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Claire_CH 20.12.2019 11:00

Self-publishing books - Einzelfirma required?
This is more of a sanity check because I've read a lot of great information on here and am pretty sure I need to create an Einzelfirma/ sole proprietorship, but before I go down that path (and potentially make mistakes), I'd be grateful if you guys could clarify and give me any pointers

I'm in the beginning stages of self publishing and plan to sell multiple books in the UK via Amazon. As I wouldn't be working for multiple clients, this pretty much rules out Selbständig, is that right?

And as the profits are going to be low and I will have no employees (I'd use printers and illustrators but no employees per se), an AG or GmBH would be overkill?

Handelsregister only necessary when over 100K profit per year, and if that miraculous day happens, then I mosey on over and register?

Thanks a lot guys and any other useful info / heads up of traps not to fall into would be MUCH appreciated

eng_ch 20.12.2019 11:13

Re: Self-publishing books - Einzelfirma required?
By definition, if different people buy your book(s) then you have multiple clients; also none of them can tell you what actions to take etc so you would be the very definition of selbständig, which is also by definition an Einzelfirma

Do you have any risk or liability involved? If not, then AG/GmbH v much overkill.

Handelsregister - well it depends on the sales volumes and whether your permit is dependent on your book sales activities. SVA is more important; if you make more than Fr 2300 per annum, you will likely be liable for social security on your earnings. And the income must be declared in your tax return

Suggest you have a look at sites like gruenden.ch or ask a professional for the exact requirements - well worth a couple of hundred chuffs of advice not to make a mistake

Claire_CH 21.12.2019 21:54

Re: Self-publishing books - Einzelfirma required?
Thanks a lot for your help eng_ch

I eventually called the SVA to get some clarification, so am posting for anyone else who plans to do something similar in the future.

Would definitely recommend calling the SVA - the lady I spoke to was friendly and patient with my jumbled German. Here's what she confirmed:

1. Selbständig and Einzelfirma are exactly the same thing (as eng_CH said)
2. Any income below 2,300 CHF per year, you need to report on the tax return only. No need to create an Einzelfirma
3. Any income above 2,300 CHF per year, then you need an Einzelfirma and you must sent the required documents

Some further info in english here

Hope this helps someone else

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