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Moonbeam 21.01.2019 20:00

Self Employed Nail Technician
Hi 128075; I’ve recently qualified as a nail technician. I’m returning to work in a new carrear after being a stay at home mum. I’ve been practicing my skills as a hobby and exploring the next step.

I’m highly motivated , applying starting to send out CVs etc but no joy or just no answer .... I’m thinking my lack of salon experience and age (over 40) maybe against me ... working on the German currently B1 Level.

So the next avenue is looking at being a self employed mobile Nail technician visiting clients in their home or my own home etc . I‘ve research the self employed bit ( tax etc , i have my C permit) . I’m stuck on the nail tech part and the legal requirements . In some countries you have to be licensed and or have compulsory nail technician insurance and maybe inspected by environmental health. I can’t find anything ? Can anyone give me some advice based on their experience or point me in the right direction ? Thanks 128591;127998;

zdenka 08.07.2019 15:10

Re: Self Employed Nail Technician
Hi, I was wondering whether you have found answers to these questions... I will be moving to Switzerland (Zurich) in September time and would like to carry on in my profession.

KatrinaR 25.04.2020 20:39

Re: Self Employed Nail Technician
I’m “Lash tehnician” (with B permit living in Vaud) and I want to register as Self-employed.
Maybe here is someone who is doing something similar ( nails, hairs etc.) and can help with all this process!?

So how I understand I need to register in “Compensation office” and then wait for approval?! Is this is the only office where I need to submit documents?

What kind a invoices I need to write out for my services? Can I use “Receipt books’? if yes where I can buy them here in Switzerland? When I wrote in google I didn’t find any information, maybe because they call them different.

Do I need a separate bank account even for small incomes?

What kind a taxes I gonna need to pay? AVS/AI/APG what else? Impot a la Source? And how all this paying system and income declaration works? Do I need accountant who will do all this every month, trimester...or everything is easy and I can do it by myself ?


zdenka 16.09.2020 10:31

Re: Self Employed Nail Technician
hey :)

I have just opened my business. I chose to hire an accountant as there was too many questions I couldn't find answers for.

the receipt book they call Quittung and can be faund in Migros in PAPETERIA section. :)

my ACC. told me I can just use my account as it is a small business. keep a track of all your receipts and invoices in an excel spreadsheet.

I am paying for insurance with AXA, maybe you can contact them directly and tell them you need to insure your self as a small business. also I have just paid some money into my pension which is calculated from how much you earn..

I know all this is not very helpful but its all I know. I am not very good at this, thats why I hired someone...I paid her 420 for the whole year which is not too bad and she deals with all this for me. worth considering :) once you know how everything works you can ditch the accountant lol.

or maybe just book some consultation, get it explained by a professional, and just do it by yourself. I think its easy enough to do :)

Good luck

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