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Amoia 09.09.2015 11:20

Join us at Yinfluence, an all-day workshop about POWER (Yin) vs Force (Yang) for both men and women to Zurich! Everyone needs to equip themselves with the full spectrum of their “inner power”. Yinfluence is to facilitate the re-alignment with the Yin part (the inner/feminine power) that is often under-tapped or neglected so we can be more grounded and connected.

Using his humour, psychology, and latest research in Neuroscience, Dr. Mel Gill (www.metasecret.com), a psychotherapist, motivational speaker, Executive & Life Coach, Author, moviemaker and philosopher, will lead a facilitated process for us to understand what is our Feminine Power, how this are manifested in our behaviour and feelings, why there are blockages and how to unblock them and how to use these powers effectively in our lives. It essentially will bring some “A-ha” moments that last.

Date: Oct 30th 2015
Venue: Volkshaus Zurich
Time: 10:00 - 17:15 (standing lunch provided)
Language: English
For more info: http://www.almarea.ch/event/index .

Special Offer: Friends of English forum receive 10% off.
Enter code at Referral during registration: ForumYin

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