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StephenOliver 27.02.2013 16:32

Office space in kanton Schwyz/Luzern
Not sure if this is a "wanted" or "offered".

I have been running my branch office from home here in Immensee (SZ) for about a year. We move to kanton Luzern in June and the apartment there is smaller so I need office space. I have found a single room office in Weggis which is great, however as that is kanton LU I either need to set up a new zweigniederlassung or bite the bullet and set up a new GmbH. Not a bad idea but more paperwork.

As an alternative I have been looking for office space in kanton SZ. I have found office space in Hohle Gasse (the tech park building), but it's 200 m2 which is about 10 times the space I need! It has two individual offices and some shared space.

Is there anyone out there looking for about 180 m2 to rent in kanton SZ (between Immensee and Kussnacht)? If so do they want to share?

Alternatively does anyone have space to share/rent out for one-two desks in kanton Schwyz? Preferably Kussnacht but other locations considered.


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