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  1. Hornbach / B&H / Jumbo alternative?
  2. Drilling rock for garden fountain??
  3. Hi-Tec gear at Coop?
  4. Airbrush makeup in Zürich
  5. To get rid of winter clothes
  6. Package being held hostage by private shipping
  7. Anyone go to the UK?
  8. What is the etiquette for meeting the neighbors?
  9. Looking to start a Christian Band
  10. Disposing of nail polish, perfume bottles (not empty)
  11. Post Office Box in Germany ?
  12. [Thread Split] Legal separation in CH after spouse has left the country?
  13. Moving to St Gallen in Sept, looking for English speaking friends!
  14. Web design: anyone have experience with Squarespace.com?
  15. Makeover and photoshoot
  16. where to get iPhone exchange offer
  17. Emirates special fares
  18. totally sadness and confusing
  19. Do it yourself bicycle repair in ZH?
  20. Guidance needed- [Swiss citizen abroad considering moving to CH]
  21. Advice - Pfister sofa bed return
  22. (2nd hand) sewing machine-advice
  23. Reiki classes in Basel
  24. Furniture repair
  25. archie comics in zurich?
  26. Forceps / Tweezers - Dumont Forceps
  27. Ski Rental
  28. Machine Shop
  29. Where to find rice or almond milk powder
  30. 20 Signs You Are An International Kid Who Grew Up In Geneva
  31. Need a DJ for my wedding
  32. Where in Geneva or near buy lightnening [lighting/lamps]
  33. Sold a car in Ricardo - Difficult buyer
  34. care package for pregnant sister in law
  35. Need to replace toilet seat
  36. Renting apartment for the ski season
  37. rug cleaners
  38. Second-hand Mercedes - Spots under hood
  39. Volvo XC60 OR LandRover Discovery Sport - suggestion please
  40. "Relax! You’ll Be More Productive"
  41. Computer monitor: recommendation
  42. wedding dresses
  43. Newbie questions for laundry day
  44. Garden Gnomes
  45. Office supply stores in Switzerland?
  46. How to open a velux for cleaning?
  47. Swiss Plugs
  48. Buying laptop from Amazon.de with English keyboard
  49. Theatrical Makeup Artist
  50. wedding invitations
  51. Calling all orchestral string/brass players
  52. Bikes for Kids in Zurich
  53. Tip- Moving Basel area
  54. Where is the biggest motorbike Helmet shop?
  55. Be cautious ordering from media-eins.ch, swissmicrogroup.ch
  56. Seeking musicians for church services
  57. English Appliances in CH
  58. can you sell bottles of spirits privately in Switzerland?
  59. Professional headshot/portrait photographer cost (Fribourg)
  60. Free car parking solution in Basel
  61. What to do with old computers in Switzerland?
  62. Ricardo Buyer Troubles
  63. New Car in Switzerland - Registration, Taxes, Insurance?
  64. My Swiss-Italian Ancestry
  65. Old Swiss Postcards
  66. Anyone interested in sewing, crafts etc
  67. low cost international postage?
  68. Gratuity etiquette
  69. Indoor market [Basel city]
  70. wedding abroad
  71. Rent suit for wedding in Basel
  72. Indian Beauty Salon In Oerlikon
  73. Westwing Junkie
  74. Restaurant etiquette when serving Paella dish?
  75. Arrive in 2 weeks, what to bring?
  76. Chf52 for a light switch, wt...
  77. Swiss Civil Code - Question about Foreign Companies
  78. Moving to Aargau CH from Australia
  79. Free Neue Zürcher Zeitung?
  80. Looking to start/join a band
  81. Brave New World? [3-parent babies]
  82. Fribourg DIY fans - new store to explore
  83. Google introduces Flight checker website
  84. Consumer rights in Switzerland - where do I stand on mis-advertised/fit for purpose?
  85. Getting somebody to clear the snow
  86. pilatus1's Guide to Growing Tomatoes in CH thread
  87. Moving to Neuchatel Neighborhoods questions
  88. Ski trip with kids - how much stuff to pack?
  89. How to find sponsors for a New Gym Club?
  90. Zurich venue for Rangers Celtic game on BBC tomorrow?
  91. Organising my move to CH
  92. Part Time Masters in Psychology at Zurich Univeristy
  93. Rahua Shampoo
  94. Online shopping with swiss raiffeisen card
  95. Advice needed from crafty people
  96. Switzers Art Project searching for participants
  97. pay 10 CHF for medical certificate?
  98. Disposable camera photo developing Neuchâtel
  99. Craft stores in Konstanz/Germany?
  100. Second Hand Computers
  101. Italian seller doesn't want to remove Italian VAT
  102. Men- stand or sit to pee?
  103. Rights to return faulty goods (from geman site)
  104. UK student loans
  105. Tailor made shirts delivered in CH?
  106. Where can I find/buy composted horse manure?
  107. New gardener help: what to grow to cover a wire fence?
  108. Doors and windows
  109. 26400 euros p.a, Cost of living in geneva [Not Geneva, Vienna]
  110. advertising
  111. Verein [club] registration?
  112. Change religion registration, is it possible?
  113. Mattresses and proper pillows in Basel
  114. I've never liked it much in CH, thinking of Canada
  115. Ordering household appliances from Germany
  116. Famigros - is it worth it?
  117. Migros Fitness Park - Classes in English
  118. looking for bible study group [Basel]
