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  1. Taxes for household workers
  2. Bank conversion fees from euro to CHF
  3. VAT on services delivered abroad
  4. Income tax if wife and children live not in Swiss
  5. Private credit
  6. Proof of single status - From outside Switzerland
  7. Long-term investment for infant
  8. 3rd pilar insurance with Helvetia?
  9. Term Life Insurance for expats
  10. How much taxes saved by living in Zug vs. Zurich
  11. US Taxation Swiss Pension
  12. Proposed restrictions in lump sum pension withdrawal
  13. How safe is your E-Trading account?
  14. Changing the bank in CH
  15. Bank with option to trade stocks?
  16. How do taxes work for jobs like pet-sitting or tutoring?
  17. Leaving Switzerland - Swiss pension retrieval as EU passport holder
  18. UK Credit Card Balance Transfer
  19. Which bank should I go with?
  20. Has anyone actually used their pension pots for home renovations?
  21. Vested Pension Accounts In Zug
  22. Double Taxation - germany and switzerland
  23. 120K tax at source question
  24. Double Taxation issues
  25. Change in tax rate after birth of child
  26. Stocks and wealth tax
  27. Algo trader
  28. Buying Cryptocurrencies in Switzerland [Brokers + HowTo Cash to Crypto]
  29. Joint account - US citizen and non-EU citizen
  30. Declaration of profits made with cryptocurrencies
  31. Question about taxes
  32. Bank account for non-residents
  33. Another investment advice thread - this time ETFs
  34. liberty /bonus card : invoice for a card never ordered
  35. Transferwise Borderless account
  36. Some Dividend related questions...
  37. Support with a CD
  38. Do Swiss people own stocks?
  39. Working in CH, Living in D - Income tax?
  40. Unblocking vested benifits acc in FL
  41. chance of changing mortgage to another bank. any advise
  42. Entlassung aus der Quellensteuerpflicht?
  43. Ethereum
  44. Swiss citizens living abroad resist higher banking charges
  45. UBS charging 1.75% on all Uber rides
  46. Tax return - time it takes to get money back
  47. Declaring a property outside Switzerland in your tax return
  48. My friend needs money advice
  49. Accountant needed Canton Zurich (near Zug)
  50. B to C Permit - Withholding tax partially paid
  51. New house construction costs estimates?
  52. Maximum amount deductible for federal tax travel expenses been reduced to 3000 ??
  53. Social security payments if not working
  54. The green bubble
  55. Understanding the tax and s.contribution system
  56. How do you approach your UK taxes?
  57. ubs e-banking
  58. Question about taxes in France
  59. Ideas for investment for a kid
  60. Living abroad: 2nd & 3rd pillar into ETF/Index fund
  61. Question regarding Fundsmith
  62. Does it make sense to open a 3e pillar account 4 years before retirement?
  63. 120Kchf in Zurich with family and dog... Enough??
  64. FATCA info sessions Geneva, Dublin, London June 2017
  65. Frantalier Tax Question
  66. A B residence tax question
  67. USD and EUR credit cards, any good options?
  68. Financial advice pension
  69. taxes & yearly costs lausanne. Info & help please
  70. Tax declaration - medical expenses
  71. PostFinance
  72. Looking for tax accountant - Vaud
  73. does income tax need to be filed when exiting Swiss/EU?
  74. HSBC Investigation & the BIS
  75. house abroad
  76. Finding out divvies/income from accumulation ETFs
  77. Tax on bonus
  78. financial advice
  79. Tax on relocation expenses paid by company in Basel
  80. Global Blue - is it only option for Tax Free?
  81. Credit Suisse – why 2 private accounts?
  82. Taxes with children
  83. Higher tax offset by cheaper housing?
  84. Tax Return Module
  85. Switching residency from GB to CH tax question?
  86. First split tax year
  87. New 20 CHF Banknote
  88. Will you ever get a UK state pension?
  89. BVG withdrawal at the same time claiming RAV
  90. EWPS - English Wills and Probate Switzerland
  91. Investment Advise
  92. Switzerland Employee, will be working in UK, Do I need to pay Social Security in CH
  93. Costs for the residence permit and residence tax
  94. 2nd Pillar additional contributions.
