and dinner in Germany.. Is it possible?
  186. lawyer needed for HEFTY speeding fine
  187. Bicyclist hand signals
  188. Appealing a train fine?
  189. Annual tax of Motorhome/camper, Canton Vaud
  190. Driveway mirror
  191. How to find the car owner's name with Solothurn licence plates?
  192. Campervan storage
  193. Stone Chip Protection Film
  194. Traffic Free Bike Routes?
  195. Self car wash area
  196. European driving license
  197. Advanced car wheel balancing
  198. Tageskarte validity: Can I validate at 12:01 and ride the calendar day?
  199. Driving Teacher Wetzikon - Recommendation
  200. A1 moped course in zug in English
  201. German police questioning
  202. Summons for speeding but not my car
  203. Imported Car - Real Km/Miles
  204. Antique clock
  205. new Gotthard rail tunnel opens 1.6.2016
  206. never trust the auto pilot
  207. Time to get speeding verdict
  208. UK licence
  209. Scrapping my UK car in Zurich?
  210. Running a red light on a bike
  211. Fine for driving while on your mobile phone
  212. Mobility Insurance when driving in EU
  213. New EU law regarding car hire
  214. Car tax and insurance when changing a car
  215. Basel-Mulhouse, French side, Airport Parking
  216. https://www.airportparking.ch - experience of service??
  217. French labour dispute hits oil refineries - will this impact Switzerland too?
  218. Cheap car repair & tyres in Germany?
  219. 55CHF Tageskarte from Post
  220. Got a tow ball bike rack, but where do I get an extra license plate?
  221. Motorcycle restrictions at 18
  222. Plastic tags for registration number plates
  223. Commuting from Basel (airport) to Zurich
  224. Basic Motorcycle Course + A1
  225. 125 Vespa in Zug... Only Swiss [car] driving license?
  226. I passed my motorbike driving exam on Wednesday (tips to share)
  227. Internet connexion while travelling with the CFF
  228. Options for visitor- half price card
  229. swiss driving license in US
  230. road near lausanne for motorbike.
  231. ebike experts - opinion needed
  232. Be aware - Hoverboards are illegal on streets and sidewalks
  233. Where would one go in Ticino to convert one's EU driver's licence?
  234. Thinking of getting a diesel?
  235. Chaotic parking
  236. Pre-purchase inspection for a classic car
  237. Swiss Pass and monthly abo
  238. Learning to evaluate cars
  239. Driving with a Canadian Licence
  240. Best place for car tires near Zug
  241. Motorbikes and queue cars, traffic lights in city????
  242. "the Half-Fare travelcard with Visa card is no longer being offered"
  243. Importing 2014 MB E-350 conv from US
  244. Which travel card to get?
  245. Aircon regas / system checks recommendation sought
  246. Advice needed on Cabriolet
  247. Importing a Classic car from the US
  248. Change bike with foreign plates...
  249. Trouble with car purchase
  250. Train station lockers