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desireemrusso 06.11.2017 15:04

Market Data
Hey Guys,

Does anyone have a contact in the hospitality industry who would know something about doing some market research on wine shops/bars?

Thanks a lot!

Kaloid123 06.11.2017 22:12

Re: Market Data
hi Des, if you read/speak a bit of German or French, suggest you make first look at trade groups links
- www.gastrosuisse.ch for industry stats, etc.
- www.gastroconsult.ch for advisory (more financial and admin, but have in-house marketing and research guys for larger projects) If you call you'll likely find someone who speaks English.
If you have small project or focus in specific town/Kanton, probably better to go with local knowledgeable person - if wine or bar related, likely at distributor or wholesaler level. PM if you have specific needs, maybe I can give suggestion or two.
Good luck!

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