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punchit 21.01.2021 08:37

Will residence permit be renewed with Anobag?
Hello! I am an EU citizen working in Switzerland for a Swiss company and I have a B-permit which will expire in 2 years.

I am thinking of joining full-time an US startup, which isn't/won't be physically located in Switzerland, but I would like to continue living here. My options are to either register for Anobag or to open a new company in Switzerland, become employee of this company and pay myself a salary (and having the US startup money be paid to this company, instead of directly to me). The burden of taking care of a company isn't very appealing right now, so I was thinking more about the Anobag route (or are there any viable alternatives?). If registered as Anobag, what are the chances that Switzerland will renew my B-permit in 2 years, when it expires (or even better, offer me a C-permit)?

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

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