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  1. RAV appeals
  2. How to coordinate time for job and child...
  3. Teilprojekleiter - Basel area
  4. Teaching jobs in Switzerland as a foreigner
  5. Quick question regarding employment termination (Kündigung)
  6. Pay question
  7. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Qualified Secodnary School Teacher looking for Advice.
  9. comptable or a Master Degree of Finance and accounting?
  10. Can RAV require me to have a LinkedIn profile?
  11. Salary working as a Praktikantin
  12. Unemployment Benefits and Duties
  13. Recruiters for financial industry
  14. non-EU: Where can I find jobs which sponsor work permit?
  15. Back to Switzerland, after 11 years in Australia?
  16. QA jobs?
  17. professional advise
  18. Illness during notice period
  19. Offered New Contract, job reduced by 50%
  20. Physics Master Degree and employment problem
  21. Nurse
  22. Difference between AVP and VP at a bank
  23. Drinking during working hours/at work Legal?
  24. Salary during high-risk pregnancy
  25. Translator for RAV Oerlikon - Thu 15SEP2016
  26. My Experience in Finally getting a job in McDonalds without much german
  27. Cover Letter Advice Please!
  28. Moving to Switzerland
  29. Company did't pay salary
  30. Is Lunch break meant to be only for lunch :) ?
  31. Holiday entitlement
  32. English-speaking employment / contract lawyer is needed
  33. A contract job in Switzerland and an additional freelancer job in Germany?
  34. need some advice
  35. what does it take to get a job post PhD
  36. employment tips
  37. Arbeitszeugnis and bad relationship with your boss
  38. Applying to lab jobs vs management
  39. New contract while on Notice Period
  40. Novartis postdoctoral program
  41. student job
  42. From Norway to Switzerland- Job in the same company vs applying in other companies
  43. Explaining why I am looking to leave my new job so soon
  44. "peak season" for recruitment in Zurich/Basel
  45. RAV - German Class & BNF
  46. Hourly contract/ "stundenlohn" in restaurant sector
  47. Advantages of getting fired to leaving a job
  48. Certified Fraud Examiner
  49. Holiday or Time Off entitlement when doing exams?
  50. Bars/Restaurant average hourly pay?
  51. Employer Reference Letter- Legal steps
  52. Farm contacts near Montreux area for picking jobs?
  53. Information from the Arbeitslosenkasse
  54. Seeking Advice before START
  55. Why do companies dont hire EU people without a Permit?
  56. Help with an adequate hourly rate for an IT freelance job
  57. List of companies/employers by activity in Kanton Zurich&close
  58. Unable to find job in Geneva region
  59. Software Developer Salary in Bern
  60. Interview coaching and C.V tips
  61. HR VS Digital marketing
  62. Employment in HR
  63. How to find a job/internship in sales (permis B)
  64. Move from Aargau to Geneva or not?
  65. Must propose new wage
  66. EU citizen, B permit, employed since March, involuntary unemployment
  67. Corporate Nonsense/Idiocy Experiences
  68. Sexism during job interview
  69. Swimming teacher
  70. Anybody working at BlackRock in Zurich?
  71. Applying for jobs before graduation
  72. Relocating to Zurich as software engineer
  73. Top headhunters (for 400-500k CHF minimum total package jobs)
  74. CV by email or post?
  75. OSISOFT PI Historian
  76. When should the Indications de la personne assuree be returned
  77. American Aeronautical Engineer looking for job in Switzerland
  78. Syrian refugee looking for work in Vaud
  79. Problems with employer about pay and service car
  80. unemployment benefits
  81. how can i start my own e business ?
