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Vlh22 18.01.2014 14:51

Who's up for a short story writing challenge?
A few weeks ago I started this thread inviting EFers to challenge me to use five random words in a short story.

It generated some controversy as some people felt I was 'self promoting' and not contributing to the life of the forum.

On the other hand, I got some very... interesting responses... (although none of them came out of the hat so they didn't get used in my final short story, which you can read here).

So in order to both contribute to the EF community and also tap in to your collective imagination, I'd like to invite anyone who wants to to join me on my next short story writing challenge.

I'm asking people to give me up to three opening sentences. I'll select one at random, and write a short story using that sentence.

I thought anyone who is interested could post their opening sentences here, and can then use any of the opening sentences in this thread to write their own short story. If you want, you could then post the finished story on this thread, or on your blog and link to it... and I'll post a link to this thread on my blog.

So here is my suggestion for an opening sentence:

There was ketchup on the bathroom ceiling again.

Anyone else like to join the fun?

Guest 18.10.2015 14:58

Re: Who's up for a short story writing challenge?
I realize you wrote this a year ago, but just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed reading "Empty Eyes". Though it seems short stories are under-appreciated nowadays, I admire writers like you, who manage to weave together compelling plots with great character development and vivid words that stick with you long after you finished the story.
If you like working with prompts, there is a literary magazine called 3 Elements Review that holds submission calls and gives you three words you have to work into your poem or short story.
I recently read another beautiful and poignant short story, "Water Butterfly" by Sylvia Siedlecka, if you want to take a look. Maybe others will like to share some of their favorite short stories.

aSwissInTheUS 18.10.2015 15:28

Re: Who's up for a short story writing challenge?
Hi vlh22,

Interesting opening, specially as it allows many variation of it, like:

Was there again ketchup on the bathroom ceiling?

Her eyes wandered from the empty ketchup bottle to the bathroom ceiling, "Not again!"

Once again it looked like there was ketchup on the bathroom ceiling.

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