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J-Swiss 22.04.2011 18:10

Martial Arts Seminar, Zurich
Martial Arts and Body Awareness seminar with Allen Pittman (Atlanta, USA) in Zurich, 29th and 29th May 2011

Allen Pittman is well known as a teacher of Bagua and Hsing-I (two of the three internal martial arts) which he has been studying and teaching for over thirty years. In the early 1980s he lived for two years in the house of a top teacher in Taiwan and was taught as an individual student. He has trained consistently since.

Beside that he trained for 10 years with Irish strong man and wrestler Tim Geogheagan and began to study things connected to the Ways of the East and West, particularly Celtic Wrestling and Indian Yoga. He also worked with Tim on various "bone-setting" techniques similar to what he learned in Taiwan and other manual therapies. During this period he cross referenced Judo, Fencing and other kinds of training both mental and physical.

He was twice the bodyguard for his Holiness the Dalai Lama and also for some US politicans and has written several books and numerous articles. Allen also produces educational DVDs and has devoted his life to the study of martial arts, body-mind disciplines and authentic spiritual traditions.

This will be Allens first seminar in Switzerland and more information can be found at the links below....




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