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  1. Neighbours allowed dog but we cant have cat!
  2. Dog Castration
  3. Need Dog sitter for 20 days in Basel
  4. Helping Animals - Actuanimaux.com
  5. Looking for a horse share/exercising (Reitbeteiligung)
  6. Martin Rüter: 'Der Tut Nix!'
  7. What do you think should be in a pet first aid kit, and where to buy?
  8. Where to buy clippers for my dog?
  9. First Aid Antibiotic Ointment -for humans- applied on a dog
  10. Dog sitter for a week in April
  11. How to convince my landlord to allow a cat
  12. Puppy Sitter wanted in Vaud
  13. Pet shelter?
  14. Which Dog Made This Mess?
  15. Tricky import question
  16. Home wanted for rescue dog
  17. Dog attacks child, owner walks away
  18. Any Online shop for Freshwater Fish
  19. The Yellow Dog Project
  20. Can the cat sense that we are moving?
  21. Dodgy ad for Bengal kittens on another site
  22. Cattery in/or very near Zurich
  23. Sachkundenachweis (SKN) Theory Course in Basel [Mandatory Dog Handling Course]
  24. Moving Dog to Singapore
  25. A little help regarding a licance to own a dog? Am very confused.
  26. Purina's Beneful dog food is killing dogs???
  27. Raising a lab on hardwood floors in a high rise
  28. Free dog sitting service
  29. Guinea pigs
  30. Pet sitter needed in Basel Feb.25 to Feb. 29
  31. Hundewelt Zuerichsee
  32. Pet Passport
  33. Traveling [with dogs] to Germany, France, and Italy
  34. Need dogwalker/dogsitter (in Basel)...
  35. Crate pads for dog crate
  36. Dog sitter needed in Basel for week of Feb-11.
  37. Dog/cat from UK - paperwork/flying advice?
  38. Cat on 8hr flight?
  39. SKN courses [ZH]
  40. Travelling to Austria
  41. Dog sitter, sort and long term boarding in St Louis
  42. Veterinary Neurologist- Lausanne/Geneva area
  43. Last Minute Surprise.. Very Upset :(
  44. Algae problem in fish tank
  45. Farm Thread
  46. Catnip warning
  47. Puppies everywhere
  48. dog walker Basel
  49. Dog course
  50. Traveling with pets across border
  51. Wanted: Rescue Cat or Kitten
  52. The Dog Whisperer, der Hundeflüsterer
  53. Vetrenarian certificate to EU who signs it ?
  54. Castration cost...
  55. Wood pellets for litter? and Breeze system!
  56. Cats and the outside world.
  57. Looking for dog walker - Basel
  58. Horse driving!, anyone with experience?
  59. Help needed! For temporary placement of Belgian Sheepdog
  60. Dog care Basel
  61. Holiday home on lake Luzern - Pet sitting exchange?
  62. DIY vet
  63. Ideas for keeping cats out of yard - my dog(s) is barking!
  64. veterinarian Wadenswil/Lachen/Wollerau/Paffikon area?
  65. Importing birds
  66. What to do when your pet dies?
  67. BARF diet?
  68. Where to get Natures Miracle?
  69. Stupid woman ruined my day and dog walk!
  70. Heartbroken about my cat, I don't know what to do :(
  71. Want to adopt a kitten
  72. Ebby bit her tail!
  73. Need dog sitter for next Sunday-Thursday
  74. Recycling questions [pet waste]
  75. Dogs on planes
  76. dog supplements
  77. Full cost of flying a dog to Switzerland?
  78. Housecat needs a home for ~4 months
  79. Cattery
  80. New laws in Bern Kanton for 2013.
  81. Can anyone help me with the price of dog care?
  82. Keep your pets safe this New Year's Eve...
  83. Pet store in France or Germany near Basel?
  84. New Pet from Shelter or from a Family?
  85. Want to adopt a kitten
  86. Parrots and the noise they make
  87. Christmas list for your cats
  88. Housecall vet experience
  89. Getting a dog
  90. The dog's new haircut...
  91. Importing a dog
  92. URGENT Catsitter over the Christmas period
  93. bringing dog to CH from US & giving him away
  94. It is cold for dogs to wait in front of supermarkets!
  95. Dog Kennel/Boarding Vevey/Lausanne
  96. Are there any Raw food sellers in Switzerland?
  97. My cat is becoming asocial
  98. Dog sitter needed close to Geneva
  99. Pet sitting during Xmas and New Year
  100. Looking for a Puppy
  101. Dog Walker in Zurich
  102. The Spass-Mit-Hunde Advent Calendar
  103. All in one go
  104. Animal shelter volunteer
  105. Germany moves to ban bestiality
  106. Adopting a dog - first few days
  107. Bringing a dog from the US?
  108. Oasis des Vétérans (senior dog refuge)
  109. Will this bring us problems ( cat attacked dog )
  110. Experience taking a pet on the Eurotunnel?
  111. Renting with pets
  112. Bringing a horse from the US to Switzerland
  113. Sad day - cat with cancer
  114. Flying with a dog in January?
  115. House / Pet Sitter Wanted in Basel
  116. Importing dogs?!
  117. In case you haven't seen...
  118. Permit for a dog
  119. Help need information on bringing my dog.
  120. On going pet sitter needed
  121. Help with Rag Doll cat
  122. Looking a tandem partner for a dog
  123. Dog sitter/person willing to live-in at home in Stäfa ZH - Christmas holidays
  124. Kennel Recommendations nr Wädenswil
  125. Bringing a pet here to give to someone, is it legal?
  126. Pet feeders required
  127. Husky breeders near Zurich?
  128. How easy it is with cat in Switzerland?
  129. Advice needed - possible Separation Anxiety for Cat
  130. what is the fine for a dog barking?
