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  1. 3-month sublet: cancelling early?
  2. Outdoor steps - material suggestions
  3. Private street or road - maintenance
  4. Katika kitchens
  5. Problems with the newly bought apartment... advice needed
  6. Youth hostel in my neighborhood, the noise is getting out of control - what can I do?
  7. Moving damage: piano
  8. Mieterverband vs Asloca
  9. How hard is to rent a flat in Basel?
  10. Terminate rental contract: paint the whole flat?
  11. Roof Sun Tunnell
  12. Accurate property closing costs fees notary registration inspection? (Zurich)
  13. Moving insurance
  14. Deposit return query (have left CH)
  15. Recommendation for cleaners for final clean
  16. Decorating/Tiling in Klosters
  17. Renting out a bought property
  18. Recommendation for movers from Manchester to Biel?
  19. Housing (renting) company went insolvent, what to do now?
  20. Basel Mattress Removal
  21. When do boilers heat water overnight ?
  22. buying a house on non EU permit B
  23. White spirit...
  24. Waste disposal
  25. Religious discrimination [in housing? ]
  26. How to fix hole and dent on the wall
  27. Handyman in Basel Land
  28. The landowner is extending the building
  29. Question about apartment application form
  30. Legal and language help with owned apartment problems in Swiss German part
  31. Sub-dividing a house
  32. C Permit required?
  33. moving-out cleaner - Lausanne
  34. Going country, any cool towns outside of ZH?
  35. Annemasse-Geneve new tram line
  36. Italian-speaking lawyer needed
  37. Room to rent
  38. Any comments on Stud'Home at Ecublens by Régie Foncière SA?
  39. Herbs for garden in the mountains
  40. Widower with two kids, difficult to rent [Lausanne]
  41. plant identification
  42. Pressure reducing valve for outside tap?
  43. cham, zg
  44. Moving to Vevey or Lausanne
  45. Garden Maintenance for rental apartment
  46. Movers needed in Lausanne
  47. Where can you find the Official size of an apartment?
  48. Former tenant won't leave after contract ends
  49. How to deal with moldy walls
  50. Raising the rent according to interest rate
  51. Carpenter
  52. Looking for an expert to check house before buying
  53. Move from Dubendorf to Zurich
  54. Hair line cracks in sink
  55. Moving and cleaning rip off?
  56. Buying a house, reserved for us
  57. Termination of contract
  58. Painting walls and new apartment
  59. Housemaid living with us- minimum salary doubts
  60. House purchase: normal deposit amount, who holds it?
  61. Cleaning Help.ch - Zurich canton's best and most affordable professionals
  62. Market trend for properties in zurich and surrounding
  63. Radon gas levels in Ticino
  64. Just bought a house
  65. A letter to the owner of the house I want to buy
  66. Orange slip Bill? Super low electricity cost?!
  67. How do I get the Tax Value (asset and rent) in the Ticino?
  68. Genossenschaft - how to find one?
  69. Are most glass stove tops induction?
  70. Bank doesn't fix mortgage rate before the deal
  71. House purchase: what is a "cartella ipotecaria"
  72. Landlord has deterred Nachmieter
  73. carpet replacement
  74. Cleaning Lady in Zurich
  75. A sublettees rights and risk of getting kicked out early question
  76. engaging an architect
  77. Any complaints: TOP1000 Immobilien AG in St. Mortiz?
  78. Moving truck rental/moving apartments in Baden (near Zurich)
  79. Thun, BE - Seeking Short-Term Accommodation
  80. German Reno supplier - tiles/bathrooms
  81. Registering address change with SwissPost
  82. Shipping companies: moving from Malta to Zug
  83. Mortgage rates Credit Suisse employees
  84. Renting scam worries
  85. ATV Auto Lawnmowers ?
  86. House purchase without immediate possession?
  87. Vaction rental in CH
  88. Moving out of ZRH City - Your experiences of the coasts
  89. Oberrieden -any experience living here?
  90. considering moving to new location
  91. Apartment viewing before handover?
  92. Gas and Electricity Prices per month
  93. Affordable smaller Swiss towns to move to?
  94. Legal counsel needed. Sub tennant rights
  95. BnB in switzerland
  96. Recommended builder thread / plumber / painter / tiler / electrician
  97. Heinous wording in lease application...
  98. Disposing of old furniture/carpets by weight, etc.
  99. Furniture shopping: is it worth buying from Germany?
  100. How to write an termination notice letter?
  101. Reasonable housing budget for small town?
  102. Subventions 2017 for renovations
  103. Opinions on Privera
  104. Mortgage questions for buying second house
  105. Insulation question for ski apartment
  106. Bathroom drain hole?
  107. How to move a garden stone BBQ / Grill?
  108. Surveyor's Report
  109. Where to live in Geneva (young family)
  110. Leaving an apartment
  111. Property taxes in Aargau
  112. Getting a No Due Certificate - Zurich Canton
  113. Letter Legally Considered Delivered?
  114. 5.5 apartment
  115. Working in Greifensee, where to live?
  116. Choice of Decking Material: plastic, bamboo, other?
  117. Co-applicant in rent for new appartment
  118. Ex-owner ask parts of Erneuerungsfond of 2016
  119. Deposit held back for Nebenkosten
  120. Can I use a 2-month AirBnb rental to register as a resident?
  121. Certificate of Non-Pursuit for non residents
  122. Check for termites, is this done in Switzerland?
  123. New Apartment/Living 2 but one name on contract
  124. Rental agreement ending Monday July 31?
  125. Brand of paint
  126. Buying 'off-plan'
  127. Front garden refurbishment questions / ideas
