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  1. chances of getting a job in hospital for a non-eu radiology technician
  2. Employers Rights . Consultation
  3. Resignation & Time off
  4. Help
  5. How secure is a CDI ( contract indeterminé ) in Switzerland?
  6. Two months out of work and still nothing
  7. How to make a strong application when one knows what is being done in the job
  8. Where to find a job for students?
  9. Need some Advice (end of my tether!!!)
  10. Spanish Architect looking for a job in Zurich
  11. Bar jobs for Native English speaker (American)?
  12. IT companies working on intelligent and cognitive systems
  13. ESL in Lausanne
  14. unemployment office in switzerland....
  15. Internet traffic monitored?
  16. Maternity leave payments AFTER leaving CH?
  17. Urgently looking for part-time work in for native english speakerswitzerland!
  18. opportunities for native English speaker (American)
  19. Talker in a language school
  20. My first week in Basel.....wish to know about the Mental Health services here.
  21. Self employment?
  22. PhD in Physics moving from London to Zug
  23. Counseling for Teens
  24. Am I too picky with boss?
  25. Budget to live in Bern ( Cost of Living enquiry )
  26. work as a plumber in Geneva.
  27. Arbeitzeugnis copied directly from Internet?!
  28. Unemployment benefit
  29. PhD at ETH Zurich: How difficult is it to get in?
  30. Any piano teachers out there?
  31. Just became unemployed :(
  32. RAV & Benefits entitlement
  33. Unemployment and Severance
  34. Babysitter wages
  35. I speak fluent english but i have no qualifications what job can i get ?
  36. UK Masters in Engineering, Will it be acceptable?
  37. Company costs per employee. Any idea?
  38. How to pursue unfair departure from company
  39. Employer for a doctor-assistant
  40. UK Dentist finding work in Switzerland
  41. Zurich Salary expectation for 2nd level Mobile tech support/admin role?
  42. Pending employment decision advice, please!
  43. ALSTOM - Somebody working in Alstom Power as Engineer?
  44. Threatened with being fired
  45. End of contract
  46. Difficulty in finding a job in Zürich
  47. IT: Would you recommend me focus my resume on particular technologies ?
  48. Advice on unemployment benefit and the swiss law
  49. Getting a job: If I can, you can
  50. Curious about breast feeding rights at work
  51. Some of you are working in TAG Aviation, JET Aviation or AMAC Aerospace?
  52. Drafting companies needed!
  53. Suggestions about finding part time work
  54. Anyone else or just me?
  55. Legal recruiter in Switzerland
  56. What are the laws for accident/sick leave and bonus pay?
  57. Any librarians out there?
  58. Unemployment treatment from Swiss government - who has the experience?
  59. Anyone in EUROFIMA Basel?
  60. A 23 y.o. and the IT sector in Switzerland
  61. Any experience with NOT getting work permit?
  62. Whats going-on in the reviews for my job applications in Switzerland??
  63. Life after RAV
  64. Accident and per diem sickness insurance -- who has to pay it, the employer or me?
  65. Business Intelligence Developer (IBM Cognos Developer) - salary in Zurich
  66. Job prospects for a hearing impaired person
  67. Advice needed - can I stay if I remain unemployed ?
  68. Hopefully, A Greek guy new in Geneva.
  69. Kiwi new to Switzerland with several employment related questions
  70. Drug testing for new employees
  71. No formal notice given - is my contract terminated?
  72. How to get company to 'fire' me?
  73. Job websites or headhunters?
  74. Unfairly let go after 2 weeks?
  75. Do you know any agency in Geneva specialized for bar jobs? Thank you
  76. Seeking advice--LLM helpful to job search as an attorney?
  77. Teaching in Switzerland???
  78. where can I find Au Pair information in Geneva?
  79. Consultant position at DLT, ZH
  80. Talking German vs Find a Job - really?
  81. Employment termination clause..
  82. Which are the best recruitment agencies for IT jobs?
  83. Today is the day...(English to German switch)
  84. Lying to my recruiter
  85. Recruitment Agencies: Just How Useful?
  86. Unemployment declaration start date (EU/B permit) late - will previous month be lost?
  87. Advice on how to make it in Switzerland
  88. [ZURICH] Job Interview Experience in an Investment Company
  89. Registering in RAV without having been employed yet
  90. Psychologist needs tips for employment in VD ( EN )
  91. Job opportunities for 16 year old daughter
  92. job outside Switzerland while in RAV
  93. Notice Period
  94. Move from Dublin or no
  95. Someone working for Biogen Idec Zug?
  96. Teaching ballet in English at Zurich Klubschule Migros
  97. Revoke Contract Due to Pregnancy
  98. Australian looking for advice on how to get work within banking in Switzerland
  99. Fired during vacations?
  100. Looking for employment related advice
  101. Setting up sole trader internet business from CH
  102. Salary for an engineer in CH
  103. Difficulty finding work in Zurich
  104. GED and BPV - what does this mean? (French)
  105. Overtime
  106. Urgent: creating a proper CV style
  107. how to find english speaking job private homework help in VAUD
  108. Witholdong tax for aupairs.
  109. Average starting salary for a postdoc at ETH
  110. Babysitter rates per hour in Lausanne?
  111. Does a 16-yr old need a work permit?
  112. Average pay for a primary school teacher?
  113. Good reference by law?!
  114. what is best- resigning or allowing employer to terminate contract
  115. help to improve CV
  116. What are the chances of coming to CH and then seek work ?
  117. Illness - disclose details to employer?
  118. What is the procedure to open a shop in Zürich?
  119. Radiation Protection - Health Physicist
  120. Job interview - salary and further conditions [Investment and risk-management]]]
  121. Online job-hunting
  122. Which offer would you take?
  123. Market research about freelancers?
  124. Looking for a Taiwanese company in Switzerland/Internship in the hospitality industry
  125. working in a swiss hospital
  126. IT positions in Lausanne or Wallais?
  127. How to find a simple summer job with very basic DE ?
  128. Advance one's career from senior developer to project manager
  129. salary information for a qualified patissier with 5+ years experience in Geneva.
