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  1. Holiday property - mortgage minimum
  2. Moving flats around Zurich
  3. Planning / Building Permission
  4. Water damage while finding a tenant
  5. Maid\ House keeper- hope this is the right place
  6. Lodging in Geneva
  7. Is It Possible to Sell a Property by proxy?
  8. "Visum" on rental contract
  9. Miele charging 250 CHF for replacing soap drawer of Washing Machine
  10. Dish washer salt????????
  11. changing door lock
  12. Housing in Engelberg
  13. Help with an accidental Bathtub Chipping issue
  14. Help Buying Mattresses
  15. how much to replace oil central heating boiler
  16. Moving within Zurich
  17. Help: being billed for construction quote
  18. Valuation of chalet
  19. Anyone with experience of Swissquote mortgage
  20. Where to live in Lausanne
  21. Looking at Appartment in Unterer Rheinweg, Basel - Can we do without a car
  22. Billed 260CHF to change a light bulb!
  23. transport England-Switzerland in September, October or November 2012??
  24. Stained hardwood floor - good cleaning agent?
  25. Looking to rent an apartment in St. Gallen. Any advice?
  26. Why are there no skyscrapers in Switzerland?
  27. Build house using german contractor
  28. Posh areas in Basel?
  29. Sending Our Household Items Back to UK
  30. Advice needed - Regie in Geneva - Payment Error
  31. Moving within Zurich Question
  32. Property lawyer in SZ?
  33. House cleaner needed
  34. Leaving an apartment in Switzerland is a Nightmare
  35. Removalist in Zurich
  36. Urgently seeking advice about a dampness problem
  37. Official guide for housing in Switzerland in 13 languages
  38. Pubic records of real estate transactions in CH
  39. Best way to clean the oven/stove
  40. Best way to clean windows
  41. Sublet-ted flat: The tenant scummed other tenants
  42. Sublet-ted apartment in bad state-- how not to release the deposit?
  43. "Garage" sales online
  44. Where to buy house numbers?
  45. Deposit
  46. Basel- Room rental once a month for 20 people
  47. Do apartment rental agencies always call before sending contract?
  48. Kaylan Movers - Do Not Hire!
  49. Is FUST a quality electronic??
  50. Exterminator/spider control advice
  51. German moving company recommendation needed
  52. Gravelpit in Bern?
  53. Moving from Wadenswil to Walenstadt
  54. Sub-letting in CH?
  55. Breaking a lease / moving out
  56. lease question- tenant responsible for home maintenance costs?
  57. Moving from Uster to Canton Schwyz - advice needed
  58. Sand and or fill (rocks) for Garden?
  59. Need some info about Zürich Birchstrasse
  60. Recycling??
  61. Removing a wasp's nest
  62. dry rot
  63. Leaking AC system
  64. Need man with van Zurich-Neuchatel
  65. Cham... For the english?
  66. 10 days a month housing - how to find
  67. Chances of getting a flat in Vevey or Montreux
  68. Looking for a shared apartment or room in Lugano
  69. Landlord requiring appliance check at the end of lease
  70. Buying a house - maximum size restriction
  71. Buying a house with permit B
  72. Advice urgently needed in Canton Neuchatel
  73. Procedure for BGZ houses
  74. KachelOfen in our new house, getting rid of
  75. Moving into apartment in Sunday
  76. Can I rent a Praxis/Gewerberaum apartment for living?
  77. How hard is it to find someone to take over your lease?
  78. Housing in Brugg
  79. Lawn mowing service in Adliswil
  80. Better Homes agency - any experience?
  81. How much do I need to pay if I put holes on the wall
  82. Housing agency does not respond to lease termination request
  83. information re tenancy rules sought
  84. Towns on the french side - working in Versoix
  85. Change of ownership ( property )
  86. beadboard ...
