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  1. Engineering Job market
  2. Vacation allowance
  3. Hiring staff: New rules forthcoming, also for cleaning ladies et al
  4. There are no unemployed people. Philip Hammond
  5. Pharmacist looking for help work and study in switzerland
  6. Secret Knowledge - Mechanical Engineering, Material Science
  7. Having difficulty finding job advertisements for unskilled work.
  8. Health Insurance but only for 60 days
  9. Problems finding a job for wife
  10. working part-time in Switzerland, living in Belgium. Realistic?
  11. Put on part time
  12. Compensation / package at FIFA
  13. Ab out UB S
  14. Chinese company Fosun moves to Lucerne
  15. Internship Requirements
  16. Salary & Value of Titles in Geneva - Tech/Digital Marketing
  17. Is Ruby on Rails used a lot in Switzerland
  18. RAV rejects benefits for non-EU PhD graduate
  19. Graphic Design / Language jobs - with RO/BG passport which is between EU and NOT EU
  20. Doing Seminars in CH
  21. so, there are a lot of taxes... help me understand please
  22. Play Therapist
  23. freelance job
  24. legal advice - employment law
  25. salaries as Engineer at ETHZ
  26. Yet another "Job Advice" thread...
  27. Job advice
  28. Work oppertunity for driving licence+ car
  29. Frontend developer salary
  30. Electrical engineering degree recognition in Swiss
  31. employment rights working in a bar
  32. RAV benefits denied
  33. Working too hard? Pre-occupied with work?
  34. Job market chances - non-EU - IT Support
  35. unemployment benefit
  36. Get a sick certificate abroad
  37. Remote Employee obtaining work permit in Switzerland
  38. RAV payment calculation question
  39. Need Help! Terminated after moving to CH
  40. Need for career guidance
  41. Where can I earn more money than in Switzerland
  42. Outplacement companies
  43. Job Opportunities for Blind People
  44. Unfair dismissal - how to protect yourself?
  45. Swiss banker
  46. Assistenzarzt interview tipps
  47. Freelance work in addition to full-employment
  48. Employment in Switzerland
  49. advice on employment contract
  50. 18yo English speaking job
  51. New to Novartis - Parking?
  52. Lower salaries for over-50s
  53. St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
  54. unlawful Dissmissal
  55. Salary
  56. Job levels vs Job Bands / Novartis
  57. What happens if a company fails?
  58. Interview tips! Help please!
  59. Retail job for non-german speaker?
  60. Temporal Job
  61. Visa/Employment Question
  62. Resume Help Needed
  63. Hoping to move to Switzerland
  64. Find IT job with no German skills?
  65. Unemployment benefits
  66. Help: Redundancy but with complexity
  67. Certified TUV Rheinland WIG/TIG welder
  68. Looking for a job
  69. What's your salary expectations?
  70. I need your help!
  71. How much money the string quartet charge for an event?
  72. Role in HR and job boards
  73. Job hunting after PhD, non-EU
  74. Vaud- Prevailing IT Contract rates
  75. Salaries are different from canton to canton?
  76. Job hunting with zero experience.
  77. Student Jobs Abroad C Permit
  78. minimum Wage: Neuchâtel - Neuenberg now CHF 20,-- / hour
  79. Get a part-time job easily
  80. recruitment agency asks for a lot of papers
  81. IT companies offer short terms jobs just to gain experiences? some other questions.
  82. Working in Switzerland and owning a bussiness abroad
  83. CV translation to German for RAV
  84. would you tell your boss if you are sick?
  85. Social work in Val de Bagnes
  86. contracting for the first time, need explanation
  87. Quit job, started own business: Can RAV help?
  88. Headhunter
  89. Painting & Decorating work
  90. Bocconi university reputation
  91. TOGAF 9.1 Certification course
  92. Struggling to get a job
  93. Advantages of being "Kader"
  94. Job search - already employed
  95. to accept or not, job offer
  96. Career Advice pt. 2: Quarter Life Crisis, Get RAV or Dye Trying
  97. Is there a demand for front-end web developers?
  98. How much should I charge to add an e-commerce page to a website?
  99. Finance professional advice needed
  100. Job interview vs salary expectations
  101. Non EU Dentist, Work in a Dental Industry/any short term Dental Courses in English
  102. Student jobs in restaurants/hotels - best way to search?
  103. What is last effective day of work?
  104. Advice on some documents
  105. Rough salary estimate
  106. documents asked by new employers to b permit holders
  107. Anyone have experience with PwC or any big 4 firm here in Switzerland?
  108. Medical Field Questions
  109. ETH PhD contract-may not be renewed- RAV registration possible?
  110. Verbally aggressive boss
  111. job offer of 800 chf a day? tax is too high?
