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tts 11.05.2006 19:57

Lawyer with knowledge of international business law?
Can anyone recommend a lawyer who's familiar with English and Swiss law, particularly regarding owning a business (normal private ltd) in the UK with its registered office there and running it from Switzerland? Or anyone out there that doing/has done the same?

Basically if we do move and my job hunting doesn't pick up soon I'll either have to live off my partner :o or do something off my own bat, but I'd like to know if that is even possible and what the issues are likely to be if it is.

cynik 05.03.2007 09:35

Re: Lawyer with knowledge of international business law?

I can help you with this stuff.I am pretty much in the same situation myself.

Except, my business is starting UK companies, and my friends/colleauges over here do the same for swiss businesses.

I am not sure if you can still run your UK business from here. Pratically, i mean. You hint that you would need to look for local work over here.

So what do you do?

If you do computer based work, you can choose where you say you did it. A lot of mine i do on the plane between switzerland and the UK, so one doesn't have to lie.

In this case, say you worked in the UK, deduct what you can for company expenses, and pay the corporate tax to your swiss account via the company account.

As far as the UK is concerned, these are franked dividends and there is no tax owing. As far as the siwss are concerned, this money is your savings that you are spending whilst on holiday (it is your savings - you erned and saved it in the UK)

If you work on material or in offices in actual locations, you will have a more complex time. If you work most of the year in the UK, and a bit in Switzerland, you should set up a branch company of your english company. this is easier than a fully blown Swiss company, and cheaper.

If you work most of the time in switzerland........ meh. theoretically you should open a swiss company and make the english company a branch. However, i would not do this. You get more tax savings by having two companies, because you must have the swiss one and the English one costs nothing to run. So why kill the english company? Keep it so you can do funky stuff like subcontract work to your self in another country and minimize your tax the traditional way.

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