  87. Renovation inspiration - Before and after pics - Anyone?
  88. Swiss Flat, Lausanne relocation services
  89. Renting out not owned garage legally
  90. Electricity in Zurich, EWZ, peak hours, etc.
  91. Looking for Student Housing
  92. Mortgage in Switzerland
  93. Real Estate for Sale in Campione d’Italia
  94. Renting in/from a Genossenschaft
  95. Refusing the final cleaning
  96. Suggestion needed based on your experience
  97. how can I stop the junk mail from Coop,IKEA..etc
  98. Kitchen and Bathroom
  99. Buying household items in Winterthur
  100. Using a steam oven
  101. Real Estate agent and Property Manager for tenant, renting out house
  102. Muespach, France - help required!
  103. Good locations in Zurich, for workplaces in Oerlikon and Rüschlikon
  104. Moving Company in Zurich
  105. Do I need to register for temporary stay of 3 weeks?
  106. Leaving flat: Should I paint the walls?
  107. Omigod--carpet prices. Does anyone know where to get decent carpets more cheaply?
  108. Zug/ baar - what's it like
  109. Cancelling a lease early
  110. Urgent: Where to Complaint against a House cleaning company
  111. Can you keep mountain bikes in flats in Zurich?
  112. Again obnoxious landlord
  113. new neighbor aperol
  114. Villars Sur Glane or Fribourg
  115. Polyester filling - where to buy?
  116. Where to buy a bed?
  117. English speaking movers needed in geneva
  118. Subrenting issues - a cleaning bill
  119. House building regulations
  120. kitchen and bathroom
  121. Banana boxes? How to obtain?
  122. Kanton Aargau Rental Contract...help please
  123. NeoVac? Water/Something Company?
  124. Apartment handover process if no potential tenant
  125. Discounts of 15% on real estate prices in Geneva area
  126. Storage facility for furniture circa 6 months ?
  127. Help please!!
  128. Moving from UK to Thalwil
  129. Where can I buy an air matress in Zurich
  130. Legal Definition of Sub-Letting?
  131. Fixed term rental contract
  132. Removal Companies Geneva area
  133. Cleaning Agency in Zürich?
  134. Right time to buy home?
  135. Yearly extra nebenkosten charges - one bill or several?
  136. Should I be paying 1000 CHF to be moved from a 1-bedroom apartment to 3-day storage?
  137. Help!!
  138. Private room in or near Locarno
  139. New to Zurich - are there flatshares available ?
  140. Mr Nasty, and Vaud law
  141. Apartment difficulties
  142. where to buy a cheap kitchen
  143. Electrical safety check (SINA)
  144. apartment in Basel
  145. Will be soon in Lausanne
  146. Moving to Geneva.......HELP !!!
  147. Moving Personal Items from USA to CH
  148. noisy apartment - please help !
  149. Housesitting Crans Montana - Sion/Sierre
  150. "Leaky condo" registry?
  151. How soon can you claim against rental insurance?
  152. buying property - requirements
  153. Where is the best place to find building land?
  154. Living in Collonge-Bellerive?
  155. Neighbor using common electricity?
  156. Moving to kilchberg.. Anybody lives there?
  157. Lodging woes...help?
  158. Discovered a very helpful book on renting/buying in CH!
  159. Zurich : apartment free for the 1st of sept, 85m² in Central
  160. mold/schimmel damage to personal items & rights as a renter
  161. Issues with Apartment
  162. specialized bathroom furniture
  163. Is Swiss plumbing different?
  164. Which Zurich papers have housing section?
  165. Advice and help in finding an apartment in Zurich.
  166. looking for studio/apartment in Lausanne
  167. WARDROBEs Pax Ikea - HALF Price!!! (Oerlikon)
  168. Need a Swiss certified English speaking Electrician.
  169. Looking for a cleaning service to prepare for etat de lieu
  170. Storage facilities around ST. Louis/Basel
  171. To relocation agent or not to relocation agent
  172. How do I go about subletting my apartment in Zurich?
  173. Temp housing for couple Adliswil
  174. Need a gardener in Zurich
  175. How high can I build a fence ?
  176. Need 3 br house St. Louis or surrounding owns...
  177. Shortterm accomodation for 2 People from 16 july @ wallesellan Zürich 8302
  178. Looking for the best solution
  179. Hail damage
  180. Long Rental Agreement in Geneva
  181. Construction complaints???
  182. Moving to Zurich - Accommodation
  183. Buy or rent
  184. Moving notice sent to landlord, but now I changed my mind about moving..
  185. advice on getting mattress cleaned please (moving out)
  186. Access rights (foot or vehicle)
  187. Discrepancy in rent reduction re: interest rates
  188. Does anyone have experience with the company Swissboardinghouse?
  189. Looking for advice: moving in Valais
  190. Cleaner/housekeeping
  191. PPE sur plan: which options are available?
  192. Building Permits in Basel Stadt
  193. Moving out cleaning [Thalwil]
  194. subletting in lugano???
  195. Need suggestions for the best location to live!
  196. Housing Deposits
  197. Anyone knows this place in Geneve?
  198. Sofa for rent?!?
  199. Bamboo & Fake Grass
  200. pigeons problem
  201. Landlord terminate rental contract because selling the apartment.
  202. Living in Zurich and working in Greifensee
  203. Sub-Renting my Apartment
  204. Cleaning help needed in Zurich
  205. Cleaning lady recommendations in Thalwil?
  206. Where can I get some soil for my plants?
  207. Moving out cleaning....
  208. What are your plants trying to tell you?
  209. 'Verkaufsrichtpreis' - Firm, or negotiable?
  210. Notice to evict tenants - process/template/help required
  211. Hot Water Boiler - Limescale build-up
  212. Building work is disturbing our lives, what are my rights?
  213. Parkett Repairs
  214. Advice on renting in the Meilen area
  215. Adligenswil
  216. Stolen keys
  217. Extremely bad landlords - need help
  218. Rules about the number of people in one flat ?!
  219. Relocation... Import tax
  220. selling used furniture
  221. HElp a guy who can fix a pain of glass
  222. Nice room in great area
  223. Granite chip repair
  224. Built in closets...why is it so difficult?
  225. Fribourg Accommodation
  226. Neighbors smell is getting into our apartment, what can we do?
  227. Additional Costs??
  228. cost to sand and varnish floors
  229. Questions about renting a flat??
  230. Summer 2012, hotels and guesthouses selection in region Swiss Midland
  231. UK washing machine and tumble dryer
  232. Housing allowance for expats
  233. Familiengennossenschaft
  234. history of old, Swiss house?
  235. Sick and tired of this 'hunting game'
  236. construction expert zurich
  237. Parking Space needed near Puidoux Chexbres
  238. Washing Machince Service (Whirpool) - Luzern?
  239. Pay first and pick up the other day in IKEA?
  240. Housing hoaxes?
  241. ZUG: Man with a van / Transport
  242. English speaking mortgage broker or financial advisor in Bern area?
  243. The REAL real estate prices in Geneva
  244. 2.5 apt in Zürich available August
  245. Getting deposits back
  246. Looking for a Furniture Restorer near Basel
  247. Key points of a mortgage contract
  248. Final cleaning in Zurich
  249. Appartment for rent
  250. Wanted : Man with Van for furniture movement