  82. Classes/Courses to engage myself
  83. Need help from a HR professional
  84. How to FIND a work student?
  85. Would like to find a job/internship after several years abroad "traveling"
  86. Urgently looking for suggestions on where to look for work
  87. Finding a non-German speaking job in Zurich
  88. Creating a temporary consultancy
  89. They said her that she will be fired during maternity leave
  90. Off sick without a doctors letter - possible consequences?
  91. Good salary in Geneva? 2016
  92. Having trouble searching...
  93. Need opinion on next steps after "no" offer
  94. Coaching for polishing CVs and jobsearching skills in general
  95. L Permit and Unemployment Insurance
  96. Lawyer required to reveiw consulting contract
  97. Computer Science Graduate[EU, Experience]
  98. Unconsumed vacation when “NOT” leaving the job
  99. Work/life balance?
  100. Salary confusion
  101. unemployment benefit
  102. Canadian student working in Geneva
  103. part time student jobs
  104. Dismissed while on sick leavei
  105. Pay/work % Discrepancy
  106. Salary question :)
  107. Part-time job in Switzerland and child benefit
  108. RAV - postponing start of:
  109. Working in the spitex
  110. English-Speaking finance jobs
  111. which canton
  112. Changing job in B Permit
  113. ...process while in the US or non-EU
  114. Swiss IT qualifications
  115. [Zurich] Mobbing and bullying at a workplace
  116. LLP contributions if made redundant
  117. Baking Questions
  118. AXA (insurance) cutting jobs
  119. Permanent IT Job - Difficult to find Job after ten months of Job Search
  120. Self-Employed and RAV
  121. Contract Advice
  122. Question about AHV (Social security) and self-employment
  123. Steps after stop working and doing a break between jobs: AHV, Pillar 2, what else ?
  124. Experience with HireRight?
  125. Can you get kicked out on the moment you hand on your resignation letter?
  126. Quitting Job to Learn German
  127. Employment after PhD studies - experiences
  128. Teaching English demand
  129. Voluntary Redundancy in Geneva
  130. Quitting job for studies
  131. Last minute work experience
  132. Leaving a temp job whilst on RAV
  133. Job for experienced Mechanical Engineer from India
  134. Over 50 and Unemployed
  135. Overnight pay for babysitter?
  136. Cash accountant salary
  137. Which photo would you put in your CV?
  138. Where to look
  139. Frequent job change
  140. Could you be a Jane Bond ?
  141. Doctors note and employer phoning doctor, legal?
  142. Resignation withdrawal
  143. Do you have sexperience?
  144. PhD and job
  145. Salary needed for family of 4 to live comfortably in Zurich
  146. No Luck Finding Work - Any Recommendations?
  147. Credit Suisse cuts costs for external IT staff by 10 percent
  148. New Company for IT Contractors
  149. Relocating to Zurich - What to expect
  150. Red tape for babysitting from my home in Valais
  151. RAV Job Application During Notice Period
  152. Filling out employment Forms - common law same as registered partnership?
  153. Salary certificate: where to get it
  154. Wife's psycho boss, resgining & the RAV
  155. Moving to Switzerland after graduation
  156. [Thread Split] How do you prove no Swiss/EU exist to do a job?
  157. Hiring oportunities after finishing Bachelor's Degree
  158. Cost of living and Geneva and salary
  159. Finding an Internship in Zurich with a French-Swiss Diploma?
  160. Hour rate
  161. Geneva cost of living and salary
  162. Asking about salary
  163. Salary question
  164. Finance controler salary
  165. Live-in nanny wage questions on behalf of a friend!
  166. MBA in a swiss Uni of Applied Sciences
  167. Working remotely for a US Company while living in Switzerland?
  168. Advice for those about to start a thesis work ...
  169. Is Lonza a good employer
  170. Typical salary package and benefits in Zurich
  171. Interview for job I didn't get a year ago
  172. Recruitment process at Credit Suisse
  173. Employment Lawyer / Solicitor Needed
  174. Finding a job in Switzerland for a non fluent German speaker
  175. Salary for Private Nanny in Zurich.
  176. Local Employment Only
  177. Fixed term contract but agency want to hire as durée indéterminée
  178. Zurich Tax for frontalier
  179. Employer controls monitor
  180. HELP: can you re-enter RAV after haveing been with them for a year?
  181. Finding a job without speaking German?
  182. Looking for a summer job
  183. HELP : need translator for RAV interview
  184. Looking for a job (a little Monday humour)
  185. 18 Years Old, need to earn some Money asap
  186. short term job in zurich?
  187. What is Krankentaggeld-Police
  188. UX Design - Job Market in Zurich
  189. Job Opportunities
  190. Job in Switzerland
  191. Where to get help reviewing a reference letter written in German?
  192. They wrote this in my reference letter ...
  193. First RAV meeting advice needed
  194. Sounds like a fun job
  195. Appearances
  196. Sacked during notice period?
  197. Delaying vacation until March the next year - is this in the law?
  198. Any experience working with emagine?
  199. ORP - jours sans contrôle - take during a course?
  200. Internship Contract Pension fund
  201. Illness confirmation from the doctor outside Switzerland
  202. Replaced 3 months after being laid off- Isn't that illegal?
  203. Employed, RAV, Employed then possibly RAV again
  204. Recruiter’s Advice
  205. Employment for Spouse?
  206. Quick Question!
  207. ETH Salary as Engineer
  208. Part-time and Holidays
  209. Relocating to Zurich - Need some info
  210. Cyber Security Manager Salary
  211. How do I become a tutor/teacher?
  212. promotion compensation senior role -> Head of XYZ
  213. Legal Advice for Freelancer
  214. Paying sick leave to part-time cleaning lady
  215. Employee laws
  216. Advice on Quickmail employment
  217. Commercial Boats
  218. Geneva internship
  219. Checking up on a future employer
  220. Long term Ill health social support ? (school leaver)
  221. Finding a job in Switzerland, part II
  222. Swiss Jobs for Indians
  223. Job market for Swiss public school teachers?
  224. Swiss Re
  225. Minimum Notice Period
  226. RAV - funny stories
  227. Jobs listed in regional advertising shoppers/flyers
  228. Working at Swiss Post Solutions - your experiences?
  229. Overtime paid out
  230. Have you switched career paths after originally training with a healthcare degree?
  231. A zillionth thread about looking for a job after a gap
  232. Do I have a case against my Employer as legal/illegal employee
  233. Summer internship experience for non EU nationals?
  234. Has my employer breached my contract and my non compete agreement?
  235. RAV Selbständig im Nebenerwerb [freelance work in addition to "regular" job]
  236. Experience of hiring nannies
  237. Salary&benefits package for employee travelling 75%
  238. Calculate annual leave entitlement
  239. Employment under family reunification
  240. Psychotherapist hoping to move to Zurich
  241. Frustration in job hunting
  242. Furlough
  243. Is Glencore a good employer?
  244. State of current job market
  245. RAV - Job Refused (not refused)
  246. Employment law?
  247. Zeugnis
  248. switching jobs, software domain
  249. Sickness insurance during pregnancy
  250. Work Applications; Swiss ways?