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  1. Sri Lankan Currency
  2. Different Tax calculators yield different results
  3. SwissGlobal
  4. oneoff tax declaration - "Einmalige straflose selbstanzeige"
  5. Mwst and admin fee on parcels.
  6. Zurich or London
  7. Weekly resident (Wochenaufenthalter) - deductions
  8. Taxing / pension questions for non-Swiss company (but I'm living & working in Suisse)
  9. Tax calculator - B permit holder
  10. Cumulus Mastercard Not Offering for Newcomer?
  11. Pension on leaving company
  12. tax invoices of another one
  13. Currency & Share Trading Platforms
  14. Credit Company
  15. Zurich Tax return - where to fill in 1500 expat tax allowance and other questions
  16. Tax on share dealing in Switzerland
  17. Are stock markets really that great?
  18. (ZH) Tax "Einschätzungsentscheid" - Fr. 120.000 limit
  19. Deferring Capital Gains
  20. Exclusive Investment Opportunity
  21. Paying taxes efficiently - a few questions
  22. Can I go out of Switzerland with Cash?
  23. Greenback Expat Tax Services - Secure, simple tax preparation for Americans
  24. Witholding Tax on Gross Salary
  25. Practical question: to whom do you wire tax payment? Canton, Comune or Federation?
  26. Australian working in Zurich
  27. Tax on equity earnings
  28. Betting Taxes
  29. Has anyone experience of using Internaxx?
  30. Draft: Switzerland: Four tax-return tricks that save you money + pics of cutepuppies
  31. Choosing a bank
  32. Declaring English Assets on CH Tax Return
  33. A small loan to purchase a laptop for school/work
  34. Get Your Tax Return Done in 3 Easy Steps - with Taxolution Advisory LLC
  35. Temporary, part time employment and 3a
  36. Taxes: Pilot based in UK/living in Switzerland.
  37. Looking for tax accountant
  38. Need to borrow large sum for 5 weeks
  39. Transferring Lump Sums to Switzerland
  40. Conversion rate change April 2018
  41. Baby bonds
  42. Dividend Withholding on ETFs bought at London Stock Exchange
  43. 3a Pension at retirement
  44. Certificate of tax residency
  45. Postal Customs
  46. Swiss credit cards - air miles, reward points?
  47. Interest Rate Hedging and Currency Hedging by derivatives
  48. Swiss / US taxes
  49. Exchange swiss francs to US dolars when arriving in US
  50. Partial year - Taxation and Pillar 3a
  51. Transfering out a large single lump sum
  52. Help with Tax return in Canton Neuchatel
  53. Tax return
  54. Opening a new bank account
  55. UBS Credit Card Invoice
  56. Need help completing Steuererklarung
  57. Cash gift or loan from your parents and tax implications? [ZRH]
  58. How to do a bank transfer?
  59. Banks that accept US citizens: postfinance-yes; migros-no; cler-no
  60. Is it worth it to invest in 2. pillar?
  61. Penny stock + Interactive Brokers
  62. Paying Tax
  63. XBT Provider launches Etherum ETN
  64. New 10 CHF banknote
  65. UK-Switzerland tax adviser/accountant wanted - any recommendations?
  66. Buying VTI - potential estate tax liability in the US?
  67. How do taxes work when moving at the end of the year?
  68. VAT representation in France
  69. landlord not paying back security deposit for rental home
  70. Double canton tax refund after moving cantons
  71. Credit Card limit from Swiss Card
  72. Opening account in Vanguard for non US person?
  73. Debit Card expiration
  74. Any retired Aussies who pay tax on Australian pensions?
  75. Any deductions for expat retirees in NE or VD?
  76. Inheritance UK > CH
  77. Bank Account and Credit Card in EUR
  78. US Tax Reform - Is FATCA going to be repealed?
  79. Zurich income tax for working couple
  80. 2nd pillar -to cash or not to cash?
  81. Foreign currency exchange
  82. Taxes: Student living in Geneva working as External collaborator for Italian uni
  83. which free bank account in france?
