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  1. Offshoring: are we sabotaging ourselves and our children?
  2. Job options for computational biologist?
  3. Info about companies
  4. working from home?!
  5. Claiming expenses
  6. UBIS - Industry specific programs: Did it help?
  7. What would you do?
  8. What kind of apprentiscehips they have here in Switzerland?
  9. Again Unemployed
  10. Unemployment
  11. Recommendation for a work contract English speaking lawyer in Geneva
  12. Looking for pianist to work with
  13. Advice needed!! Please help
  14. Teaching at an International School
  15. short term contract -unemployment benefit?
  16. Agile or other training Zurich/Other
  17. JOB !! help help help
  18. French jobs!!!
  19. Switching from Permie to Contract
  20. Headhunters in Zurich
  21. Looking for a suitable job opportunity !!
  22. Professional Help Needed
  23. 9 tips to work with the headhunters in Switzerland
  24. What should a lady wear for a job interview in US
  25. Student work permit queries
  26. Cover letter: English or German
  27. Equestrian Employment
  28. Advice or Help for my Daughter in Switzerland
  29. "Web Producer" equivalent in Switzerland?
  30. Career options for Computational Biology PhD
  31. How important is German for work in financial sector in Switzerland?
  32. How do I keep motivation high during my job search in Switzerland?
  33. Hiring an employee
  34. Home office jobs in switzerland
  35. Wages
  36. Certified Financial Risk Managers
  37. question about doctor in trust
  38. Moved from US -unemployment benefits?
  39. Merck-Serono
  40. CCTV at work
  41. International school - schaffhausen
  42. First Timers in Switzerland - Working Questions?
  43. Contract or agreements in English valid?
  44. Tired of English speaking foreigner asking for job help
  45. Jobs for Russian speakers
  46. Performing Musician/transient work on Shengen visa
  47. Job sharing
  48. Unemployment benefits without permit?
  49. urgent advice needed - conflict Phd Student
  50. CV: Must I specify Work Permit and Nationality?
  51. Privacy on corporate PC
  52. Chances of getting to do a decent PhD in Solar cells ?
  53. relocation package - pay back
  54. 'trial' for job
  55. Job prospects after completion of Uni Zurich - MA in Banking Finance ?
  56. English Speaking Job Chances
  57. Changing Careers at 32 - too old?
  58. How to get a permit for someone with chinese passport in swiss
  59. Sick during RAV
  60. enough salary?
  61. Any job agency near Stans?
  62. Referral Letter by Insolvency Administrator OK?
  63. What kind of person / where to advertise animal care job
  64. Give me some job advice, please
  65. Feeling stuck - social assistance or not ?
  66. So I have cocked up ( on a project ) and now I want a second chance
  67. Is this is a meaningful "offer" to live on in CH ?
  68. CV problem: do you put photo and personal info?
  69. Advertising the same job again and again!
  70. Question about job finding for non-EU spouse of EU citizen
  71. Mobbing - How does one handle it ?
  72. Chomage
  73. Temp job whilst on RAV
  74. Salary for Geneva
  75. Looking for a studio/atelier
  76. RAV - change from full-time to part-time
  77. Drafting a certificat de travail ( DE = Zeugnis )
  78. Can I use collagues smoking as a reason for leaving immediately during probation?
  79. CV Advice – introduction, summary, bulleted list?
  80. Work conditions as a Nanny
  81. 18 year old. No experience. Summer Job?
  82. Contract ending and RAV
  83. English-only insurance industry employment
  84. Extra pay for working on public holidays?
  85. Impossible to get a job as a non german speaker?
  86. Pregnant and no job
  87. Unemplyment Benefits
  88. Relocation/job advice needed - rate my chances!
  89. Professional photo for CV
  90. salaries in Zurich 2011-2012?
  91. Primary Registrations and Documents when working in Geneva, Switzerland
  92. Virtually anything will do...
  93. My experience finding an IT job in Switzerland
  94. Student Summer Jobs 2012
  95. Jobs in finance/IT
  96. agency not recommended: ElanIT
  97. Industrial and Graphic Design
  98. No qualifications, no work?
  99. Designer for creating a party invitation, Solothurn
  100. Job opportunities in Switzerland for a QS?
  101. English vs German Language ( about employment )
  102. Flexible hours / Compensation time at Credit Suisse / UBS / Zurich etc
  103. Self Employment Registration
  104. Apprenticeships
  105. Female, early 30s, recently married: threat of babies in the eyes of HR people?
  106. Working without speaking German
  107. Jobs Offered by Eolas
  108. what's the salary for a full time nanny?
  109. Advertising jobs Geneva
  110. Employment Advice US to CH
  111. The use of Surveillance software on employee's PC
  112. Monster.CH thinks I speak German
  113. Too old - 54years?
  114. Full time job - how many hours pe week?
  115. Paid in CHF in France ?!
  116. Sr. SAP XI/PI Consultant's Salary
  117. Do's & Don't in a new job (in finance)
  118. PricewaterhouseCoopers Interview?
  119. Who can force AG company into bankruptcy so I can recover unpaid salary
  120. Most demanding career in Zurich, Bern, Geneva
  121. Are you happy at work??
  122. Online Job opportunities?
  123. Companies with English as their Business Language
  124. Difficulties finding a job
  125. (Canton Zurich) Legally recognized holidays 2012
  126. Finding a nanny via EF - does it work?
  127. please help with employment queries....
