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laidback 07.08.2020 21:11

starting business

I would like to cooperate with a swiss company, but they don't hire employees - they only cooperate with other companies. I would cooperate only with them, therefore I would only have one client whom I'd sell my IT services.I would also work remotely.

I'm EU25 national, not living or working in Switzerland, therefore without work/residency permit.

1. Can I establish any business entity in CH as I don't have work/residency permit?If yes, which one would be the best?
2. Can I obtain work/residency permit by opening a company in Switzerland?
3. Could I open a company in my home country and cooperate with a swiss company this way?


NotAllThere 07.08.2020 21:34

Re: starting business
Open a limited liability company in your home country. Invoice your Swiss client when you do work for them.


You can do one and two probably. But you don't need to

laidback 08.08.2020 12:15

Re: starting business
what about working for umbrella company?Can I get residency permit if I'd work for them?

Medea Fleecestealer 08.08.2020 16:05

Re: starting business

Originally Posted by laidback (Post 3204920)
what about working for umbrella company?Can I get residency permit if I'd work for them?

No, not unless you actually live in Switzerland.

I'm not sure why you're so focused on the permit side. If you're not planning to live/work here then they don't come into your business equation. As Not All There said, just set up a company in your home country and invoice any Swiss clients with that.

Cider Woman 09.08.2020 20:22

Re: starting business
Doesn't it depend on what sort of services the coop/umbrella company is operating? I thought that (eg) this doesn't work for the services of employees.

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