  84. Portfolio website/app
  85. 2nd pension pillar and 3rd pension pillar comparison
  86. US taxes on 2nd and 3rd pillar
  87. "Impôt à la source" and filing tax returns in VD
  88. Tax tip Shopping in Germany
  89. Zug Domiciled Vested Pension 2 account
  90. Norway Krone Exchange
  91. bank account without Swiss address
  92. Does municipality/gemeinde affects the salary of <120k CHF B Permit employees?
  93. Working in Geneva but bank account in France
  94. Calculation of tax deducation for 2nd pillar additional payments
  95. South African Charted Accountant - How to find a job in Switzerland
  96. Switching bank - who is best?
  97. GA 1st Class (Partly tax deductible)?
  98. Any banks that will give dual US/Swiss citizens mortgages for property in Switzerland
  99. Compensation for little Quartier jobs (Ämtli) - tax?
  100. Question for the Banking gurus :)
  101. Pension fund - buying amount
  102. List of Countries Supported By Credit Suisse / Post Finance / UBS for ATMs?
  103. Made a Mistake with Pillar3a - Overpaid!
  104. Fees at postfinance for foreign transactions
  105. EUR/CHF increasing ratio despite war concerns
  106. Tax advice in Geneva
  107. ZKB Bank eBanking PhotoTan security
  108. From Expat to Local - Taxation is too high
  109. Wollerau, Schwyz allowable tax deductions
  110. Behind on Credit Card Payments
  111. VAT liability - dodgy painter
  112. Forex transfer charges
  113. Very basic e banking question
  114. UK State Pension and Swiss contributions
  115. Information on "fiscale deal"
  116. GmbH and opening a Bank account
  117. Question about Tax - Working UK, living in Swiss
  118. Säule 3a Investments - what to do... ?
  119. Swisslife Pension fund - possibility to withdraw as opposed to transfer to EU pension
  120. Tax form - questions
  121. Understanding Quellensteuer Calculations - BS
  122. Permit C is it convenient for taxes??
  123. Listing Crypto Assets in Tax Return
  124. Pillar 2 contributions
  125. What time does GERMAN border at Laufenburg (or Waldshut) close?
  126. Looking for an IFA re Pension Consolidation in UK
  127. help with debt collection
  128. Extra payments to pillar 2, or pillar 3a?
  129. How to correctly register a move between cantons around year-end
  130. French Rental Property Tax
  131. Recommendations : advice on Canada/Swiss tax issues
  132. Short term Swiss bank account.
  133. As a UN consultant am I exempt of paying income taxes?
  134. Taxation / QST & also Staats- und Gemeindesteuern
  135. Wealth tax declaration - Permit B -> Full Declaration
  136. Pillar 2 vesting account recommendations?
  137. Baillie Gifford Global Discovery Funds
  138. UB Partner GmbH – Tax preparation and tax consulting
  139. Deposit cash to somebody else's bank account
  140. DKB - change of conditions?
  141. Need a Tax advisor in Zürich
  142. Capital gain tax from property in Holland, taxable in CH?
  143. Advice on dealing with Wealth Managers
  144. Over taxing at Source?
  145. Bet on a bearish USD in the next 6m .. who's with me?
  146. Pounds withdrawal limit
  147. cost of living calculator
  148. Residency declaration
  149. Charged wrong fees from Credit Suisse - They refuse to refund
  150. UK bank accounts - declare in CH
  151. 2nd pillar pension and risk premium costs
  152. Safe to give Swiss bank details?
  153. Married Couples new taxation ?
  154. Buying stocks of international companies via IB- Concerns with SIPC
  155. Understanding my pension
  156. Post Finance Closed My Account and Cleared My Money
  157. Bank accounts : leaving Switzerland
  158. Best option for EUR to CHF transfer within Switzerland?
  159. 3rd Pillar: is Self-management possible?