  130. how much could a swimming teacher earn?
  131. How much salary Quality Management with 8 years of experience
  132. CV in english or german?
  133. Where to register as a Childminder?
  134. My First Job in Switzerland
  135. IT contracting In CH?
  136. unemployment office
  137. Second Interview
  138. IT Tech Support Salary Question
  139. Four interviews in 3 weeks - should I be happy?
  140. TEFL Jobs in French Speaking Region
  141. 1st post! Brit with working level of FR - chances of landing a job in Basel
  142. Swiss-style CV's
  143. Quit your job: RAV entitlments?
  144. leaving PhD halfway and getting a job
  145. work in CH, live elsewhere
  146. What's a paramedic to do? [Recognition of foreign qualifications]
  147. Great job - Challenging colleague
  148. Holiday Time Proration
  149. How and where to search for a job in the IT (Testing) area...
  150. Selection Committee
  151. RAV Help to become Self-Employed
  152. Benefits - holiday and sick time
  153. minimum number of hours break between jobs
  154. One year of experience in an office needed for Uni, advise please!
  155. Unskilled Jobs Switzerland
  156. Jobs in NGOs
  157. Specialisation courses
  158. Hi my first post
  159. Recommendation of a lawyer please!
  160. Volunteer / Charity Opportunities in Geneva / Nyon with only English
  161. No german, no work
  162. Women working in CH
  163. notice period and resignation
  164. Handyman service
  165. Hello From California! Anyone working in IT?
  166. Job Advice for Switzerland
  167. Shoud I wait?
  168. Sites for salary
  169. US/Portugese Pastry Chef loking for work
  170. Where do I seek for jobs within the Diamond industry ?
  171. Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
  172. UK Citizen, Seeking advice.
  173. Legal Help Needed - employment related
  174. What are the prospects in CH for an English speaking soon to be RN ?
  175. Which part is easy for engineers finding a job?
  176. HR advice for un-expected recruitment feedback
  177. doctors sick certificates and employers rights
  178. Need help to find employment in the Healthcare Field...
  179. Sound engineer
  180. Filipino looking for a job in switzerland:what should i need to do?
  181. CELTA jobs, Basel
  182. Postdoc position at EPFL
  183. if in RAV, does your retirement pension grow?
  184. What is a 'detailed CV?'
  185. Life and work In Geneva
  186. Question about freelancing & recruiters
  187. Studienrichtungsleitung CAMERA ARTS
  188. Dietitian needs work
  189. Questions about registering late to RAV
  190. Ashtanga yoga in Zurich?
  191. HR Advice needed
  192. opinion on putting homepage / URL, or Linked-In page
  193. are swiss women into make-up etc..?
  194. trying to find work
  195. any (life) scientists willing to critique my CV?
  196. Urgent Help - Interview Calls !!!
  197. Cablecom:-
  198. Anyone here that work at Swisscom?
  199. Advice required on teaching posts
  200. Salaries in international Spedition
  201. Birthplace on CV
  202. Having Swiss firm or bank as employer guarantees B-permit?
  203. Probation
  204. Trader Bonus 2011
  205. Moroccans working in Switzerland
  206. Berchtoldstag
  207. Jobs for US dental hygienists?
  208. Internship/job for non-german student
  209. R&D departments in Geneve or Lausanne?
  210. Can you help make Stephen Hawking's voice heard for USD38.5K per annum ( UK ) ?
  211. Unemployment benefit
  212. Hey guys, I'm in need of help/ideas.. looking for first job.
  213. What do you think? [Salary question - Sales Manager]
  214. Claiming RAV between jobs
  215. Secondary activity in addition to day job
  216. Relocating from London to Zürich
  217. Wandering Canadian looking for some guidance! :P
  218. Housing Allowance down 13%
  219. Weird Work Dilemma need lawyer or paid advice
  220. Prospects for an EU citizen speaking only Spanish & EN to find a job in Lausanne ?
  221. IT jobs Ticino
  222. Trademark attorney for fashion company
  223. Housekeeper salary, any idea?
  224. Insurance Broker job - Type of contract?
  225. CFC, how do you obtain it?
  226. What constitutes mass dismissal?
  227. Thank-you email after phone interview
  228. Swiss Citizen living in Japan. Could I find a job in Switzerland?
  229. enforcement non-compete agreements in CH
  230. Employment/legal advice for ZH
  231. Yoga Teacher Salary
  232. 150K net (200K gross) in Geneva?
  233. new contract without job description?
  234. Anyone need a Babysitter?
  235. Employement with L type visa
  236. Nursery schools/Kindergartens in Zurich canton
  237. Reducing working hours from 100% to 80%
  238. Fined by prospective employer for not signing work contract, is that legal?
  239. Standard salary in Aldi?
  240. Environmental jobs exist???
  241. Starting over in Switzerland from US
  242. Resignation/Notice Period Query
  243. RAV advisors--are they all the same?
  244. Timeline after receiving job offer
  245. Terminating a Verbal Work Agreement
  246. IT CV check needed!
  247. Nursing job Ticino
  248. Lawyer needed
  249. Just lost my job:(
  250. Junior IT jobs