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  1. bank coop becomes Bank CLER - implications?
  2. 2016 Swiss National Bank Annual Report Released - English .pdf
  3. Im owed 10,000 what to do ?
  4. Provisorische Rechnung received from Steueramt
  5. Poll: Average Monthly Expenses
  6. Seeking input on Swiss taxation of US wealth/real estate/IRA
  7. US taxation of Swiss retirement plan contributions
  8. Tax return - Stocks taxable value
  9. Basel Tax Question
  10. Mortgage broker or DYI
  11. Which document do I need for a bank account?
  12. Is the US stock market in a bubble
  13. Tax Filing and Remote Work
  14. Form for 3a pillar
  15. US Taxes & Non-Resident Spouse
  16. Long term portfolio: your opinions
  17. AHV - Same person 2 numbers
  18. Pension Transfer when Leaving Job
  19. Double Taxation and Withholding Tax in UK - Can I claim it back?
  20. Mortgage with Italian bank for Swiss resident
  21. Crowdfunding & CH taxation?
  22. Eigenmietwert / Imputed Rent Tax in first year of ownership
  23. Benefits of a LiborFlex Hypothek and bank mark up
  24. Changing from canton Zurich to Schwyz (Tax with temporary apartment)
  25. US Tax on Vested Benefits Account payout for Swiss green card holder
  26. How to deal with the change from B to C permit
  27. Canton Vaud - extension request for tax return
  28. Is tax returns filling required?
  29. Pensionskasse - Buy-in to optimize Tax / Mortgage?
  30. Tax on UK company liquidation proceeds
  31. Will I be taxed based on the balance of my salary account?
  32. Leaving Switzerland in May, impact on tax return?
  33. Depositing Coins in Bank
  34. English guide for filling tax forms?
  35. Choosing Own Pillar 2 Investment Scheme
  36. Tax form - where to find AVS number?
  37. Legal Situation as 50% share holder of Swiss company
  38. UK pension contributions for expats and how to check your own history online...
  39. Trying to compare taxes in Basel-Stadt vs Basel-Land
  40. Pension forecast
  41. Tax new adult
  42. Tax deductions
  43. Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard
  44. Double taxation UK for Swiss employee
  45. ACA Looking for views on proposed Departure Tax
  46. investing in VTI and VSUX, should I pay taxes?
  47. Zurich Invest AG and Zurich CapitalFund
  48. Tax comparisons between Switzerland and France
  49. Banks tracing my accounts
  50. Need a lawyer on an investment issue
  51. Transfer Wise vs. Currency Fair vs. Currencies Direct
  52. Suspend C permit; tax obligation if business travel in CH?
  53. Loan from the bank
  54. Gym trying to extort a membership fee
  55. Canada-Swiss RRSP RRIF issues
  56. Who may provide a mortgage?
  57. When are taxes payed?
  58. Taxes on Swiss invalidity (IV) payments by the US
  59. Translation help - Swiss car expenses tax claim
  60. Tax Obligations - Ireland / Switzerland
  61. Reporting funds on Swiss tax forms (Zurich)
  62. Mortgage loan for houses outside of Switzerland
  63. Valiant bank
  64. DEGIRO stock broker: any thought?
  65. Credit Suisse International Transfer Wrong Name
  66. Earning money online with B permit
  67. German retirement fund, Canadian in CH
  68. Poursuite/ Betreibung effect in UK
  69. equivalent of CIFAS
  70. Income After De-registering in Zurich
  71. Bank loans and property values
  72. Retiree offered job
  73. Calculation of Quellensteuer/tax at source with deductions
  74. Currencies direct costs?
  75. Switzerland to UK SWIFT Transfer
  76. Need Accountant Recommendation for Swiss Taxes
  77. Anyone investing in SRI funds?
  78. US accounts that offer only index tracker (mutual funds) access
  79. Help with taxation
  80. Moved to CH mid-year: what about previous foreign income?
  81. Dividend taxation
  82. Self-reporting for Swiss tax filing - any advice?
  83. Tax Professional for US Expats
  84. Tax filing Basel
  85. Choosing US retirement plan when my end goal is to move back to Switzerland
  86. 2011 Kanton Zurich Steuererklärung software, anyone?