  128. Regulations on house rental (Permit B v.s. C)
  129. Did I find a Unicorn?
  130. Epalinges-any recommendation for cleaner?
  131. Any agency for furnished apartment in Lausanne Area
  132. Sign a purchase agreement but couldn't get mortgage?
  133. House / Flat deposit?
  134. Which property website is best to find a rental apartment?
  135. Help hosting on AirBnB?
  136. Best neighborhoods around Basel for renting
  137. Deadline to move to owned house for B-permit holder?
  138. Gardener recommendation Astroturf Zürich
  139. Repaying mortgage before expiry
  140. Buying/Renting a House in Basel
  141. Pipe freeze spray
  142. Additional costs for a family house
  143. Who pays in case of faulty electrical installation ?
  144. What happens when house owners become non-resident?
  145. How to proceed with wear and tear damage?
  146. Ölheizung upgrade? [heating with oil]
  147. Is house price negotiable?
  148. How to get apartment deposit back from Schaeppi Grundstucke
  149. Raising Rent from long term Locataires
  150. Best Agency to Find a Rental Flat
  151. Buying a holiday home in CH - advice please......
  152. Winter house protection: turning off the water
  153. Landscape Gardner Canton Zurich
  154. Technical Draftsman, trainee/junior architect wanted... Canton Zurich
  155. Leimbach
  156. Question about sublet
  157. Doing up kitchen in rental apartment
  158. Nuclear bunkers in CH
  159. Selling a House privately on Homegate
  160. Subleasing - Binding to the main lease contract
  161. When should we move to Zurich?
  162. House rent EU people
  163. Cheapest parts of Zurich?
  164. Working in Zurich but where to live?
  165. Zollikerberg trash bags
  166. Cost of house moving
  167. Loans [mortgages] in CH: Interest payments
  168. Washing Machine Connections
  169. Advice about renting (my property) with the help of Agent or go at it alone?
  170. Offered a job in Oftringen, AG. Where to live?
  171. Building managing dispute bringing trouble to the tenants
  172. Safe and sorry - look after your safe
  173. Plant nurseries in Luzern, Zug, Schwyz area.
  174. Small appliances on extension cord: fire risk in Switzerland?
  175. Looking for recommendations of a cleaning lady in Steinhausen/Zug
  176. Electrics - fuse + RCD = ok?
  177. New kitchen - price negotiation?
  178. Someone opened a business in the hobby room downstairs...
  179. Office garden cabin/shed ?
  180. Invoice for damages received from landlord 5 months after leaving!
  181. Furnishing an apartment in Basel
  182. Relocation Agent in Geneva or Vaud
  183. Moving to Suhr AG
  184. Where to get a light-well grill cut
  185. Advice for small house wall repair
  186. Plumbing in bathroom
  187. How can I get my guarantee money back in this case?
  188. 2nd pillar to amortise property
  189. Moving to a new apartment, but there is a problem
  190. Need lawyer to review house purchase contract (VD/GE)
  191. Double gazed windows - money back?
  192. Electric Integrated Ceramic Hob Repair Help
  193. Fallen leaf hedges vs privacy...
  194. Good moving company
  195. Apartment Application Letter
  196. Working in Lausanne, schooling in Etoy, where do we live?
  197. Nebenkosten including "chauffage et l'eau chaude"...
  198. nebenkosten and others costs
  199. How is rental affordability determined?
  200. Converting 2nd home to primary and back
  201. I think my rent is too high... Can I ask for a rebate?
  202. "Property finder" in Vaud area
  203. How to access toilet cistern that's built into the wall?
  204. Real estate websites
  205. How to measure space in a house or apartment?
  206. Buying (building) a house - reservation fee refund
  207. Stop a running European toilet [ * tip ]
  208. what's the disadvantage of buying a property without mortgage?
  209. Ironing service in ZH
  210. agency issues
  211. Buying a New Apartment in Vaud
  212. Kitchens & Bathrooms from Germany
  213. Recommendation notary neuchatel
  214. Lot categorized as burial ground
  215. Squeaky floorboards...
  216. Notice Period Question
  217. Rent deposit - not in safe acccount
  218. Coming back to Zürich. Where to move?
  219. Tenant not giving key until day after contract finnishes
  220. Opening bank account for rental deposit question
  221. Van Load from London 11-12.2.2017
  222. Moving to St. Gallen
  223. Paint samples?
  224. Asbestos in Bathroom Tiles - Told to leave flat
  225. Underfloor Heating
  226. Clearing snow off the roof?
  227. Tips for apartment renting
  228. finding right adapter
  229. Are Max Immo the new Mata Dienst?
  230. Customized Cupboards for Ankleide room under slanted roof
  231. Tips on Finding a cheap Apartment in Zürich
  232. buying house
  233. Expert to review noise insulation problem in purchased flat
  234. Bulk Trash Pickup
  235. Firewood
  236. Best Cleaning Service / Moving Compay in Zurich
  237. Different neighberhoods in Zurich for a family of 4?
  238. Moving-out/moving-in logistics and timing
  239. Living in the countryside...yes or no?
  240. Termination letter help
  241. Rental contract leaving date
  242. Painting responsibility before vacating apartment
  243. Oven Issues and Repair Responsibility
  244. What did you compromise on? (property search)
  245. Best Zurich neighborhood to live for couple with baby
  246. Seasonal Ski Accommodation
  247. Best way to do recurring short-term housing
  248. Elektrospeicherofen / electric storage heaters
  249. are water softeners common in CH
  250. When does a fridge become a freezer