  95. Silver/Gold Bullion in Ticino?
  96. Swiss-UK inheritance taxation? Mother in Switz; me in UK
  97. Purchase of pension fund benefits: is it worth it?
  98. Swiss pension for main property in the UK
  99. Paying taxes late
  100. Legality of Bitcoin trading in Switzerland?
  101. CMA certification worth it for Swiss market
  102. Allianz Euro Rentenfonds
  103. Looking for Treuhand in Zürich
  104. Boon ApplePay
  105. US-ETF withholding tax
  106. W-9 form for non-US citizen?
  107. owning foreign property
  108. What do I do??
  109. U.S. Taxes - Live in Switzerland, Income comes from U.S.
  110. Quellensteuer in Kanton ZH
  111. Non resident bank account
  112. Open a new bank account
  113. proxy for voting rights
  114. Swiss bank with best online banking
  115. Apples to Röschti: Forms of Retirement Savings in the US and CH
  116. Receiving 150k money: will I be questioned?
  117. Rentensatz ("pension rate") - anyone know this?
  118. bank account and data exchange
  119. Recovering overpaid Tax
  120. Pillar 3a tax refund missed deadline
  121. Claim of unpaid tax 17 years ago...
  122. Getting an "attestation d'assujettissement" in Lausanne
  123. Receiving tips
  124. How to cancel a direct debit with CS
  125. p2p lending
  126. Tax relief on dividends from a company you own
  127. Tax return for work in Switzerland in 2012?
  128. Tax question about my personal wealth
  129. Basel. Where to change EUR to CHF?
  130. WHT in Switzerland when leaving and taking 2nd Pillar to UK - tax credits
  131. UK property rent/expenses and CH/UK Tax Return
  132. Question regarding taxes partially paid already with Quellensteur
  133. Urgent advice needed --breaking a mortgage
  134. Spouse second (very) small income
  135. FBAR - excess of 10,000?
  136. Validation of my tax and deductions
  137. bank coop becomes Bank CLER - implications?
