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russiangeneva 13.02.2011 13:16

Business in US and carte de legimation
Good afternoon,

I have question related to operating a business while being in Switzerland on a carte de legitimation.
I was looking through forum and the yahoo group - and I'm thoroughly lost. Also, the volume and amounts are really not worth the price of a professional at this point. However, I'd prefer to keep things in legal status.

How would i deal with the following types of income, while in Switzerland. I'm non-US, non-EU person:

1st - Adsense income (from google) - servers are currently in US
I'm thinking about registering a corporation in either Delaware / Wyoming / Nevada - opening a business bank account in US and having adsense income deposited there. It'll be taxed in US federally at 15% (<$50k). I think I shouldn't owe anything in Switzerland, since there's a tax treaty and there's no business activity in Switzerland.

2nd - web development / SEO activities - non-Swiss clients -same as above.
Swiss clients (companies) - I'm not sure if it's possible to invoice Swiss companies as a USA corporation without Swiss presence - my biggest question. At the same time, I could probably convert my wife's carte de legimation to permit Ci and create gmbh- although I'm not sure if it's worth it - since according to my research it's 20k CHF minimum for a basic corporation structure in switzerland. What are my legal options? (such as using a local registered company for payments).

Can someone please help me to think this through?

Thank you in advance

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