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monkeynut 21.01.2009 17:42

New business?
I have my own accounts/audit firm which is running smooth enough with a very stable client base, but im looking to expand and not sure of the right ways to go about it here in Switzerland:confused:

The services I offer are reasonably specialized and scarce in Switzerland and i believe that due to my excellent service and low prices :msncool: ,people are missing out as they dont know Im here!!

Has anyone any good tips on where to go for new business/ advertise?

Thanks in advance

HollidayG 21.01.2009 17:54

Re: New business?
In the German speaking part of Switzerland, there is a small
business periodical called "Cash". It is free just like 20 Minutes.

Is there something similar to this in Geneva or perhaps some kind
of online "Newspaper"?

pritesh 22.01.2009 21:20

Re: New business?
As you are dealing with accounts/audits...the best would be to advertise on some job portals.... dont forget to put an advertisement on yellow pages... yellow.local.ch, it can be quite beneficial
one more part of advertisement will be word of mouth and references with the clients you have served... prepare a one pager mail detailing your services and you can always request your clients to circulate it around...
i hope it helps.. all the best..

markalex 05.05.2009 12:56

Re: New business?
The only way to make lots money in life is to pay somebody else to do the job or indeed sell something that makes money by itself. There is real limit to how much you as an individual can earn doing whatever.

NatsBrit 05.05.2009 13:32

Re: New business?
One good starting place could be Englishforum;). Why not tell us more about your services.

Anyway, good luck

grumpygrapefruit 05.05.2009 13:41

Re: New business?
You could also try joining various business clubs and Chambers of Commerce. Depending on who your target marget is, the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce may be good for you. They have a thriving Chapter in Geneva. There is also an International Business Forum in Zug, there may well be similar ones in your area.

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