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  1. Sleepy Zurich, boozy Valais: Swiss holiday habits revealed
  2. Swiss cops face charges over injured cat
  3. Police put out warrant for Zurich stabbing suspect
  4. Berlin criticizes reported Swiss tax CD purchase
  5. Ben Ali ready to hand Swiss-held 'assets' to Tunisia: lawyer
  6. Allow porn in schools: Swiss men's group
  7. Brothers stabbed outside Zurich club
  8. Strong Swiss franc deters foreign students
  9. Peerless Federer back on top of the world
  10. Blatter defends stance on bribes case
  11. German region buys data on tax dodgers: report
  12. Swiss ban on UFO posters was legal: court
  13. Escaped snake terrifies tenants
  14. Police baffled by Swiss crop circles
  15. Woman told to accept abuse or leave country
  16. Loved ones mourn at French avalanche site
  17. I can't punish Havelange over bribes, says Blatter
  18. Workers find gold bars in Swiss bushes
  19. Two Swiss dead in French avalanche
  20. Zurich Zoo celebrates new births
  21. Frauenfeld festival worker killed in storm
  22. Lightning strike kills 15 cows
  23. Ex-FIFA chief Havelange took bribes: Swiss court
  24. Kill stray cats: Swiss environment official
  25. Swiss officials sidestep procurement rules: report
  26. Penguins get stressed by humans: Swiss study
  27. German raids on homes of Credit Suisse clients
  28. Missing Costa Rican snowboarder found dead
  29. Health insurance costs to rise next year
  30. Murder suspect's plans made clear on Facebook
  31. Body could be missing boater
  32. Jorge, 30, missing near Matterhorn
  33. Swiss nuke watchdog gives plants the all-clear
  34. Recruit collapses after military training
  35. Warhol thief gets 18 months
  36. Far-right party seeks to limit development aid
  37. Test Arafat for poisoning: Abbas to Swiss experts
  38. Roger Federer: 'I never stopped believing'
  39. Snake expert in agony after Swiss viper bite
  40. Swiss mansion of Phil Collins’ ex-wife for sale
  41. Rowdy unborn girl causes Basel car crash
  42. Foreigner death toll mounts in Swiss Alps
  43. Switzerland ramps up sanction on Iran
  44. Swiss outlaw underage prostitution
  45. Swiss grenades found in Syria: report
  46. Trial over Swiss franc loans opens in Croatia
  47. Chat-room rapist gets ten years
  48. Scot jailed for theft of Basel diamond
  49. 'Hidden' ice blamed for fall that killed five
  50. Rodents make vole hills out of Swiss mountains
  51. Scientists reveal 'God particle' find
  52. Foreign clients fume at Swiss banks
  53. Five foreign climbers die in Alpine accident
  54. Glacier gives up bodies of lost 1920s climbers
  55. Switzerland leads world in innovation: UN agency
  56. Zurich downpours cause transport chaos
  57. Swiss and Germans seal Zurich airport noise deal
  58. Minaret ban mastermind rejects Nazi tag
  59. High winds ground Swiss solar plane's flight
  60. Gotthard rail link reopens after landslide
  61. Sunbathing woman shot in the leg
  62. Swiss men buying more 'Viagra' online
  63. Asylum seekers should be shot: SVP politician
  64. Liechtenstein votes to keep royal veto
  65. Swiss reject refugee linked to Islamist group
  66. UBS manager charged over tax evasion: source
  67. Julius Bär hands 2,500 names to US: report
  68. Swiss could borrow Swedish fighter jets
  69. Ski star kills boy in tragic tractor mishap
  70. Clooney to visit Geneva for Obama fundraiser
  71. World Radio Switzerland for sale
  72. Heat-seeking drone saves fawns' lives
  73. No US visas required for Swiss travellers
  74. EU calls on Swiss to lift immigration quotas
  75. US blasts Bern over underage prostitution
  76. Ikea chief donates millions to Swiss town
  77. Politician resigns over Kristallnacht tweet
  78. Lust and love: how our brains tell the difference
  79. Anti-Muslim Swiss tweet urges new Kristallnacht
  80. Swiss-Americans ditch US passports
  81. Swiss central bank in swap deal with Poland
  82. Switzerland most expensive country in Europe
  83. Jittery Germans splurge on pricey Swiss homes
  84. Swiss protest against tightening of asylum law
  85. Swiss girls reaching puberty earlier and earlier
  86. Glencore fumes over Bolivian mine grab
  87. Moody's downgrades Credit Suisse and UBS
  88. Swiss weatherman’s German stalker sectioned
  89. Jihadis using Switzerland as a base: police
  90. Roche probed over faulty drug-safety reporting
  91. Swiss solar plane pilot in successful desert flight
  92. Swiss keep Fitch triple-A rating
  93. US presses for tax deal with Switzerland
  94. Only a lunatic would join the EU: Swiss minister
  95. Swiss state placing younger kids in homes