  128. Internship offer rescinded
  129. My father is sick and his boss is trying to fire him and my mother because of it.
  130. I'm looking for a summer job - need some ideas
  131. Advice for finding employment
  132. Gift for a departing Project Manager
  133. Moving to Switzerland in 1 year
  134. Officially unemployed - unemployment benefits
  135. Do you need a license...
  136. HELP! Have ANY trailing spouse US citizens been successful in finding a job in CH??
  137. chances of getting a job in hospital for a non-eu radiology technician
  138. Employers Rights . Consultation
  139. Resignation & Time off
  140. Help
  141. How secure is a CDI ( contract indeterminé ) in Switzerland?
  142. Two months out of work and still nothing
  143. How to make a strong application when one knows what is being done in the job
  144. Where to find a job for students?
  145. Need some Advice (end of my tether!!!)
  146. Spanish Architect looking for a job in Zurich
  147. Bar jobs for Native English speaker (American)?
  148. IT companies working on intelligent and cognitive systems
  149. ESL in Lausanne
  150. unemployment office in switzerland....
  151. Internet traffic monitored?
  152. Maternity leave payments AFTER leaving CH?
  153. Urgently looking for part-time work in for native english speakerswitzerland!
  154. opportunities for native English speaker (American)
  155. Talker in a language school
  156. My first week in Basel.....wish to know about the Mental Health services here.
  157. Self employment?
  158. PhD in Physics moving from London to Zug
  159. Counseling for Teens
  160. Am I too picky with boss?
  161. Budget to live in Bern ( Cost of Living enquiry )
  162. work as a plumber in Geneva.
  163. Arbeitzeugnis copied directly from Internet?!
  164. Unemployment benefit
  165. PhD at ETH Zurich: How difficult is it to get in?
  166. Any piano teachers out there?
  167. Just became unemployed :(
  168. RAV & Benefits entitlement
  169. Unemployment and Severance
  170. Babysitter wages
  171. I speak fluent english but i have no qualifications what job can i get ?
  172. UK Masters in Engineering, Will it be acceptable?
  173. Company costs per employee. Any idea?
  174. How to pursue unfair departure from company
  175. Employer for a doctor-assistant
  176. UK Dentist finding work in Switzerland
  177. Zurich Salary expectation for 2nd level Mobile tech support/admin role?
  178. Pending employment decision advice, please!
  179. ALSTOM - Somebody working in Alstom Power as Engineer?
  180. Threatened with being fired
  181. End of contract
  182. Difficulty in finding a job in Zürich
  183. IT: Would you recommend me focus my resume on particular technologies ?
  184. Advice on unemployment benefit and the swiss law
  185. Getting a job: If I can, you can
  186. Curious about breast feeding rights at work
  187. Some of you are working in TAG Aviation, JET Aviation or AMAC Aerospace?
  188. Drafting companies needed!
  189. Suggestions about finding part time work
  190. Anyone else or just me?
  191. Legal recruiter in Switzerland
  192. What are the laws for accident/sick leave and bonus pay?
  193. Any librarians out there?
  194. Unemployment treatment from Swiss government - who has the experience?
  195. Anyone in EUROFIMA Basel?
  196. A 23 y.o. and the IT sector in Switzerland
  197. Any experience with NOT getting work permit?
  198. Whats going-on in the reviews for my job applications in Switzerland??
  199. Life after RAV
  200. Accident and per diem sickness insurance -- who has to pay it, the employer or me?
  201. Business Intelligence Developer (IBM Cognos Developer) - salary in Zurich
  202. Job prospects for a hearing impaired person
  203. Advice needed - can I stay if I remain unemployed ?
  204. Hopefully, A Greek guy new in Geneva.
  205. Kiwi new to Switzerland with several employment related questions
  206. Drug testing for new employees
  207. No formal notice given - is my contract terminated?
  208. How to get company to 'fire' me?
  209. Job websites or headhunters?
  210. Unfairly let go after 2 weeks?
  211. Do you know any agency in Geneva specialized for bar jobs? Thank you
  212. Seeking advice--LLM helpful to job search as an attorney?
  213. Teaching in Switzerland???
  214. where can I find Au Pair information in Geneva?
  215. Consultant position at DLT, ZH
  216. Talking German vs Find a Job - really?
  217. Employment termination clause..
  218. Which are the best recruitment agencies for IT jobs?
  219. Today is the day...(English to German switch)
  220. Lying to my recruiter
  221. Recruitment Agencies: Just How Useful?
  222. Unemployment declaration start date (EU/B permit) late - will previous month be lost?
  223. Advice on how to make it in Switzerland
  224. [ZURICH] Job Interview Experience in an Investment Company
  225. Registering in RAV without having been employed yet
  226. Psychologist needs tips for employment in VD ( EN )
  227. Job opportunities for 16 year old daughter
  228. job outside Switzerland while in RAV
  229. Notice Period
  230. Move from Dublin or no
  231. Someone working for Biogen Idec Zug?
  232. Teaching ballet in English at Zurich Klubschule Migros
  233. Revoke Contract Due to Pregnancy
  234. Australian looking for advice on how to get work within banking in Switzerland
  235. Fired during vacations?
  236. Looking for employment related advice
  237. Setting up sole trader internet business from CH
  238. Salary for an engineer in CH
  239. Difficulty finding work in Zurich
  240. GED and BPV - what does this mean? (French)
  241. Overtime
  242. Urgent: creating a proper CV style
  243. how to find english speaking job private homework help in VAUD
  244. Witholdong tax for aupairs.
  245. Average starting salary for a postdoc at ETH
  246. Babysitter rates per hour in Lausanne?
  247. Does a 16-yr old need a work permit?
  248. Average pay for a primary school teacher?
  249. Good reference by law?!
  250. what is best- resigning or allowing employer to terminate contract