  119. Expired medicine - inhalers
  120. Summer in the USA - driver's license?
  121. UK lights! will they be compatible in Switzerland ?
  122. Gas Bottles - Disposal (Luzern)
  123. Where to buy - flight simulator add on for computer
  124. Best płace to buy original LV bag?
  125. Christian church near Brugg?
  126. children's swimming and tennis lessons
  127. Class D drugs?
  128. Where to buy an apron with sleeves / overalls?
  129. Buying advice-Shoes
  130. Shopkins
  131. Open University Psychology
  132. Returning Item Now on Sale
  133. Minimum wage to live in Switzerland
  134. brack.ch 20% on Sony products
  135. Goods change after use / ski boots
  136. P.O. box alternatives? Website advice needed!
  137. Where do young men buy their trousers?
  138. Photocopying and printing service in Nyon
  139. Furniture
  140. Paper recycling when it's not paper recycling day...
  141. Are there any post christmas sales in Zurich?
  142. where to buy small lab vacuum chamber in Lausanne area?
  143. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  144. How do you call a cow from pasture?
  145. Rights for return of second hand good in Switzerland
  146. facebook invites from random people in zürich
  147. Car repairs that don't fix the problem!
  148. Hello everybody
  149. Rat desinfestation companies recommended - Geneva area
  150. Swiss CD Imports
  151. swiss culture in before-Xmas Apero
  152. Empty truck from Manchester/London to Switzerland.
  153. compounding pharmacy
  154. Shopping question (Sizes)
  155. the best time to do shopping in Xmas
  156. 17th December basel
  157. Fine from a court, appealing and payment deadline
  158. 12th of december, Geneva.
  159. Migros Mega Jackpot
  160. Sign Language
  161. Comic book or specialty hobby shops in Zurich area?
  162. Sending toy with batteries to US?
  163. Project management coach
  164. Visiting virtually Geneva's Cathedral
  165. Bern, Xerox [photocopying], close to the main train station
  166. Where to buy an American Football?
  167. Best place to buy real Christmas tree in Zürich?
  168. Cyber bullying
  169. Head of Swiss Guard dismissed
  170. Working in Ticino but staying in Lugano, Como or Milan?
  171. Help with a dog breeder in Germany & business advice
  172. Microspot.ch: Problems?
  173. Looking to volunteer on December 25th
  174. package received from foreign country: import tax?
  175. John Howe at La Maison d'ailleurs (yverdon)
  176. Please help me fill in the gaps!!
  177. Moncler
  178. Jewelry Making Classes?
  179. Art on ice
  180. When in Zurich on a Weekday After midnight
  181. Gun import
  182. Which button to press to make a Swiss tumble dryer tumble?
  183. Green mealies (?)
  184. The New Starwars film - trailer
  185. Zalando coupon code
  186. Personalized gifts for Christmas
  187. Geneva - 500 years of maps and documents
  188. Mandatory health insurance comparison - better than Comparis (but not in english)
  189. Shirt printing?
  190. Maths Question - Probability - Headache !
  191. Posssible relocation within Switzerland
  192. leaving switzerland to u.k.
  193. Bill pay - what to do?
  194. Hardware Store - Zurich
  195. ETH Zurich admission for Fall 2015
  196. Tip/Gift to the gardener and the housekeeper for Christmas?
  197. Zewi decke shop that ships internationally?
  198. I want to learn japanese. I can offer Tango, Salsa and Greek
  199. Dreadlocks and Professionalism
  200. Japanese in Zurich
  201. Posting bike from UK to Switzerland
  202. Help about publinc transportation
  203. Fight the customs!
  204. Elsa or Anna Costume Rental Adults?
  205. General Power of Attorney to my wife (Indian)
  206. Looking for Cheap Storage (Kanton Zurich)
  207. To trademark or not? USA vs CH where and why?
  208. Biel-Benken?
  209. What's wrong with my dryer?
  210. Mirror replacement
  211. what is the best tip you have learned here on the English Forum?
  212. Mapping of religious diversity in Geneva
  213. Plastic molding, fiberglass or similar. Where can I get it?
  214. Help! Where I can buy the following objects?
  215. NEEDED 4 nights accomodation at Sursee (June 2015)
  216. starter cable for empty car battery
  217. Phd salary in Ludwing Institute for cancer research (UNIL/CHUV)
  218. Buying lumber near Lausanne
  219. Hair and Nail Salong Singen
  220. any experience with 3D printing?
  221. Best Place to hide a body
  222. Is anyone moving from U.S. to Basel?
  223. Where to buy - A huge plastic sack
  224. Camera service recommendations, Basel or Zurich
  225. Anyone travelling to the US and willing to take back a parcel with baby clothes?
  226. What a useful site about Switzerland..
  227. where to find non-LED Christmas lights?
  228. knife sharpening service in Zürich?
  229. two weeks till I'm in the mountains of Switzerland!!!
  230. Swiss Post Box electronic snail mail delivery
  231. BritRail Passes
  232. Big warehouse in Zurich
  233. Buying stuff in Ikeaand taking it to France
  234. Move to Swiss
  235. Import duties
  236. Eyebrow threading in Zurich
  237. iPhone 5s cracked screen - where to repair?
  238. Digital Piano - the best choice?
  239. Unique / Bier Festival
  240. Mycorrhiza Fungus
  241. Shipping tips?
  242. Where to buy sodium bicarbonate, citric acid powdered form in Zurich??
  243. Does anyone know this kids song?
  244. antique appraiser in zurich
  245. What to do with used books
  246. postal service in switzerland
  247. detergent for washing metal kitchen filter
  248. Handyman to fit a cat door in Zurich
  249. Paying Telephone/Internet fee without knowing
  250. HandyMan in Baar