  96. US slams Switzerland on human trafficking
  97. Drugs at work: 'I've never seen a clean trader'
  98. Tunisian politician sees assets frozen
  99. One third of Swiss workers in part-time jobs
  100. Shell-shocked scientists dig up ancient turtle orgy
  101. Swiss chemical process makes eco-friendly jeans
  102. Germany paying for Switzerland's doctors
  103. UNESCO digs Montreux jazz archive
  104. More foreign citizens moving to Switzerland
  105. Julius Bär in talks on Merrill Lynch assets
  106. Lucerne approves Hindu death rites in river
  107. Swiss army 'loses track' of 10,000 firearms
  108. Dynamite blast clears way for Gotthard line reopening
  109. Thousands march at Zurich gay pride festival
  110. Swiss canton passes first law on assisted suicide
  111. Referendum results: Nay, nay and thrice nay
  112. Swiss French: 'Same dish but different spices'
  113. Standing ovation for Suu Kyi at Swiss parliament
  114. Baywatch babe graces Art Basel
  115. Euthanasia rivals slam mercy 'propaganda'
  116. Swiss hold referendum referendum
  117. Pro-Swiss Einstein letter sells for $180,000
  118. Swiss workers strip to combat exploitation
  119. Tough asylum laws 'contrary to tradition'
  120. Headwinds force Swiss pilot to abort solar flight
  121. Suu Kyi makes historic visit to Switzerland
  122. Switzerland tightens asylum laws
  123. Cocaine surge on Geneva streets
  124. More nursing homes allow assisted suicide
  125. Swiss mull tough benefit cuts for asylum seekers
  126. Swiss solar-powered plane to fly to desert
  127. Zurich hosts global dignity in death debate
  128. Zurich colleges offer free botox to volunteers
  129. Neuropolis: new super-centre for brain research
  130. Swiss cities most expensive for expats
  131. Swiss quiz suspect in French scandal
  132. It's my birthday and I'll die if I want to
  133. Swiss railway seeks Chinese boulder swap
  134. Rwandan genocide suspect on Swiss welfare
  135. Djokovic crushes Federer to reach Paris final
  136. Google wins Swiss Street View privacy appeal
  137. Swiss ramp up Syria sanctions
  138. Einstein was right: CERN scientists
  139. Swissmedic issues allergy drug alert
  140. Tobacco giant infiltrated Lausanne uni: report
  141. Killer amphetamines surface in Switzerland
  142. Swiss bus crash report due this month
  143. Swiss banks dispute Madoff liquidator claims
  144. Swiss return Nazi-looted goblet
  145. Swiss unemployment fell to 3 percent in May
  146. New citizens offered lessons in being Swiss
  147. Canadian ice hockey star electrocuted
  148. Landslide risk delays Gotthard rescue
  149. Federer ready for fresh joust with Djokovic
  150. Europe's billionaires 'at home in Switzerland'
  151. Stadler builds world's 'most powerful' train
  152. Adventure runs in the family for solar plane pilot Piccard
  153. Swiss man charged with Somali insurgency links
  154. Football coach given record drink-driving fine
  155. Miracle milk molecule keeps obesity at bay
  156. Man still missing after Gotthard rock fall
  157. Swiss pilot makes history in solar plane
  158. Worker missing after Swiss rail line landslide
  159. 'Sex box' initiative fails after paedophile scandal
  160. Swiss benefitting from euro crisis: economists
  161. Anti-racism chief slams SVP asylum seeker plan
  162. Take-off for sun-fuelled intercontinental flight
  163. Swiss-bashing hits new highs in EU: ambassador
  164. 'Lock up criminal asylum seekers': SVP
  165. Illegal Bern street party attracts 10,000 revellers
  166. Switzerland freezes millions more in Syrian assets
  167. France to ban Swiss pesticide as bee threat
  168. Thousands of jobs in peril at Swiss banks
  169. Swiss canton to vote on assisted suicide
  170. Zurich detectives clamp down on welfare cheats
  171. Switzerland world's third most competitive country
  172. The battle at Needle Park: a success story
  173. Green light for tax deals with UK and Germany
  174. St-Moritz to host 2017 world ski championships
  175. Swiss mull minimum wage law for foreigners
  176. Migros to label goods from Israeli settlements
  177. 'I'm a whore and proud of it'
  178. Swiss pastor follows in hermit's footsteps
  179. Switzerland bans import of dolphins
  180. Swiss declare Syrian envoy 'persona non grata'
  181. Two Swiss dead in German plane crash
  182. Muslim women can be religious leaders: study
  183. Connyland eyes dolphin semen import
  184. Switzerland sees spike in cross-border crime
  185. Tunisian president asks Swiss to give back funds
  186. Two Italian climbers die in Swiss Alps plunge
  187. Priest who runs racist website faces probe
  188. “Everybody show tram 11 the finger!”
