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  1. credit suisse- a few questions
  2. Bitcoin
  3. My taxes are a mess - can somebody help
  4. Quellensteuer tax filing?
  5. taxation
  6. UK double tax
  7. Teleworking from Switzerland to Netherlands
  8. Postfinance mastercard balance
  9. Cash deposits not available immediatly ?
  10. 20% returns and (almost) no risk - what's the catch?
  11. Looming FATCA deadline
  12. B permit taxes question (US Citizen)
  13. Becoming Swiss Mid-Year (and how this impacts taxes)
  14. Cashing out Swiss pension (Pillar 1) for Non-EU (Canada)
  15. Swiss banks-Tan generators
  16. When comes the tax decision of 2013?
  17. Taxes: Working for Switzerland, living in the UK
  18. RNC calls for FACTA repeal....
  19. Pension and leaving the country...
  20. Tax after baby confusion
  21. Tax question for college loans
  22. 'Financial advice made my pension dive from £89k to £20k', says expat
  23. Tax back on jewellery
  24. question on tax federal direct...
  25. URGENT HELP - Withholding Tax (Taxed at source)
  26. Indian national, short-term contract, trouble getting a bank account
  27. Banking Confusion at PostFinance
  28. Do you ever think that you get paid too much?
  29. Tax refund for inmigrants / Steuererklärung
  30. Inheritance tax
  31. Does 2nd Pillar "Prime de Risque" count towards income for US tax purposes?
  32. UBS sent me new Maestro card with the PIN but I'm not at home
  33. Tax in Valais
  34. Question about leasing and taxes
  35. claiming rent as expense for home based business?
  36. Are allowances taxable?
  37. How to open a bank account for a company from US in EUROS
  38. Voluntary Pillar 2 Contributions Cap
  39. Tax time: 2nd pillar contributions
  40. US taxes: How to report employer second pillar contributions
  41. How a spouse with no income will affect the tax?
  42. Claim the 3rd pillar taxes back
  43. UK voluntary National Insurance contributions and state pension
  44. Worked 1/2 month, taxed at full rate - Is this correct?
  45. Accountant - UK or Suisse?
  46. AHV/ALV deductions as a non-resident
  47. AHV Pension
  48. Orange payment slip payment from abroad
  49. tax forms 2013 for xpats don't arrive until earliest October 2014?
  50. [American] Opening a Bank Account
  51. 3rd pillar pension top up while under WHT
  52. Swiss Annuity or Swiss Bank Account.
  53. Deducation for Second Office at Home?
  54. Leaving Switzerland after 11 Months Internship -Any Refunds (Non_EU)
  55. Postfinace DEMANDS past FBARs
  56. Credit card monthly statement issuing day?
  57. Any reason not use UBS?
  58. US American looking to file taxes
  59. American starting a GmbH
  60. US Switzerland Tax Treaty, Article 15
  61. Joint bank account with EU wife (non-resident)
  62. Looking for a Dynamic, Open-Minded Mortgage Advisor
  63. Fixed rate mortgages on the rise?
  64. Check Swiss Debt Register from Outside Switzerland
  65. Betreibung [Debt Notice]
  66. Cashing the amount of Vested Benefits Account while abroad
  67. Standing order and orange payment slips
  68. tax forms in english
  69. Tax return with children at o'seas boarding school
  70. Reimburse price of professional books?
  71. Swiss AVS taxable in the US?
  72. Need tax expert in US and CH and disability payment
  73. B Permit, tax refund
  74. Lohncomputer calculation - Commuters tax
  75. how to make tax-deductible 2nd pillar contributions?