  138. 2016 Swiss National Bank Annual Report Released - English .pdf
  139. Im owed 10,000 what to do ?
  140. Provisorische Rechnung received from Steueramt [provisional tax bill]
  141. Poll: Average Monthly Expenses
  142. Seeking input on Swiss taxation of US wealth/real estate/IRA
  143. US taxation of Swiss retirement plan contributions
  144. Tax return - Stocks taxable value
  145. Basel Tax Question
  146. Mortgage broker or DYI
  147. Which document do I need for a bank account?
  148. Is the US stock market in a bubble
  149. Tax Filing and Remote Work
  150. Form for 3a pillar
  151. US Taxes & Non-Resident Spouse
  152. Long term portfolio: your opinions
  153. AHV - Same person 2 numbers
  154. Pension Transfer when Leaving Job
  155. Double Taxation and Withholding Tax in UK - Can I claim it back?
  156. Mortgage with Italian bank for Swiss resident
  157. Crowdfunding & CH taxation?
  158. Eigenmietwert / Imputed Rent Tax in first year of ownership
  159. Benefits of a LiborFlex Hypothek and bank mark up
  160. Changing from canton Zurich to Schwyz (Tax with temporary apartment)
  161. US Tax on Vested Benefits Account payout for Swiss green card holder
  162. How to deal with the change from B to C permit
  163. Canton Vaud - extension request for tax return
  164. Is tax returns filling required?
  165. Pensionskasse - Buy-in to optimize Tax / Mortgage?
  166. Tax on UK company liquidation proceeds
  167. Will I be taxed based on the balance of my salary account?
  168. Leaving Switzerland in May, impact on tax return?
  169. Depositing Coins in Bank
  170. English guide for filling tax forms?
  171. Choosing Own Pillar 2 Investment Scheme
  172. Tax form - where to find AVS number?
  173. Legal Situation as 50% share holder of Swiss company
  174. UK pension contributions for expats and how to check your own history online...
  175. Trying to compare taxes in Basel-Stadt vs Basel-Land
  176. Pension forecast
  177. Tax new adult
  178. Tax deductions
  179. Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard
  180. Double taxation UK for Swiss employee
  181. ACA Looking for views on proposed Departure Tax
  182. investing in VTI and VSUX, should I pay taxes?
  183. Zurich Invest AG and Zurich CapitalFund
  184. Tax comparisons between Switzerland and France
  185. Banks tracing my accounts
  186. Need a lawyer on an investment issue
  187. Transfer Wise vs. Currency Fair vs. Currencies Direct
  188. Suspend C permit; tax obligation if business travel in CH?
  189. Loan from the bank
  190. Gym trying to extort a membership fee
  191. Canada-Swiss RRSP RRIF issues
  192. Who may provide a mortgage?
  193. When are taxes payed?
  194. Taxes on Swiss invalidity (IV) payments by the US
  195. Translation help - Swiss car expenses tax claim
  196. Tax Obligations - Ireland / Switzerland
  197. Reporting funds on Swiss tax forms (Zurich)
  198. Mortgage loan for houses outside of Switzerland
  199. Valiant bank
  200. DEGIRO stock broker: any thought?
  201. Credit Suisse International Transfer Wrong Name
  202. Earning money online with B permit
  203. German retirement fund, Canadian in CH
  204. Poursuite/ Betreibung effect in UK
  205. equivalent of CIFAS
  206. Income After De-registering in Zurich
  207. Bank loans and property values
  208. Retiree offered job
  209. Calculation of Quellensteuer/tax at source with deductions
  210. Currencies direct costs?
  211. Switzerland to UK SWIFT Transfer
  212. Need Accountant Recommendation for Swiss Taxes
  213. Anyone investing in SRI funds?
  214. US accounts that offer only index tracker (mutual funds) access
  215. Help with taxation
  216. Moved to CH mid-year: what about previous foreign income?
  217. Dividend taxation
  218. Self-reporting for Swiss tax filing - any advice?
  219. Tax Professional for US Expats
  220. Tax filing Basel
  221. Choosing US retirement plan when my end goal is to move back to Switzerland
  222. 2011 Kanton Zurich Steuererklärung software, anyone?
  223. Inheritance Tax on US Assets for Non-Residents
  224. AHV Amounts at retirement
  225. Bank Rejections Lugano - Ideas?
  226. pillar 2 ringfencing
  227. Paying a personal loan off early
  228. UK Student Loans
  229. Church taxes
  230. I am taxed at source. Why did I receive a Steuererklärung?
  231. How does Gemeinde (municipality) tax influences your tax?
  232. Health Questionnaire for 2nd Pillar Company Pension
  233. UK Pensions in UK Bank - how to show on Swiss tax return?
  234. Foreign Currency Exchange
  235. myCPA GmbH – Professional tax services
  236. UK assets and inheritance tax, and Swiss tax...
  237. Help reading Swiss payslip for Canadian taxes
  238. Personal loan - in which bank?
  239. Taxation on wire transfer
  240. Recovering a fraudulent payment
  241. 3a tax back form...??
  242. How to do your US-Expat taxes yourself, a guide
  243. adjustment for tax, "dure'e d'assujetissment"
  244. UK bank accounts AEOI, EUSD - AHV/AVS
  245. additional income from consulting
  246. How much you have to have to be heard by these guys?
  247. Banks and Brexit.
  248. Withholding tax - application for revision after change of cantons
  249. Info for a new credit card.
  250. Retiring when 60