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  1. Road restrictions for A1 (scooter) license
  2. InterDiscount is selling halb-tax 50% off for new subscribers
  3. First "Fahrzeugprufung" - What should I expect ?
  4. Helmet Laws re Trikes
  5. Buying a 125cc scooter, advise needed
  6. Places to practise driving near Zug
  7. Was ist Spreizung? (Wheel alignment)
  8. Importing Car
  9. Motorcycle Fuel Management Systems
  10. Looking for Discovery 4 wing mirror
  11. pricing extras on a second hand X3 using eurotaxglass
  12. Junsun D100 Navigator Maps
  13. Importing a new car queries
  14. Advice, considering buying Dacia Duster 4x4
  15. Fahrzeugpruefung Baselland
  16. Steel rims type approval?
  17. Importing an Oltimer RV
  18. Can non EU tourist drive a Switzerland registered car into Austria & Germany?
  19. Roof Racks for 1996 Toyota Rav-4
  20. Racing drivers license?
  21. flight path noise data
  22. New saver day pass from SBB
  23. Need help with Winter Wheels (Just the lug nuts) in Schaffhausen
  24. There will be less racing on German Autobahn A81
  25. Plastic sheeting to cover broken window
  26. Importing e-scooter from Germany?
  27. converting US driving license to Swiss
  28. Zurich to Munich Airport
  29. First aid course being scrapped ?
  30. Grand Tour 2... arrives 8 December
  31. Changing name on Swiss Drivers License
  32. Is there a monthly train pass available for journeys between Basel and Strasbourg?
  33. Logistics of buying a used Swiss car before arrival.
  34. Winter Tyres Fitters Zug
  35. Beyondmotors.ch - Direct car import solutions - no middleman - no hassle​
  36. Driving classes for Vespa in English (Lausanne)
  37. Too loud car inside?
  38. Buying new car and selling old - registration steps
  39. Registering Scooter in TI Without Swiss DL
  40. Parking ticket disappeared from windshield
  41. Foreign drivers license is about to expire - Still possible to exchange after this?
  42. Sorting the Tiguans from the Qashqais
  43. New autobahn route around Biel
  44. Using EU car in Switzerland
  45. Cheapest NEW Car (Automatic shift)
  46. Building a moped and bureaucracy required.
  47. Swisspass / Half-fare travel Card and Last Name
  48. Which is the best German online auto parts retailer?
  49. License plate with "Zollschild" ?
  50. New T-Charge in London comes into force 23.10.17
  51. Warranty rules when selling second hand cars in Switzerland
  52. Fleet discount applies to which price?
  53. Gewinderfahrwerk and/or airride vs MFK
  54. Swiss Pilot's Detour
  55. Wingly - flight sharing
  56. Smaller Winter Tyres for Van
  57. Car insurance prior to import
  58. Daily parking in Lausanne
  59. Motorcycle garage/mechanic
  60. Staplerfahrer course Information
  61. Garage for changing summer / winter wheels
  62. Expired [US] Drivers License
  63. Motorbike registration help!
  64. Driving WAB Courses in English
  65. Oh Abgas!
  66. Connected modern cars and advanced MMI
  67. What about BMW 120, Diesel and Importing Second Hand
  68. Looking for a good mechanic - Geneva area
  69. When can one speed up
  70. MOT in Vaud
  71. Is TeilKasko also car-age-dependent?
  72. Camper van
  73. GPS Ttomtom compas broken : unable to point north
  74. Sbb ticket travel question
  75. Yearly/monthly rail pass
  76. Heads up, no trains between Geneva and Geneva Airport 7-8th October 2017
  77. Driving first aid in Zug
  78. Zurich - Car sightseeing
  79. Finance a Car?
  80. Advice needed about Skoda Octavia with due Service
  81. fined for warning about speed control
  82. your favourite Alfa Romeo
  83. Is this allowed? SBB/ZVV ticket related question
  84. Winter Tyres?
  85. Quality Car Wrapping (ITT petrolheads get triggered)
  86. Airport chaos world wide as check in systems crash
  87. Which car as a weekend runner for around 15k?
  88. Checking motorcycle in Bern
  89. Puncture (hole) in tire -- need replacement?
  90. Dart Tunnel fine
  91. Least/Most Expensive Cars To Insure/Possess/Send to Car Service
  92. Eurotunnel - daytrip/overnight vs. normal ticket
  93. 110 HP for a VW Golf 1.6 TDI DSG
  94. Ride to work schemes VD ?
  95. Blue zone parking overcrowding
  96. Choose a garage for insurance claim car inspection
  97. My new Green Mean machine!
  98. Motorcycle driving
  99. Top box to fit a Volvo XC 60
  100. Shipping/ transport share from the UK
  101. SWISS (airline) launches a multiticket from Geneva
  102. English-speaking garage in Lausanne
  103. New type of speed camera in Zurich
  104. Any Mercedes AMG drivers here?
  105. What's the best time of year to purchase a new car w/ fleet discount & paying cash?
  106. Croatia - driving from Switzerland...
  107. AMAG Leasing - few questions
  108. When do I need to mount Winter tires on Car
  109. AWD or front-wheel drive?
  110. Car scrapping
  111. Search for a good mofa
  112. Controle technique/expertise du jour
  113. Italian Green Card Insurance
  114. Fare for travelling with bicycle with ZVV S-Bahn
  115. Transport at Night - From Geneva to Satigny
  116. Buying a VW California in CH/Germany
  117. Second hand scooter registration
  118. Using the buses in St Gallen
  119. Major mistakes for driving exam
  120. Driving exam with private car
  121. Controle Technique fail
  122. Electric cars and dinosaur oil
  123. Cheapest transport for visitors
  124. Swiss drivers license test - possibly without emergency help course
  125. TCS test: how to do it? (insurance, plates)
  126. Hgv
  127. Pedemonta toll even a brand new email is already registered
  128. VANOS system on by BMW
  129. Parking in Chur?
  130. My car was hit in parking place, and I don't know who did it
  131. EBikes in Lausanne
  132. Germany’s ‘Diesel Fear’ Leaves $5 Billion in Used Cars Gathering Dust
  133. International Driving Permit
  134. Lerner permit and speed tickets
  135. Smide
  136. Distribus - St. Louis/Basel
  137. 2011 Audi TSFI engine, nothing but trouble?
