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  1. Outdoor adventure jobs
  2. New job in Switzerland
  3. [Insurance after] ceasing self-employment and going back to being an employee
  4. Working in Switzerland
  5. Job Search / Immigration Icelanders
  6. Working for free?
  7. Salaries sinking?
  8. Redundancy Notice Periods in Switzerland
  9. Work lunch etiquette
  10. applications scientist (salary)
  11. Finding a job in IT and getting settled
  12. Can we change the canton
  13. Has anyone been able to find work if they only speak English?
  14. IT and Financial Services - Recruiters
  15. Feedback on "B-Source" company - Lugano
  16. Einzelfirma, Selbständig, GMBH questions!
  17. RAV payouts - are holidays deducted from one's allocation of days paid?
  18. Summer Job for an American teenager in Switzerland?
  19. Young pregnancy during notice period
  20. Salary oddness for my wife's new job
  21. Letter: Berufliche Tatigkeit/Lebensunterhalt
  22. Anyone work as an IT consultant for "big 5" firms?
  23. Moving Without Job
  24. Graphic design or illustration jobs in Zurich
  25. Self-employed, freelancer or employee in Zurich
  26. Nervous linguist looking for job search suggestions
  27. Unemployment rights for Grenzgaenger
  28. Letter of Recommendation
  29. Notice period at the end of the first 12 months
  30. Career advisors - recommendations?
  31. Employment rights of PhD research assistants
  32. Question about etiquette
  33. What's better to find a job-Local accounting dipl.(comptable, not a brevet) or ACCA?
  34. Internships in Switzerland
  35. Ahv oasi
  36. Zwischenzeugnis: Is this a good one?
  37. Admin /PA /Receptionist Role
  38. Interns wanted
  39. Can I be an English teacher and an Au-pair?
  40. Student how to get AHV number
  41. Army & employment after
  42. Postdoctoral in Switzerland
  43. CH -> UK? Worth it?
  44. Speciality training for foreign doctor/work as Assistenärzte
  45. Au pair - how do i quit?
  46. Looking for Waiting Staff in Valais
  47. Software Development
  48. Paying RAV back...
  49. Monthly saving
  50. Job market competition
  51. English Swimming Techer in Zurich area
  52. Apprenticeship
  53. Roche postdoc fellowship
  54. automatically deducted lunch hours
  55. I want to Volunteer in Switzerland. All help is welcomed.
  56. Can you freelance but live in another country?
  57. Anyone have experience with Lab4Tech in Lausanne
  58. Will RAV/ORP help me get a new job? (this is not about benefits)
  59. is 70000CHF enough for Lugano?
  60. L permit with help from RAV
  61. UK Contract, moving to Swizerland
  62. Unemployment consulting in Zug/6-month notification - any advice appreciated
  63. What is wrong with my applications from abroad?
  64. Salary of Quant Engineer/Phd
  65. RAV Benefits living in Swiss working abroad
  66. RAV - Resigned Job - Travel During Penalty Period
  67. Trying to convert an English CV to French.
  68. Living with someone = no right to social security?
  69. Natural American Spirit company
  70. What is "Gardening leave" mentioned in several posts?
  71. Tax question: UK resident working in Zurich for a year
  72. Find an employer in Basel or Switzerland in general
  73. What does 100% Pensum mean?
  74. Nursing Assistant - where to look for work?
  75. Working in Mcdonalds
  76. personal recruitment consultant in Basel
  77. lab technician salary expectation?
  78. Employment during PostDoc
  79. Weird work offer
  80. privacy infringement, now what?
