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  1. Swiss idiosyncrasies
  2. Man with a van/just a van in GE
  3. Removing curtain tracks
  4. Parquet Wax
  5. An idea to ease the house hunting (feedback welcome)
  6. Lack of radiators / heating in apartment
  7. Housing in Zurich
  8. BWK - electricity
  9. Anywhere near Zürich that cuts plastic to size?
  10. Kids playing outdoors and the quiet culture
  11. Floor damage in rented flat - any ideas?
  12. Renting [without] a deposit? Maybe possible soon
  13. Stolen sweater from common washroom
  14. Anyone living with schoolkids in Leimbach?
  15. First caution rent guarantee - any reviews?
  16. I need a friendly van for moving-umzug
  17. Rümlang - commute to Zurich Enge
  18. Basel Alstadt bike storage
  19. Specialists for new house take over
  20. Radiators not working
  21. Bauland erschlossen
  22. How long does it take to get rental deposit back after moving out?
  23. Dust issue in new apartment
  24. Shoe rack outside the door: allowed?
  25. HELP - can't put my sophisticated shower rod back up
  26. form for replacement tenant
  27. who pays what
  28. Independent Bank Agents?
  29. Right to refuse "break-in"
  30. Bodenleger of trust...
  31. find Kaution account and balance
  32. Another house buying thread
  33. Pré-état des lieux - is it obligatory???
  34. Buying an apartment in Wädenswil
  35. US subletters have wrong permit for Swiss Caution - alternatives?
  36. Lighting Stores in Geneva
  37. Batmaid.ch – The Number 1 cleaning lady company in Switzerland
  38. renovating a house built in the 50s
  39. Scam moving company and invoicing
  40. Renting - Net Monthly when sales/incentive based
  41. Rented accommodation near Airport/Opfikon
  42. Buying a flat - off plan - valuation?
  43. Spots on Wall- landlord now saying paint whole room?
  44. Warranty/legal rights on new build chalet
  45. Basel apartments
  46. When in difficulty, how to find a lodging [Geneva]
  47. How to throw way the floor matt and Towel
  48. Specialist joiner/restoration work - lacquer work
  49. How to add a mezzanine?
  50. Window blind cord dropped
  51. Finding a Nachmieter - Homegate versus Immoscout24
  52. House Renovation - Kanton Schwyz
  53. House Hunting Etiquette
  54. Finding and getting a place in Zurich
  55. How to throw away those spray can from sunscreen, body spray and hair mousse?
  56. Where/how to throw away broken ceramic/porcelain dishes in Basel
  57. USA to Baden shipping
  58. Help needed getting roommate to move out
  59. My parents are leaving Switzerland and i want to stay on the rented house
  60. Swiss "Verein"/"Association" buys Property abroad?
  61. Tenants need to pay the repairs until 190 CHF
  62. best agents to rent out your appartment
  63. sublet: who is responsible for routine maintenance costs?
  64. Shouldn't ewz fix this?
  65. Problem Tradesmen - advice please?
  66. Extra cleaning fee for short-term stay
  67. District 12 with children
  68. Apartment rental in Zurich and surroundings
  69. Could I win a fight against a neighbor's Baugesuch?
  70. Looking for an apartment to rent in Zurich
  71. where to live near Baar with kids
  72. How to apply B permit?
  73. Meaning of (French word) dézonée on Swiss land
  74. Ovenelement broken
  75. Cleaning Company Bern
  76. Overseas moving company.
  77. Pully - Lausanne - Vevey??
  78. Can I be sued for leaving negative feedback on Google?
  79. Garden Tiller Rental near Affoltern am Albis / Zug ?
  80. Painter - touch up job
  81. Cheap moving van rental in Zurich
  82. Housing near EPFL for family
  83. Heater reader
  84. intimidation by rental agency
  85. Can my landlord do this? Kind of Rhetorical.
  86. Replacement road mirror
  87. Estate Agents Jargon
  88. Structural engineer recommendation
  89. Swiss flats are not furnished?
  90. So I asked a few painters to do my room...
  91. Furniture rental on top of normal rent?
  92. Lausanne - Looking for temporary place
  93. Useless real estate agent ...
  94. Subletting with B Permit
  95. Noisy Indian Neighbours
  96. Walk in Closet / Walk in Wardrobe - where to buy?
  97. rental agreement
  98. Purchased House - Mängelliste specialist
  99. Contract termination rules in CH
  100. Mover/cleaner for house move Zürich -> Olten
  101. Indecent housing - Terminate contract immediately
  102. Change of address cards / Printers
  103. Reason to reject nachmieter
  104. What is this socket type; for cookers?
  105. Where to rent an apartment?
  106. renting flat - expat services
  107. where do you find cleaners / domestic helpers?