  76. Disclosure to financial institutions advice
  77. How tax affected i I have wife and child but they are living abroad?
  78. Cheap Taxes! A good thing?
  79. can i pay my american taxes from switzerland
  80. Bank Contract - Buy an apartment
  81. Swiss Pension for US Employee
  82. Online broker
  83. Tax deductions - good link
  84. UK SA tax return - HELP!
  85. expatTax.ch - Tax & accounting services for foreign citizens in Switzerland
  86. Tax adviser/lawyer in Geneva
  87. Are there any Swiss banks that still accept US customers?
  88. Paying US taxes living in Basel
  89. How to pay in USD outside of the US?
  90. GA Travel card expense and taxes..
  91. Net Salary - Zurich - How much tax will I pay
  92. Seeking information from the more tax savvy inclined
  93. ePost not working!?
  94. Highest interest??
  95. <120,000 CHF - Is it worth doing a tax return?
  96. Pillar 2 for a the Self Employed.
  97. Is Quellensteuer monthly or yearly tax?
  98. Picking a 3a Fund; Researching and Tracking Performance
  99. Resident of Switz shareholder of US company
  100. Question on Taxes
  101. FATCA Hope
  102. S1 Portable Document (Posted Workers) for NI
  103. PostFinance MasterCard Value
  104. Looking for international Tax advisor/consultant in Bern or Zurich area
  105. Which debit card should i choose?
  106. Canton Bern tax form in English
  107. Tax question - B-Permit
  108. ATM usage fees
  109. Is there a retail bank where you can open an account online (without going to branch
  110. No-Debt certificate from a different canton?
  111. UK company, Contracting in Basel, Living in France
  112. Tax Liability in Vaud
  113. Where am I taxed? Live in DE, work in CH
  114. Experience with Borderfree?
  115. Fair tax for divorcing parents sharing obhut and sorgerecht
  116. Income tax reduction: married; one salary
  117. Children's bank account - recommendation
  118. "VAT number" to be self employed
  119. Transferring a Canadian pension plan to Switzerland
  120. Changing currency, where to get best rates?
  121. Steuerklärung 2012?
  122. Self Employed v's Employed (UK)
  123. Taxation
  124. Taxed at Source - how are deductions calculated?
  125. Best bank for immigrant?
  126. Tele commuting from CH
  127. contribute to 2013 3eme pilier fund after jan 1 2014
  128. No distribution from the SNB due to losses
  129. Confirmation that i do not own property in Switzerland
  130. Swiss Pension bilateral Agreement
  131. Double taxation UK and CH
  132. Online Trading
  133. EU tax refund if traveling by plane (not Germany)
  134. Hiring company/person to complete tax return in Basel
  135. CHF to Euro XE trade v Post finance
  136. Should I keep old orange "Versement" slips ?
  137. Income Tax / Frontalier
  138. UK tax liability on Swiss insurance investment ?
  139. Studying at ETH - living costs
  140. Victim of chip-and-pin fraud? It's all YOUR fault, insist the banks as they refuse pa
  141. strange 3a account interest behavior?
  142. [Basel] Changing EUROs to CHF
  143. how is any overlap period in tax years treated (eg Jan 1 - April 5)
  144. Tax return on charity, etc.
  145. Setting up a pension
  146. got a letter from the Steueramt for christmas...
  147. Tax return - is car leasing considered a deductible?
  148. wealth tax - assessed on spouse assets, retirement accounts?
  149. Help Needed to Find Court Documents
  150. Child Benefit for orphan of Swiss pensioner
  151. Taxes when changing from canton ZH to canton SG
  152. 3rd Pillar contribution when not working 12 months/year?
  153. Couple of income tax questions
  154. Financial Group
  155. Global Blue Tax Refund in Apple Store Geneva
  156. Tax on parcel from Ireland
  157. Corporate Lawyer
  158. Written statement of borrowing/lending money?
  159. Help with tax return...
  160. contributed Pillar 3a pension in 2012, claim in 2014?
  161. problem with c/o address at the bank?