  189. Psychiatrist jailed for Romanian baby kidnap
  190. Swiss solar plane takes off for Morocco
  191. BMW 'stopped Swiss buying cars abroad'
  192. Wife wakes after husband shoots her in head
  193. 'Blessing' not to be in EU: Swiss poll
  194. Drinkers forget what they've drunk - study
  195. Solar impulse to head to Africa
  196. Gunter Sachs' art fetches $56 million
  197. Huge Zurich factory to be moved 60 metres
  198. Switzerland 'one of Europe's suicide capitals'
  199. Expat women 'often depressed'
  200. Swiss firm offers paintballing with real guns
  201. Court: Anti-Islam group must be protected
  202. Talent abounds in Switzerland, says OECD
  203. Fixed dope smoking fines make slow progress
  204. Swiss study tips 'autism gene'
  205. Grounds for asylum under attack
  206. Italy expo presence to polish Swiss image
  207. Asian luxury market boosts Richemont profits
  208. Swiss bank Wegelin fights US summons
  209. Rhine swimmer cuts short 'impossible' quest
  210. Historic diamond sells for $9.7 million in Geneva
  211. Vintage wine sells for $49,000 in Geneva
  212. King of kitsch Jeff Koons brings 'empty' art to Basel
  213. More money laundering after Arab Spring
  214. Speed hating: Zurich set to unleash the fury
  215. Anti-German rant 'worse than euro crisis'
  216. Bolt to race in Zurich Diamond League
  217. Swiss stocks fall amid Greece uncertainty
  218. Disco doyenne launches Swiss adultery site
  219. Lucerne double shooter killed himself: police
  220. Swiss lawyer wanted in US family fraud case
  221. Swiss army to buy new bicycles -- with gears
  222. Introducing... Michelle Hunziker
  223. Historic 'Beau Sancy' gem for sale in Geneva
  224. Ex-White House hopeful in Swiss passport U-turn
  225. Sadist 'sorry' for offering cannibals mum and girl
  226. Angry Alpine tour guide chopped down crosses
  227. Switzerland's six-legged calf goes global
  228. Swiss woman's captors: Free bin Laden's wives
  229. Gory YouTube clips prompt call for action
  230. Mafia members moving to Switzerland
  231. Racism rife in Switzerland: human rights chief
  232. Roche raises hostile bid for US Illumina
  233. How Swiss foodies felt their way to blind dining
  234. Swiss solar plane will try fly to Morocco
  235. Catastrophes cost $370 billion in 2011: Swiss Re
  236. Sex abuse dentist jailed for 15 months
  237. Most young sex criminals don't re-offend: study
  238. 300 Swiss died by assisted suicide in 2009
  239. 81-year-old Swiss arrested for child sex
  240. Dentist on trial for patient sex abuse
  241. Muslim girls must swim with boys: Swiss court
  242. Swiss customs seize Roman sarcophagus
  243. Roche extends hostile $5.7 billion Illumina bid
  244. 'Give prostitutes the right to sue fee dodgers'
  245. Swiss abroad angry with 'unfair' Swiss banks
  246. Teen girl dies in police chase car crash
  247. Swatch plans car fueled by hydrogen and oxygen
  248. Pig head thrower was politician's nephew
  249. Intercom banter lands train conductor in trouble
  250. Jealous Swiss pensioner shoots estranged wife