  160. Credit card charged after "Declined" in a shop
  161. How to declare an ownership of an apartment that hasn't been built yet
  162. CHF account in UK
  163. Transfer UK pension for house deposit
  164. VAT on digital services in the UK
  165. What tax/AVS if I work for UK co, in UK 4 days a week and from home in GVA 1 day?
  166. work in Solothurn and live in Zug
  167. Certificates of Swiss tax paid, for UK taxpayer
  168. Italy shopping 100% tax back, avoiding Global Blue
  169. Relocating to CH for studying: how can I keep working for current employer?
  170. Tax rate - steuerfuss for Kt Zurich
  171. Best Loan?
  172. Best Credit Cards
  173. Trading not professionally stock options
  174. Swiss tax identification number
  175. Long overdue tax rebate –help!!
  176. Tax when married living in 2 different cantons
  177. taxing rules vaud and foreigners
  178. US broker new account (W-8BEN)
  179. Working in Zurich and domicile in Genève
  180. Basel: need a notary
  181. inexplicable money in my Swiss account
  182. ETF robo-advisors: True Wealth?
  183. JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming
  184. Tax authorities not informed of new address
  185. Swiss tax on Expat's U.S. Social Security Retirement INcome
  186. Taxes for household workers
  187. Bank conversion fees from euro to CHF
  188. VAT on services delivered abroad
  189. Income tax if wife and children live not in Swiss
  190. Private credit
  191. Proof of single status - From outside Switzerland
  192. Long-term investment for infant
  193. 3rd pilar insurance with Helvetia?
  194. Term Life Insurance for expats
  195. How much taxes saved by living in Zug vs. Zurich
  196. US Taxation Swiss Pension
  197. Proposed restrictions in lump sum pension withdrawal
  198. How safe is your E-Trading account?
  199. Changing the bank in CH
  200. Bank with option to trade stocks?
  201. How do taxes work for jobs like pet-sitting or tutoring?
  202. Leaving Switzerland - Swiss pension retrieval as EU passport holder
  203. UK Credit Card Balance Transfer
  204. Which bank should I go with?
  205. Has anyone actually used their pension pots for home renovations?
  206. Vested Pension Accounts In Zug
  207. Double Taxation - germany and switzerland
  208. 120K tax at source question
  209. Double Taxation issues
  210. Change in tax rate after birth of child
  211. Stocks and wealth tax
  212. Algo trader
  213. Buying Cryptocurrencies in Switzerland [Brokers + HowTo Cash to Crypto]
  214. Joint account - US citizen and non-EU citizen
  215. Declaration of profits made with cryptocurrencies
  216. Question about taxes
  217. Bank account for non-residents
  218. Another investment advice thread - this time ETFs
  219. liberty /bonus card : invoice for a card never ordered
  220. Transferwise Borderless account
  221. Some Dividend related questions...
  222. Support with a CD
  223. Do Swiss people own stocks?
  224. Working in CH, Living in D - Income tax?
  225. Unblocking vested benifits acc in FL
  226. chance of changing mortgage to another bank. any advise
  227. Entlassung aus der Quellensteuerpflicht?
  228. Ethereum
  229. Swiss citizens living abroad resist higher banking charges
  230. UBS charging 1.75% on all Uber rides
  231. Tax return - time it takes to get money back
  232. Declaring a property outside Switzerland in your tax return
  233. My friend needs money advice
  234. Accountant needed Canton Zurich (near Zug)
  235. B to C Permit - Withholding tax partially paid
  236. New house construction costs estimates?
  237. Maximum amount deductible for federal tax travel expenses been reduced to 3000 ??
  238. Social security payments if not working
  239. The green bubble
  240. Understanding the tax and s.contribution system
  241. How do you approach your UK taxes?
  242. ubs e-banking
  243. Question about taxes in France
  244. Ideas for investment for a kid
  245. Living abroad: 2nd & 3rd pillar into ETF/Index fund
  246. Question regarding Fundsmith
  247. Does it make sense to open a 3e pillar account 4 years before retirement?
  248. 120Kchf in Zurich with family and dog... Enough??
  249. FATCA info sessions Geneva, Dublin, London June 2017
  250. Frantalier Tax Question