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  1. Apartment to ren on August
  2. Steam cleaning
  3. Death and property
  4. URGENT: Loft to rent in Zurich
  5. May I put broken glass (a lot) in the trash or must it be disposed of somewhere else?
  6. estimate deposit
  7. Flat applications: What do landlords look for?
  8. Looking for a room/furnished apartment near Geneva - URGENT
  9. IKEA Deitlikon delivery questions
  10. How to research previous home sales?
  11. How not to sell your Swiss property
  12. Furnished Apartment Needed
  13. moving to Zurich to work around 8008
  14. shelving for walk in closet
  15. Recommendations for moving companies/man with van.
  16. Good place for curtains
  17. Student Moving to Lugano, need a room!
  18. Subleting
  19. Smallest house plot
  20. Home insurance - actual value of contents?
  21. Where to live Frauenfeld or Winterthur
  22. New mortgage legislation
  23. Etched Marble stone repair solution
  24. Excessive Bill for cleaning shutters!
  25. Lights in apartments
  26. Chips in Lamininate wooden floor
  27. Park+Ride in Baar/Zug
  28. Cleaning in Lachen SZ
  29. Can I work in Basel and live im Saint Louis?
  30. Mietzinssenkung - rent reduction, but how?
  31. Is Novartis Temporary Housing in Basel Cat Friendly?
  32. furniture needed for new house
  33. Working in Geneva, living in France?
  34. How to find a room in Basel ?
  35. Rooster crowing problem!
  36. CALLING ALL! Need cleaning help info...
  37. Apartments to loan in Basel
  38. working in zurich, district 11, where to live?
  39. Affordable housing in/around Honggberg
  40. Anyone moved from Paris to Switzerland?
  41. Any tips how to sell my flat?
  42. Is subletting eligible?
  43. Help moving a sofa to 2nd floor apartment?
  44. Neighborhoods for families in Lucerne
  45. Move out cleaning Vaud
  46. Where is best place to buy a lawnmower?
  47. Any Boston contacts out there?? :)
  48. Unblock Bathtub tube
  49. Pool Maintenance
  50. Sibir Washing Machine Symbols
  51. Cleaning Lady contacts in Zug
  52. DIY Cleaning. What EXACTLY do the landlords look for?
  53. Things needed for short stay?
  54. Where to Live in Schaffhausen
  55. Apartment to sublet
  56. Getting rid of old furniture and trash?
  57. Singing in my apartment
  58. Final cleaning: self or cleaning agency?
  59. House Cleaning Company Saint Sulpice
  60. Temporary wall
  61. Cancelling rent contract: 4 months penalty?
  62. Moving costs within same town
  63. "No Dues Certificate" in Basel-Stadt
  64. Advice on Relocation Agents (Geneva)
  65. House offer faux pas?
  66. Power plug on new freezer too big
  67. Moving To Zurich
  68. Renting out my owned apartment - any advice / experience please?
  69. Advice on boilers please?
  70. Moving Possessions to Switzerland from the UK
  71. Renting on "moving days" vs. off-quarter?
  72. Terrace / Gardener / Rights?
  73. Apartment to Buy
  74. Local Hardware Store Near Kuesnacht?
  75. Renovation project
  76. Housing agency not accepting application for another flat in same building
  77. Weber charcoal BBQ Germany
  78. Applying for an apartment for 3 people question
  79. Be quiet with your taps!!
  80. How can I get rid of unwanted furniture?
  81. low profile platform beds
  82. Apartment Cleaning
  83. House Cleaner
  84. Buy to Let (as an investment)
  85. Need a plumber in Zurich - what word should I look for?!
  86. Inexpensive Accomodation in Basel
  87. Looking for a new home with a garden
  88. Must find a tenant to replace us... what are the rules?
  89. Uk appliances,change plugs or use adaptors?
  90. Where to Live Nearby Zurich? Ideas Please
  91. Moving out and being asked to get appliances professionally checked
  92. maximum number of tennants in appartment
  93. Looking for furnished Apartment in Basel
  94. Lack of concrete advice from Asloca re. rent reduction... so turning to EF
  95. End of tenancy cleaning - DIY?
  96. Where to buy Light Fixtures in Zurich
  97. House cleaning company
  98. Access to private property by companies and tenants rights
  99. Fire Extinguisher Exchange (ikea)
  100. Where can I buy a Fire Extinguisher?
  101. Management cost PPE- what are yours?
  102. Notify landlord of pregnancy?
  103. Villa on the lake of Zug: (f) room mate wanted
  104. Need Advice Christmas Time 2012 Rental Near Zürich
  105. Schwarmendigen - Place to live ??
  106. Need help: rental apartment
  107. Electrical installation material, where to buy
  108. websites for rental announcements
  109. lausanne postal codes map
  110. Can foreigners rent apartments in Switzerland
  111. ETH Student looking for Apartment close to the University
  112. Recommendations for shipping 4 boxes from London to Zug?
  113. Swisshaus and cost of building
  114. English speaking plumber in Zurich
  115. Advice garden furniture
  116. Trouble starting a lease from abroad?
  117. Remedies for Mealybugs
  118. Movers / Moving company for Geneva? (recommendations)
  119. Moving in Kreis 4
  120. Apartment in Geneva available
  121. Builder, kitchen & bathroom fitter & general decorator recommendations Nyon area
  122. sending messages to announcers for rental
  123. Types of residences / dwelling in Switzerland
  124. Should I bring washing machine and dryer from UK?
  125. Apartment Check-In Process
  126. Dishwasher service - do you know a cheap company?
  127. Finding an apartment in Baden
  128. Moving from Germany to Zurich?
  129. Storage facilities
  130. Housing insurances
  131. First Time Swiss House Mover
  132. Buildings to be Constructed or Demolished
  133. Help in understanding contract
  134. Underground parking - whats the deal with the scooters?
  135. Household donations in/near Vevey?
  136. Apartment with/without Garage
  137. Handyman Zug
  138. What now for housing in Geneva?
  139. Finding an apartment in the Vaud canton
  140. Higher rate for replacement tenant.
  141. Livit or livid?
  142. Getting a bit worried :-/
  143. When to schedule handover inspection ?
  144. Patafix nightmare!
  145. What do you think about alarm systems?
  146. Seaking Teak Floor experts in Zurich
  147. Selling furniture to new tenant
  148. bamboo you want to get rid of?