  108. Geneva Relocation Specialist
  109. Working in Gland: where to rent?
  110. Emergency electricians Zug
  111. Where to buy Verkehrsweiss RAL 9016 Weiss paint for walls
  112. Moving small number of boxes to Vietnam
  113. Another wiring question...
  114. Moving to Aarau: Looking for recommendation on neighbourhoods, Kitas, and doctors
  115. Rental agencies in Lausanne
  116. Rental contract - sub letting
  117. Is it legal for landlord to start charging before keys handover?
  118. Moving company in short notice (zurich)
  119. Workman damage only discovered after he left
  120. House Deeds and rights carried forward
  121. Apartment buying laws
  122. Mould in bathroom... best way to deal with it and kill it dead?
  123. MV organisation
  124. can my landlord make me pay to paint my apartment
  125. recommended cleaning service for zurich
  126. Heels vs. laminate flooring... guess who won?
  127. Is it legal for landlord to charge rental after unsuccessful handover?
  128. Swiss resident buying second home in France
  129. Switch off water boiler?
  130. Mortgage & house buying for dummies!
  131. Weed in Grass - Hirsen
  132. Bills included in the price
  133. Custom Blackout Curtains from Germany
  134. Find apartment in kanton Zug (Cham)
  135. Rent to Purchase price ratio
  136. Help with moving elliptical trainer
  137. Residence finding services.. worth it?
  138. Is there a 'market' for parking spaces in Zug downtown?
  139. Rent Splitting in WG
  140. Where should i live in Switzerland?
  141. Question about moving from London to Zurich
  142. Where to publish room rent ads without charge?
  143. Tenant's rights (Lugano, Switzerland) involving repairs/injuries in rented property
  144. House with Electric heating
  145. Shower curtain rail question
  146. No caretaker for the apartment
  147. Paint question
  148. Upholstering a couch - know someone ?
  149. Bruttogeschossfläche
  150. Empty plastic paint containers
  151. Basel Land or Basel Stadt
  152. Apartment without job
  153. [Zug] Apartment repair work - who to hire?
  154. Gain and Property transfer tax
  155. Where to live in Zurich with elementary school children
  156. Move out questions
  157. Renting Across the Border In France - Minimum Let
  158. (ZUG) we want to recommend our EXCELLENT cleaning lady
  159. moving out
  160. Contents insurance vs breakages insurance?
  161. HELP - looking for an agent/agency to help find new tenants
  162. Apartment cleaning/fixing before moving
  163. Apartment Rental
  164. Drill holes and install celling lights
  165. Surprise bill from the landlord
  166. Coppet cleaner.
  167. Recommendations for a Lawyer in Meilen area
  168. Newly rented apartment - noise
  169. Leaving apartment before 3month period
  170. How to write a bewrbung for renting an apartment
  171. How to recognise housing scam!
  172. DIY gas boiler installation
  173. Additional costs in rental advertisements
  174. Apartment Cleaning
  175. Gardening Advice
  176. Painting door frame - regie's estimate
  177. Geothermal Contractor in Ticino
  178. Broken Window/Door
  179. Are obligations created when submitting an rental application/anmeldung
  180. Broken Sonnenstoren because of the wind
  181. Estimating the price of a property from its monthly rent
  182. Delay of entry to the rented apartment
  183. Housing Papers
  184. rental situation Bulach
  185. Buying an apartment that is currently rented out
  186. Buying advice on location near Zurich city
  187. Is a wall only a wall if it is concrete?
  188. Advice on Herrliberg
  189. Samples of recommendation/reference letters in German to add to flat application
  190. Sewerage systems and wastewater treatment
  191. Swimming pools (temporary) planning permission required
  192. Questions about buying a weekend home in CH
  193. Seeking Recommendations for plumbers in Geneva
  194. Cancel my rental agreement
  195. Moving to switzerland...help with where to live around Lucerne/Zug
  196. The best site to advertise your apartment
  197. Landlord reference - should I ask my current agency before giving their contact?
  198. Buy to rent
  199. How to start sharing an apartment
  200. Are requirements appropriate to the cost?
  201. How to get rid of old furniture?
  202. Neighbourhoods for English-speakers
  203. B20-Serviced Apartments in Bern, are they reliable?
  204. Capping the aerial in Zurich apartment
  205. Tax deduction of Notary Fees and "Mortgage Notes"
  206. subletting the parking lot
  207. Accommodation in Schaffhausen
  208. Wadenswil accommodation near ZHAW possible?
  209. Subletting my appartment
  210. Zwangsversteigerung Catalogue
  211. Wintergarten renovation
  212. Nachmieter-rental increase?
  213. Tips on starting a Bed and Breakfast
  214. How much time is needed to find accommodation in Zurich?
  215. is there any kind of university housing for researchers/junior faculty?
  216. Advice on washing machine needed
  217. Is it possible - at all - to live cheap and alone?
  218. Anyone at staying at appartementhaus-bern?
  219. Buying / Investing in property in UK as a second home
  220. Areas to live in Vaud and ones to avoid
  221. Survey for house structure and insects
  222. 2 or 3 buy a house: model for shared ownership
  223. New home buyer - gas boiler replacement costs
  224. water testing facilities
  225. Moving myself to Luzern
  226. Mortgage Questions How to Qualify?
  227. Buying house, signing contract and paying deposit
  228. Free furnitures to be picked up in Schmiede Wiedikon
  229. Is it a good time to buy an apartment now?
  230. Installing Lighting on Concrete Ceiling
  231. Problems with landlord
  232. The revenge of the ghost landlord
  233. Repairing Metal door frames - Mastic
  234. Just had a pretty terrible experience. Really need some advice.
  235. About to sign rental contract - is this a warning sign?
  236. Potential Apartment Scam
  237. Relocation options for small stuff
  238. Recommendation for good English-speaking Electrician in Wallis?
  239. Strange rental agreement clause
  240. Do I need a permit to build a charcoal BBQ in my garden?
  241. Ausnutzungsziffer versus Ueberbauungsziffer
  242. Renovation recommendations in Zurich
  243. Parametric Analysis of Rent v. Buy
  244. Accommodation in Bern
  245. 3-month sublet: cancelling early?
  246. Outdoor steps - material suggestions
  247. Private street or road - maintenance
  248. Katika kitchens
  249. Problems with the newly bought apartment... advice needed
  250. Youth hostel in my neighborhood, the noise is getting out of control - what can I do?