  162. "Swiss banks freezing 50% of Americans' account balances"
  163. Tax Advisor in Aarau
  164. What is the difference between ALV and ALV2 (unemployment insurance)?
  165. incorrect CreditCard charge Dellmont
  166. Swiss authorities are urging banks to quash their doubts and enter ...
  167. How to claim vat back from online purchases that are home delivered ?
  168. Postfinance and Mobile ID
  169. Swiss TAX Return and Property Income from the UK and UK Tax Return
  170. First Tax return
  171. Tax Return on Permit B
  172. Pay into 2nd pillar: voluntary contribution
  173. Pillar 3a with securities
  174. US citizen new to Schweiz, clueless about taxes
  175. [Split] Investment options discussion
  176. It's embarrassing to be an American!
  177. Who would pay your bills if you were incapacitated?
  178. Claim back VAT for flight tickets bought in Germany?
  179. Question: import duty from Amazon
  180. Easy question on tax
  181. Taxation of AHV/UI/2nd pillar
  182. My own house – can I claim a new bathroom sink against taxes
  183. Just received a tax letter
  184. Tax deductions for expats
  185. working in basel city - where to live
  186. Tax after C permit...
  187. Sole member of a US LLC
  188. Looking for an online stock broker with configurable leverage...
  189. Budget analysis: E-cockpit by Postfinance
  190. Credit with L permit
  191. Tax Relief - Supporting dependents residing outside CH
  192. How does the limit on credit cards work
  193. Low Cost Broker with no Regular/Custody Fees
  194. Issue with Swiss Tax Authorities
  195. Need Tax Advisor/Account who can handle US stock options
  196. How to get customs stamp when shopping with train?
  197. Diners Club International card usage
  198. Loans Switzerland
  199. stock options and restricted stock units
  200. Benefits - kids education invoices and tax
  201. Does it now (2013) make sense to open a third pillar 3a account?
  202. PostFinance website - Why is it such a piece of garbage?
  203. Cleaning Lady - Salary and Tax calculation
  204. Exporting Japanese Pension (non-Japanese)
  205. Tax deduction question
  206. Living in France, Working in Basel - a clarification
  207. ITIN - what is it exactly, and what do I have to do?
  208. Account for GmbH - which bank?
  209. Leaving CH with unpaid debt
  210. Credit Suisse raising their account charges
  211. about VAT on postal deliveries in germany/france
  212. Why do financial advisors always say Confidential on pm's
  213. "Buy to Let" inverstment before leaving Switzerland
  214. Free Euro Account in Any Country Just for SEPA No Card EU Resident?
  215. How to make deductions as a contractor
  216. Bank account for US citizens
  217. opening post finance account with pending L-permit
  218. Hhhuuuuaaaaaaaa
  219. Investment banker advice
  220. UBS or postfinance?
  221. Working in Switzerland as UK national
  222. Moving from Lausanne to Geneva with the same salary in Lausanne?
  223. TVA expert
  224. 3rd pillar PostFiannce - how to choose investment type
  225. 3rd pillar ... more than one account
  226. Mortgaged property abroad - tax deductible?
  227. sending little present to Italy?
  228. 3rd pillar explanation for a complete newbie
  229. How to deduct education costs from tax
  230. Opening a US bank account
  231. Cheapest Prepaid Card for Travel, Foreign Exchange
  232. Action Required: Please provide your Tax Identity Information
  233. Do I have to fill in tax forms?
  234. Where to invest my money
  235. Recommendation for international tax consultant
  236. Financing my studies in Switzerland
  237. Taxstappo
  238. How to claim back VAT from online purchases.
  239. B to C-permit - new tax
  240. Bank Account and home address issue
  241. Taxation/Deductions as a foreigner during a paid internship
  242. Telecommuting to the US
  243. Withdrawal using UBS bank card from abroad
  244. Standard Tax Deduction in Basel?
  245. Taxation & Executive MBA studies
  246. Urgent payment via SEPA - how fast?
  247. possible to buy a future-residence property with pension?
  248. Question about Swiss pension and tax in the UK
  249. Tax INCREASED due to paying 3.a
  250. stamp duty on fund purchases