  131. Cattery in Geneva
  132. Looking for a Rabbit hutch
  133. hills young adult sterilised cat food
  134. need advice about food!
  135. Who wants to borrow my Kittens in December? ;)
  136. Kittens
  137. Cat sitter needed 28.12-03.01
  138. Puppy import from UK
  139. Therapy Dog for Autistic Child
  140. Introducing new dog to kitten not going well
  141. Looking for an Animal shelter to volunteer at..- Lausanne
  142. Advice on importing my cats into Switzerland
  143. Requirements For Dog Care Providers
  144. Kt ZH and DNA Testing
  145. Advice on my cat with vet
  146. Please HELP - Kittens to adopt
  147. Raw feeders in CH (for dogs)
  148. Horse riders in Basel/surrounding areas?
  149. Dog Sitting in Lausanne
  150. Landi is selling memory foam mattress for pets
  151. Dog sitter needed for new years (zurich) 31 dec to 4 jan
  152. Barking problem....help!
  153. Help!My dog got lost this morning! (the pooch has been found now)
  154. Knitting for Shelter Pets in Lausanne?
  155. VAUD tightens Dog Laws
  156. "Hotel" for 2 rabbits
  157. Please Give Migros a Loving Home!
  158. Great dogwalkers in Geneva
  159. Looking for a cat
  160. Horse competition license?
  161. Dog Food without potato ....
  162. Traumatic Injury to our Dog and Change in Demeanor
  163. Dog walker in Riehen?
  164. Problem fish!
  165. Puppy Teacher says to "scatter food"! in apt
  166. Giving pets raw food
  167. Dog sitter needed in Basel - Urgent!
  168. Canary seed in Lausanne ?
  169. Cat repellent
  170. Cat sitter in Cham / Zug area
  171. A Pug That Cannot Run
  172. Mini labrador/mini retriever
  173. looking for people to form group training for SKN
  174. Pet Groomer in Geneva?
  175. Open day at Ardon Animal Shelter September 30
  176. Cat mother poos in the bathtub...
  177. Advice needed about my cat
  178. Your SKN Theory Course Experience?
  179. Cat Sitting, Cattery needed over Christmas (Basel)
  180. Travelling with cats to US
  181. Open house at the Geneva Animal shelter (SPA)
  182. Pet supplies (cat): food, litter, scratching post...
  183. Anyone interested in Ebby sitting?
  184. Animal behavior predicting harsh winter?
  185. Sad dog stands over owner's grave for 6 years
  186. Somebody was licking the paint can. The dog says the cat did it
  187. Going away for the weekend or a few days? Free dog sitting!
  188. Cat Sitter wanted about 10 minute drive from Biel
  189. Teens and Dogs
  190. Mandatory theory course in English ( Horgen) for the SKN
  191. Hip dysplasia - young dog
  192. Parson Russell hunting instincts?
  193. Open Day SPA Fribourg
  194. Pet hotels or Vets that receive pets
  195. Better solution of cat toilet tray?
  196. Pet minder in Adliswil area
  197. Moving to Zurich from US with a Labrador Retriever‏
  198. Pet store near Cham
  199. Traveling to UK with puppy
  200. Groomer in Lausanne
  201. Dog refusing to eat her own food
  202. Rescue Kitten Vet Bill
  203. Flying on SWISS with pets
  204. Cat Sitter near Kloten?
  205. Dyson Pet Groomer Tool - Recommendation
  206. What is the best way to train a dog?
  207. Another anxious dog!
  208. Dog Daycare? / Contraceptive Implant for Dogs In Switzerland?
  209. Info about russian tortoises
  210. Lumpy Dog
  211. help - male dogs (peeing, marking)
  212. Replacement Kennel Door (Giant - 700 series)
  213. Good reptile shops around Zug
  214. Moving to Zurich area, with pets
  215. Information on Dog
  216. Doggie daycare in Bern
  217. Cross Your Paws for Marco!
  218. Amazing love for a dog
  219. Swiss Wildlife Protection Services
  220. help...new kitten in the house!
  221. Porcupine vs English Bulldog
  222. Pet owners in Solothurn take note!
  223. Animal cruelty - who to call?
  224. cat losing nose hair
  225. Poodle Power....
  226. My poor stressed Bella...
  227. Bullie Racists_Is he really that scary?
  228. Dog Walker Needed near Embrach Aug 13th-17th
  229. Cat is unstable on feet and feels 'floppy jointed'
  230. R.I.P Cazimir - welcome Ebby!
  231. Dogs not allowed to pee!
  232. Cat sitter needed for Wed 8th August ( Zürich )
  233. Cats, Cots and Control!!
  234. question about cats
  235. Mimi is NOT a cat sitter!
  236. Looking for a good vet in Geneva
  237. Has anyone seen my goat
  238. Suggestions on keeping dog from pooping in neighbors' yard
  239. Dog sitter required Aug. 6th -12th
  240. Cat worms to humans?
  241. Dog had heart attack
  242. Jack Russell breeders VD or nearby
  243. Fee to adopt dogs?
  244. Training young dog to walk with pram
  245. I have a cat. Can I get a dog too or is it a lost cause?
  246. Kennel prices
  247. Off leash parks
  248. dog sitter needed
  249. Puppy Smuggling - Latest Case
  250. Dog walker Basel