  112. What to do when between jobs / unemployed
  113. RAV - regular appointment - what to expect?
  114. Is it hard to become firefighter as a foreigner?
  115. Permanent to Contracting
  116. Going rate for a contract lawyer
  117. Getting a Job With No Experience
  118. Internship for MBA Students/ Graduates
  119. IT jobs (Databases)
  120. How to hire a nanny
  121. Tutoring as a job during studies
  122. How to land a job in CH
  123. Employment contract;advance notice; legally binding
  124. intern teacher salary
  125. Graduate Software Engineer From UK
  126. Any advice would be appreciated
  127. salary 54,000 CHF yearly
  128. Veterinarian from Nigeria
  129. Do employers even sponsor for work permit ??
  130. Help: is it reasonable to ask for a relocation fee?
  131. Analyst salary
  132. What does Associate 2 at a Swiss bank mean?
  133. Work in Germany, live in Switzerland
  134. Freelance work..
  135. Where is best for English-speaking jobs?
  136. Unemployment benefits in UK after coming back from Switzerland
  137. Help.. just got fired during the probation period, B Permit ends during unemployment
  138. RAV, Maternity and Misinformation
  139. Kid Sick - Employer didn't payed
  140. Euro Salaries in Switzerland - cross border workers
  141. Wrong notice period
  142. Somebody working for UPC Wallisellen/Switzerland?
  143. Work contracts, with remuneration 100% performance based, possible in CH?
  144. Working Assessment
  145. How hard to find a job with L permit without work activities
  146. medical student networking in Zurich
  147. Teacher of Spanish in Secondary 2
  148. RAV - Is it possible to get an unpaid leave of 2 months?
  149. Change name on CV
  150. Looking for a contract lawyer
  151. Reference Letter in English - Advise needed!
  152. Help/Tips for working in Zurich? (Just moved, No German)
  153. Being fired after resigning
  154. How to create a 2 man company?
  155. probezeit or trial period not in a contract
  156. Software Engineer With 1 Year Experience
  157. Stopping self-employment
  158. Full time job + part time job?
  159. Anyone have experience with this recruiter?
  160. Areas in Demand?
  161. Quellensteuer correctness & limits
  162. BIM MEP Designer Draftsman jobs in AEC industry Switzerland
  163. 1 month contract CH living in DE
  164. An Architecture firm did not pay for my freelance job. What should I do?
  165. Social charges. Who pays? Employee or employer?
  166. Cost of Living in Lausanne
  167. Digital manager - how long does
  168. Demand for architect
  169. Quitting job or waiting to get fired
  170. Interview with a swiss cosmetics company
  171. work in one canton, live in another NON-EU
  172. Employeer to change my role and move my contract to another company - my rights?
  173. Spouse starting part time.
  174. Apart from IT, what are the temporary jobs we can apply
  175. Optical assistant/dispenser needing some tips or information!
  176. 2nd Interview at Swiss Re
  177. software developer wants to switch domain, any hints?
  178. Fired. What's my situation in Switzerland
  179. Job Offer in Finance
  180. Maternity leave
  181. interview @ Novartis
  182. Handing in notice in IT contract
  183. Security/CCTV Jobs
  184. Employer and non-urgent surgery
  185. Maintenance jobs how to find in Zurich
  186. how to choose a job
  187. English Speaker for Kindergarten - Assistant
  188. How to deal with being exploited?
  189. Job offer in Switzerland
  190. Zwischenzeugnis in Switzerland
  191. Hourly rate calculation and 13th salary
  192. Advice re Employment Search
  193. Termination notice period. Can it be several months by contract?
  194. Employment advice
  195. Getting jobs while Non-EU Spouse Permit B in Process
  196. Foreign student with summer internship
  197. Changing jobs during probation - How does this work for EU citizen with a new permit?
  198. Unpaid extra hours by contract. Normal?
  199. Bankruptcy - getting the unemployment money retrospectively
  200. RAV : change RAV Berater? advice please
  201. Unemployment benefits from Switzerland when leaving to a EU country
  202. door to door c.v.
  203. Salary question
  204. How to get a way from almost getting away from everything
  205. Do you connect to people you do not know in LinkedIn
  206. Apprenticeships for foreigners?
  207. Can I ask a few questions?
  208. Job application writing style
  209. Swiss Unions
  210. Forced to reduce working hours
  211. Why is "no permit" a rejection point for EU job seekers?
  212. Dismissal compensation
  213. Raising salary
  214. Power of Attorney conundrum
  215. Finding Temp Work
  216. Teacher's pay in der Schweiz
  217. Offer job - Move from Zurich
  218. Job as a companion...
  219. How is part-time calculated
  220. Pay Disclosure outside CH
  221. How does freelancing work
  222. Please let me know. [cost of living questions]
  223. Job Offer / Negotiation
  224. Looking for a welder job in Switzerland
  225. Novartis salary
  226. Notice period
  227. My honest feedback after 4Y atRoche and 4Y at Novartis
  228. Engineering career orientation
  229. Teaching in Switzerland
  230. Non EU / Unemployment tied to permit?
  231. Working as a dentist in Switzerland
  232. Easy to find a data science job around Zurich region?
  233. How to be a career counsellor in CH
  234. job
  235. Building my CAREER
  236. Employment roadblocks
  237. Teacher training?
  238. Is unemployment benefit guaranteed if you meet the requirements
  239. New Career
  240. Job without native language
  241. Working in La Prairie - Volketswil (Zürich area)
  242. Career orientation-help needed
  243. Unique situation? Swiss abroad
  244. Contracted by Opera but shafted, pls help!
  245. Headhunters in Tech Product Management and Marketing area
  246. termination letter and legal options. URGENT
  247. Hopeless?
  248. Non EU B1 permit: Unemployment benefit impacts
  249. Additional bonus payment when left job
  250. Is there such thing as an unpaid "TEST JOB"