  81. Relocation allowance question
  82. Postdoc position in Roche pRED
  83. Cash Gifts from Employer?
  84. Am I ready for an industry post-doc?
  85. Negotiating for a "Temporary" Position
  86. Pay increase and sickness
  87. Decided not to take a contract role after initially agreeing by email
  88. Finding an office job in UK as a Swiss national?
  89. Employers and Emplyment Agencies for Marketing & Communications
  90. Non-EU, want to be a dentist in Switzerland
  91. Volunteering in Geneva
  92. Good recruitment agency/headhunter for pharma/life sciences?
  93. how to understand this non-competition term
  94. How do recruitment agencies work for freelancers ?
  95. Temp work and how it affects RAV payments?
  96. Career Coaching (for switching careers as an adult)
  97. Job Titles
  98. Front office salaries at UBS/CS?
  99. What to wear for interviews
  100. Can an employer check your internet browsing history?
  101. Annual leave at Nestlé?
  102. EU citizen job offer/offers workpermit
  103. Anyone know about hospital salaries?
  104. Working in Switzerland and Swiss culture
  105. Are expats in Switzerland allowed to do 2 jobs at the same time
  106. Weekend work-from-home taxation and rules
  107. Need legal help for unpaid salary
  108. Internship in Switzerland in Summer 2016
  109. Are IT certifications sufficient in lieu of a 4 year degree?
  110. Employment termination - verbal "notice"? No unemployment benefits? PANIC
  111. Salary of a Sales executive (fresher) in Banking industry
  112. Cover Letter
  113. How hard is it to find "a" job in Zurich?
  114. Masters Embedded systems engineer 7 yrs exp -dependent L permit
  115. Employment termination - effective date, signed or verbal?
  116. RAV: compensation payments for part-time work
  117. Docking of wages for administrative mistakes
  118. Job opportunity for US graduate
  119. How to get a job in CH?
  120. Switzerland after 7 weeks
  121. End of employment notice question - pregnancy
  122. Creative Student Jobs
  123. RAV: Question about job hunting while abroad
  124. Accelerated Nursing Degree Recognition?
  125. English speaking student Internships
  126. Where to find night jobs.
  127. Psychologists in Switzerland
  128. Teaching with a non-teaching degree
  129. Software Engineer Java 8 years experience
  130. Job vacancy Decrement in Engineering
  131. Highschool Diploma
  132. How much pay is appropriate?
  133. Specific text and timing of letter for leaving job after Mat leave
  134. Working time - how does your firm monitor & control it?
  135. Being fleeced?
  136. Is there a market for English-speaking photographer?
  137. Two pension funds in two countries
  138. Anatomy of a terrible interview
  139. Need some advise on work
  140. Food Technologist Job
  141. receiving unemployment after quittinig job and searching for another one abroad
  142. Car allowance during maternity leave
  143. Fair salary for Regulatory director/team lead in pharma
  144. Another Notice Period Timing Question
  145. Unemployment?
  146. CV preparation
  147. Sickness
  148. Official method of giving notice?
  149. Physical Therapy - Going from Switzerland to USA
  150. Would anyone with pharma experience be willing to meet with me to give me advice?
  151. Switzerland job market over year end.
  152. Food Technologist Salary?
  153. Nursing - hospitals in Zurich
  154. Setting up a business in CH
  155. Job Opportunities / Networking within Banking Industry
  156. Job Reference - how to interpret it?
  157. Self Employed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist
  158. how much do I cost to my firm?
  159. 3 month notice period - what happens if leaving early
  160. Start to searching for job after German Level B1
  161. Volunteer Opportunities in Bern
  162. Missing RAV info-days, unemployment benefits restricted
  163. Work in one canton and live in another
  164. Tram-Bus-Train Driver
  165. Risks of quitting job to move the Geneva
  166. Working and living in Switzerland
  167. Employer threatening to withhold pay
  168. Looking to return to work after being a full time mother
  169. Passport or Driver's License
  170. Recommendation needed for English-speaking employment lawyer in ZH
  171. Help! [Non EU. Partner moving back to CH.]
  172. How is the employment market for architects in CH?
  173. Protocol after second interview
  174. CPA (Canada) or CIMA? Moving the Switzerland
  175. Career path change
  176. My tools or company tools?
  177. Pregnant during first 3 months probation
  178. Attitudes of employers opinions? Finance and Accountancy
  179. Krankenkasse denying sick leave payment
  180. What is my profession in Switzerland?
  181. Holiday entitlement while working 80%
  182. 100% Swiss job plus consulting from US
  183. Change of Employer with no written communication - is it valid?
  184. RAV Oerlikon - help!
  185. Working for a US based company on an L Permit
  186. Trade Union for Problem with HR (Arbeitszeugnis)
  187. Rav obbey me to work 2 or 4 hours a week
  188. Wage for experienced content manager
  189. Looking for jobs as a fresh PhD – advice?
  190. Teaching German without diploma
  191. Homeopath looking for job
  192. Question about lunch allowances
  193. Live in CH, work short contract in London
  194. maximum hours per week for nanny?
  195. Unemployment insurance and Switzerland RAV days and EU
  196. Kundigungsfrist for Stundelohn [notice period for hourly] contract?
  197. How to properly give notice period
  198. Salary
  199. 2 Week Gap between Job
  200. need some advice for new business
  201. Choosing an office for allocations familiales
  202. Retrenched - Leave options during 3 month notice period
  203. Engineering Graduate Positions
  204. Have a contract, but don't have the right to be paid?
  205. maternity leave/de-registration
  206. employees full time- declared at 10%
  207. Unemployment benefits deduction
  208. Is there any use for foreign MBAs in Switzerland?
  209. Indians in Swiss - how did you find a job here? sent here or applied for a job?
  210. Restructuring – roles transferred internally.
  211. US Citizen looking for IT help desk position
  212. Can they fire me?
  213. Company refusing to pay earned commissions
  214. Unemployment after sick leave
  215. Pharma jobs in Switzerland language requirements
  216. part time/freelance job as a phd student
  217. Advice please! :) [Swiss citizen, maybe returning to CH]
  218. Dress code at CS and UBS
  219. Highly Skilled?
  220. Stocker Jobs in Geneva.
  221. Unfair resigned contract
  222. Roles where you don't need French in Geneva
  223. Employment for Spouse of EU Citizen
  224. GmbH - Pillar 2 costs - BVG + Insurances
  225. Salary comparison Belgium - Switzerland
  226. Software engineer in Zurich?
  227. Unpaid AHV and salary.
  228. Benefits claim rav
  229. Getting a work permit for Switzerland
  230. Nanny and AuPair advice needed urgently
  231. Extending chomage indemnitie days
  232. Headhunter/recruiter Zurich area
  233. employment by a foreign (UK) company while resident in Switzerland
  234. Customer Care jobs in Switzerland?!
  235. Teaching ESL in Switzerland?
  236. Job searching physics
  237. Job offer rescinded - Help
  238. Verkehrskadett - training
  239. Nanny's salary during family vacation
  240. Housekeeper with L permit
  241. Job searching help for L Permit holders
  242. How old is too old? (Master at ETHZ)
  243. Holidays with or without weekends?
  244. Freelancing whilst studying in CH - Einzelfirma?
  245. Unemployment benefit for non-swiss returning to CH
  246. Temporary work in picking grapes, strawberries etc
  247. Underpaid for the last 2.5 years
  248. Job as a volunteer for an Ngo base in Zurich
  249. jobs in metal plating
  250. IT Job & intelectual property. HEEELP!