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pouya 25.01.2021 13:36

PCB manufacturing
Hello all, I've been ordering PCBs from China and I never had any problems, prices are fair, quality is acceptable, shippings are fast and cheap. For my last order I went with a PCB manufacturer from Germany, China delivery times weren't acceptable because of the Chinese new year.

My total order amount with the German manufacturer is about 50 EUR, + 20 EUR for shipping. They sent my package with UPS, and today UPS asked me to pay them about 50 CHF for import fees. I checked the bill, it's 1.6 CHF for VAT, about 26 CHF for government fees and the rest is UPS / broker fees.

I'd like to know if anyone knows a relatively cheap / affordable PCB manufacturer and SMT assembly service in Switzerland, for prototyping, or probably a PCB manufacturer abroad who handles the customs and clearance themselves, or if anyone has any tips regarding this and how to handle this type of shipping?

Thanks in advance!

aSwissInTheUS 25.01.2021 15:12

Re: PCB manufacturing
70 EUR would be around CHF 5.80 in VAT.
The rest should be UPS fees. plus VAT for the Fees.

If there is another government charge it would be the package fas flagged for inspection by customs and the declaration on the package was fraudulently.

The topic has been discussed so many times: https://www.englishforum.ch/finance-...rance-etc.html

For PCB. Sorry, I do not know. But Conrad offers services. And I think in the past Eurocircuits shipped from Switzerland (or the customer had to pay). But that was over a decade ago.

Flying Kite 27.01.2021 23:19

Re: PCB manufacturing

aSwissInTheUS 27.01.2021 23:39

Re: PCB manufacturing

Originally Posted by Flying Kite (Post 3268804)

Good wenn you can do it one sided (simpler to mill than to etch). But already dual sided is a PITA, specially if you have vias under components, and multilayer "impossible".

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