  149. make sure doors are fitted in your new house before moving in lol
  150. Chipped Ceramic cooktop
  151. Finding apartment in Zurich
  152. Roommate wants to leave before end of contract
  153. big issue with Regimo Immobilien
  154. Private landlord - deposit to personal account without contract
  155. Has anyone ever used the Post to send boxes for moving?
  156. Zurich -- Long-term rentals ( for visitors / tourists )
  157. Possible move to Basel
  158. Some questions about buying house in CH...
  159. service of helping find apartments
  160. No mortgages for Americans?
  161. Wall Sticker for Living Room
  162. Height of trees in own garden
  163. Where to buy a bed
  164. Post modified by legal request of Lerch & Partner AG
  165. Furniture Disassembly Service Zurich
  166. Housing For Interns
  167. Moving out - V-Zug appliance service - who?
  168. Buy a pipe wrench in Zurich
  169. Will be doing research at Lausanne Uni ( tips for lodging needed )
  170. where to by a seal gasket for the Kuhn rikon pressure cooker in zurich
  171. J.A. Coles vs Luke Bros
  172. Deposit / Redecorate - question
  173. What are the requirements for the landlord after handover?
  174. My neighbor pays less rent for the same flat
  175. Recommend a solicitor/lawyer for house purchase Zurich?
  176. Real Estate Agent for Expats in Bern
  177. Subletting in Switzerland
  178. Moving in Protokoll: must 3 parties all be present?
  179. Am I being ripped off with my chimney
  180. Re-location Agent (Geneva)
  181. Renting an apartment from abroad
  182. Using light fixtures from US in CH - possible?
  183. flat returned but landlord still making demands?
  184. Moving soon to Riehen
  185. Help in finding the best location in Basel for me??
  186. advice needed regarding sub-tenant
  187. where did you stay when you arrived (Geneva)??
  188. Payerne, Ste-Croix - how are the schools?
  189. furniture storage-anyone any experience of Zebrabox.com?
  190. SwissCaution or Advance?
  191. a question about applying for an apt
  192. Working at the UN in Geneva - lodging and transport questions
  193. New-build. Builder bankrupt. Unpaid bill?
  194. living in Geroldswil
  195. Moving to Luzern
  196. Anyone recommended a Window Blinds company
  197. Wanted: laying of astro turf (or similar) for balcony ZURICH
  198. Appartment deposit: What are the differences among these options?
  199. Real Estate Experts' Advice Needed
  200. Rental Contract Ends...
  201. Torn Textured wallpaper
  202. Landlord is selling: Shall I forget about this property??
  203. Suitable paint for renovating furniture
  204. Questions about subletting my old apartment
  205. Renovating a farmhouse - problem with architectural plans
  206. Garden Furniture
  207. Thoughts on moving to Ehrendingen?
  208. Repayment question
  209. furnished apartment - do you prefer it?
  210. Sub Letting
  211. Area near Hardstrasse/Hohlstrasse in Zurich (Kreis 4) safe?
  212. Renens - connections to Lausanne?
  213. 4.5 rooms in Seefeld for 4300 Frs incl. charges?
  214. Building a house - superadobe?
  215. Relocating to Zurich - am I liable to pay tax for household items I bring with me?
  216. Is a minimum 12 month lease the norm?
  217. Regulations for renting apartment in Zurich
  218. Country Family House
  219. Removal company from Athens to Zurich
  220. Seeking Suggestion regarding Sublease
  221. Wall Stickers for kids (zurich)
  222. Moving out in Zurich-- Transfer the furniture
  223. Cheap reliable moving company from Basel to France
  224. Is apartment insurance transferrable?
  225. Website about Swiss towns statistics lost
  226. I need help finding a room in Nyon!!
  227. Room wanted in Yverdon les bain, please help
  228. Final house cleaning
  229. Dishwasher service required
  230. land/plot valuation
  231. Moving out help available, Basel
  232. Apartment in Lausanne in June 2012
  233. Will my L-Permit be a problem in my apartment search?
  234. New Build, selling land and access for services.
  235. Looking for Neu Zurich Apartments
  236. WANTED- 1 Bedroom Summer Sublet in Zurich
  237. where to find a flat share?? Nyon
  238. Final Apartment cleaning - Basel.
  239. Websites for home renting in Lugano
  240. Looking for a "reasonably priced" room/co-share/flat in and between Geneva-Lausanne
  241. Those building poles and length of time before they build?
  242. Unreturned deposit from short term rental - advice needed, please!
  243. Urgent advice needed: Should I offer my room to an unemployed stranger?
  244. Room Wanted (Geneva): 3 May 2012 - 5 June 2012
  245. foreign scientists living in basel
  246. Zurich property bargains
  247. Buying Property in Seller's Market (bargaining)
  248. How about a gardening thread?
  249. Leaving CH and renting out property
  250. Best Neighborhood in Winterthur?