  87. Inheritance Tax on US Assets for Non-Residents
  88. AHV Amounts at retirement
  89. Bank Rejections Lugano - Ideas?
  90. pillar 2 ringfencing
  91. Paying a personal loan off early
  92. UK Student Loans
  93. Church taxes
  94. I am taxed at source. Why did I receive a Steuererklärung?
  95. How does Gemeinde (municipality) tax influences your tax?
  96. Health Questionnaire for 2nd Pillar Company Pension
  97. UK Pensions in UK Bank - how to show on Swiss tax return?
  98. Foreign Currency Exchange
  99. myCPA GmbH – Professional tax services
  100. UK assets and inheritance tax, and Swiss tax...
  101. Help reading Swiss payslip for Canadian taxes
  102. Personal loan - in which bank?
  103. Taxation on wire transfer
  104. Recovering a fraudulent payment
  105. 3a tax back form...??
  106. How to do your US-Expat taxes yourself, a guide
  107. adjustment for tax, "dure'e d'assujetissment"
  108. UK bank accounts AEOI, EUSD - AHV/AVS
  109. additional income from consulting
  110. How much you have to have to be heard by these guys?
  111. Banks and Brexit.
  112. Withholding tax - application for revision after change of cantons
  113. Info for a new credit card.
  114. Retiring when 60
  115. Steuererklärung - tax advisor
  116. Starting Over at 50
  117. Reverse Mortgages in CH?
  118. Open UBS Bank account from the US
  119. Applying for Swiss credit from the US
  120. MWST on my own stuff?
  121. Can anyone recommend an independent financial adviser?
  122. Managing tax returns for "mixed" couple
  123. Transfer of pension from Spain to Switzerland
  124. Pledging Pillar3a as mortgage collateral
  125. Agreement on data exchange - How will it work.
  126. US credit card declined in Switzerland
  127. Kantonalbanks - guarantees by the state?
  128. transfer UK state pension contribution to Switzerland
  129. Transport Allocation and Tax
  130. Additional Charges by Debt Recovery Agencies - Not Enforceable
  131. Swiss Code of Obligation - question....
  132. True Wealth investment portfolios
  133. Repatriation of CH FEI back to the US
  134. GBP from ATM in Zurich
  135. Tax Return Requirements
  136. WIR Bank - any experience
  137. US/UK tax accountant recommendations and maybe CH as well?
  138. Swiss pensions on USA tax returns
  139. IT Contractor vs Contracting House and US taxes
  140. Mortgage tips and risks
  141. Canton change - 3rd pillar tax refund for taxed at source
  142. Mortgage with Insurance company?
  143. Which ETFs?
  144. Easy Fidu accountants in Geneva
  145. Obtain mexican peso cash?
  146. NOL on FEIE (IRS 2555)
  147. 2nd Pillar project pension decrease
  148. Lump sum offer to retirees
  149. Betreibung — no longer resident in CH
  150. Bank account in Australia
  151. Currency Fair - Share in the saving, best exchanges rates
  152. Canceling a Credit Card
  153. Catch-22
  154. FATCA strikes again
  155. Freelance work taxation
  156. Generating IBAN
  157. Renouncing U.S. citizenship - What to do with IRA / stocks?
  158. US withholding taxes for a UK SIPP account when owner is a resident in Switzerland
  159. ISA investments
  160. Problem with double taxation Austria/Switzerland
  161. Living in Ticino, is this salary enough?
  162. Need US - Swiss Financial Advisor
  163. Few questions related to 3a pillar
  164. phd student withholding tax
  165. Swiss tax: "steuerbares vermögen" question
  166. FedCoin & cashless society
  167. Choosing between 3a (Savings) and 3a Fonds
  168. USD FX rate
  169. Bad experience Transferwise using Creditcard (SCAM)
  170. Very bad experience with Liberty credit card..