  138. Getting car insurance for foreign reg car for short time period
  139. any (racing)tracks in Switzerland?
  140. Switzerland bans new Porsche SUVs over emissions cheating
  141. Car painter/bodyshop Basel area
  142. O Bike - Rental in Zurich
  143. How fast to drive in roads with no max speed sign?
  144. Parking free or cheap in Geneve
  145. Receiving a speedy fine after 2 years?!
  146. Motorcycle exam (A) at Albisgütli
  147. approved optometrist - for drivers license
  148. Disruption Deutsche Bahn Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden
  149. Hello! How do you feel about driving in Switzerland?
  150. Returning car at end of lease / year
  151. Replace lost cancelled grey card
  152. Radar took a photo
  153. Buying used scooter 125cc
  154. Cross Border Car Hire Clarity?
  155. Commute Winterthur - Wohlen
  156. Car dealers that BUY cars in Zurich area?
  157. bus tickets St Gallen
  158. Car seat
  159. So I dinged my car a little
  160. Car lease buyback option
  161. Importing a Ford Explorer from US to CH
  162. Cheap Parking near Zurich for 18 days
  163. Can you get a weekly train ticket?
  164. Questions on Rail Travel - travel outside zone
  165. car checklist requirements
  166. Failed Practical Driving Test In Lugano. Any Advice?
  167. Driving a Swiss diesel into London Low Emission Zone
  168. Question Regarding Driver's License
  169. Do Bikers not wave in Switzerland?
  170. The best way to drive multi-lane roundabouts
  171. Onward travel from Basel at Midnight tonight
  172. Leasing cars
  173. How to pay SBB online with Reka-Card
  174. Name/Address can be found via Number Plate Search
  175. Swiss [fake] police fines SCAM
  176. How to behave on solid white lines in streets?
  177. Leaving Switzerland : Driver Licence
  178. Do we need a car in Basel?
  179. easyjet cancelled flight & refuse to compensate
  180. Question about police parking rights
  181. easyjet Geneva -> UK, is 1h enough?
  182. Lausanne to Geneva this Thursday evening???
  183. [Driving] License BE
  184. Camperise my Van.. aux battery.. plugs... solar panel...
  185. VAT on used cars
  186. Buying a car from another canton
  187. Bicycle etiquette
  188. Exporting a car: Switzerland to France
  189. Auto Air conditioning specialist recommendation?
  190. Second hand car - car is damaged
  191. Importing my car from Italy - three key steps
  192. Street parking: DE vs CH
  193. Bip & Go for french/spanish motorways
  194. SBB prices increase service decreases
  195. Albisrieden to Opfikon by Bike
  196. SOB to operate Gotthard Bergstrecke from 2020
  197. Best 7 seater 4x4
  198. Appeal Parking Fines in Lutry
  199. Driving a car in EU on swiss plates with grey registration certificate annulled
  200. No Petrol/Diesel Cars Sold in France by 2040
  201. CH sticker on back of car
  202. stickers on rear window
  203. Edelweiss to begin non-stop flights to Denver in 2018
  204. Insurance for foreign registered car
  205. Importing a car from UK to Switzerland
  206. Can a Swiss citizen convert a US license?
  207. Get your license converted
  208. Certificate of Conformity from Switzerland for UK import
  209. Car Import from Germany
  210. France: what's this air quality certificate??
  211. Car Test - Engine light is on
  212. European "test technique" equivalence to MFK (on old Land Rover 110)?
  213. Buying used old car and issues...
  214. Equivalent of GAP insurance in Switzerland?
  215. Child/baby car seats in Switzerland
  216. Speed camera, residence in Switzerland, foreign plate
  217. SBB Travel to Konstanz
  218. Looking for a roof rack for two weekends in July
  219. Ok, how bad is it?
  220. Scooter (50cc) - Correct Sign (Motorräder or Motorfahrräder)
  221. Car Insurance?
  222. Paperwork for Residents Parking in Zurich
  223. Company vs Private Car
  224. Buying imported cars (new) in Switzerland
  225. Medium Term Parking
  226. Second hand car - some issues
  227. Pine Martins in the city
  228. Help me find in the jungle of RACKS - family of 4
  229. Drivers license cost in Germany
  230. Can I know beforehand whether Quality1 will guaranty the car I'm buying?
  231. Buying a car with CD plates
  232. Auto inspektion in Zurich - how much is it?
  233. Car Air Con
  234. Test Drive [driving test]
  235. Scrapping a Car
  236. Leasing versus buying in CH
  237. Monthly pass allowing boat access on lake Zurich
  238. Car sell fraud
  239. Car Hire, Geneva to Basel
  240. recommend me a reupholster and sprayer!
  241. Private car sale: is it safe to cancel grey card before full payment?
  242. What were they thinking? [Aussie done for 200kph speeding]
  243. Holiday advice needed
  244. Advice - Schwyz to Nice by car next Weds
  245. For those going to Italy tomorrow, beware!
  246. Speeding in France
  247. Vehicle Diagnostics and Options
  248. What's this screw called? Where can i get a bit?
  249. Driving on a forbidden road
  250. getting BMW to correct the shudder / drivetrain problem - 2011 BMW X5 E70