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acinonyx 01.07.2009 11:38

Photography - price list question

My wife is a self employed photographer working out of here own studio in Bern. She has just been contacted by a potential client for a quote for the use of here images in a small inhouse magazine. When she did her GAF course here in Bern some years ago the class was given a copy of a 'standard' price list for published photos but she has not been able to find it. Does anyone know what this price list is called and how I can get my hands on it?

Are there any photographers out there doing this kind of work, if so how do you price your work.

Any information most gratefully recieved,



nksyoon 01.07.2009 14:49

Re: Photography - price list question
Here is the list in German:

UKKev 01.07.2009 21:50

Re: Photography - price list question
Hi, i would look at a photography specific forum for advice on this sort of thing try http://www.pbase.com its a start anyway

acinonyx 02.07.2009 08:30

Re: Photography - price list question
Thanks nksyoon, that's the very thing :msnnerd:

acinonyx 02.07.2009 08:40

Re: Photography - price list question
UKKev, I had tried on photography specific forums but it seems this price list is very Swiss centric. I found an equivalent list in dollars but it was not from an 'offical' body, the SAB list has the advantage here that the customers tend to accept it at face value, if you present your own price list the customer tends to question it (many people seem to undervalue photographic work :msncrazy:).

Thanks for the forum link though, it is always useful to have another source of information.

JMfromTO 28.07.2009 00:00

Re: Photography - price list question
The business has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. While I mostly do video, I am starting to get into stills (at probably the worst possible time in history!).

Lately when people have been calling me wanting a headshot I quote them 250 CHF (which is really cheap for location work!) and most of the time they think that's really expensive.

Too many amateurs giving it away for free. The low and even medium market is becoming almost impossible to work in.

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