  171. UK Property - a tale of a decade.
  172. expat re-mortgage for property abroad
  173. Cashing in Uk pension - claiming back emergency tax
  174. Best way to pay taxes ? ( C-permit )
  175. Swiss 1 Pillar back to uk ?
  176. E106 now S1 - Anyone having trouble? (Dec 16)
  177. Massive tax bill after permit c upgrade
  178. Banking implications for Green Card holder
  179. CHF denominated ETFs
  180. Cancelling a foreign bank account?
  181. Incorrect withheld of tax applied by my employer
  182. TIN Tax Identification Number
  183. UK visit >90 days need to pay UK income tax?
  184. UK Taxes while on Dual residency
  185. UK income tax liability
  186. Question about how FINMA would handle this situation...
  187. Insider trading
  188. Should I file a return?
  189. Tax Declarations
  190. Verified by Visa
  191. Versicherungsprämien und Sparkapitalien? [Insurance premiums and savings interests]
  192. Tax advice
  193. Best place to get UAE dirham
  194. UK non resident landlord and other Swiss tax return questions
  195. tax problem with Vaud authorities
  196. Financial Car Lease
  197. Maximum amount transfer from UBS to Foreign Account
  198. Forward Fix Mortgage - Info
  199. Live in Zurich, work in Geneva
  200. 2nd pillar investment funds
  201. Making/receiving large monetary gift
  202. Company cars - New Tax Treatment for Commuting Costs
  203. Advice needed! [Buying shares as a US citizen]
  204. Move to US forcing bank switch
  205. Permissible Personal and GmbH Tax Deductions
  206. Am I a tax resident?
  207. Split salary between two countries?
  208. Voluntary AHV........ AVS Contributions
  209. Taxes for UN spouses
  210. Swiss old age pension / Canada questions
  211. Will my UK endowment policy be taxed in Switzerland
  212. Planning a move from Canada back to CH - where to begin with finances?
  213. US tax returns
  214. PostFinance - 'Seperate' Account
  215. Can we open an account before returning as residents?
  216. Which is the best place to exchange INR to CHF
  217. Federal Tax Rate
  218. Full statement of bank account identity?
  219. Private tutor - taxes
  220. Witholding Tax Deficit with Gemeinde and Kanton
  221. New discount online brokerage. Ridiculously low prices.
  222. Deregistering from my Nominated Religion
  223. Certified photocopy of a Swiss Passport for USA (taxation purpose)
  224. "Tax at source"... what's the big deal?
  225. tax implication using recent pillar 3 for deposit
  226. CHF to USD transaction fees?
  227. Advice concerning transfer
  228. Tax in zurich for frontalier
  229. Mortage in switzerland
  230. Deduction of 3. Pillar for Quellensteuer
  231. Person to person loans
  232. Skrill Prepaid Mastercard in EUR for shopping in EU
  233. Outcome of the US presidentials on USD/CHF exchange rates
  234. Is it worth getting a Swiss credit card?
  235. German credit card w/ Swiss address?
  236. Wealth/Property Tax i/e foreign property
  237. FATCA - US tax advisor in CH
  238. Wealthiest Belgian moves to Switzerland (VD)
  239. Credit Card Fraud + Bank Refused To Reimburse [UBS]
  240. Non resident Tax
  241. Bank will not allow investment funds
  242. Eigenmietwert on (unused) property abroad?
  243. Managing Bank account - UK to CH move
  244. Tax Deductions - Do I need receipts?
  245. 3rd pillar own investment: is that possible?
  246. Beware of a Scam Tax Firm: Steuern-Meili
  247. CASATAX + Penalty
  248. Best pension schemes
  249. Recommendation for US SS/Swiss AVS Planner
  250. Being taxed for ficticious income from estranged husband