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ihtxam 26.08.2020 22:47

Declaring VAT on old invoices
Dear All
I discovered at the end of 2019 that my company turn over is higher than 100k CHF, during the whole year, i did not charge VAT to my customer nor i paid it to Govt.
What options do i have now? Should i register myself for VAT? If yes, what to do with 2019 turnover.
Thank you for your advice.

V__ 27.08.2020 10:00

Re: Declaring VAT on old invoices
You can register for VAT retroactively without issue.

Look into which model is better for you, maybe choosing 2.2% on turnover will be less hassle for the moment (be aware you can change the model every 2-3 years, I can't remember exactly)

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