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Konuku 22.03.2020 17:18

Financial Help for the Self-Employed due to Covid-19
I have heard that the Swiss government has decided to help those who are self-employed based on this article:


I have also heard that there is a form to fill out, but I have no idea where to look (I live in Ticino). Does anyone have additional information and how this works? Also, is the help a loan or just payouts a bit like unemployment?


Mullhollander 22.03.2020 17:30

Re: Financial Help for the Self-Employed due to Covid-19
Translation of a relevant FAQ linked below:

"I am self-employed - where and how can I get support?

According to the Federal Council's decision of 20 March 2020, self-employed persons who suffer loss of income due to official measures to combat coronavirus will be compensated, unless compensation or insurance benefits already exist. Compensation is provided for the following cases:

School closures
Medically prescribed quarantine
Closure of an independently managed publicly accessible business

The regulation also applies to freelance artists who suffer a loss of income because their engagements are cancelled because of the measures against the corona virus or because they have to cancel an event of their own.

Compensation is regulated in accordance with the Income Compensation Act and paid as a daily allowance. This corresponds to 80 percent of income and amounts to a maximum of 196 Swiss francs per day. The number of daily allowances for self-employed persons in quarantine or with care duties is limited to 10 and 30 respectively. The AHV compensation funds are responsible for checking entitlement and paying out the benefit.

The procedures for receiving this support are currently being worked out."


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