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pasty 14.10.2015 21:55

Zürich Supper Club
The only other things I've seen on the web, or the forum, are generally going out to restaurants and the associated costs.
This is intended to be for food lovers, hobby cooks, who are prepared to host 4-6 including themselves, plus a great networking opportunity. Each should be expected to host.

It's only at the conception stage just now, but initial feedback from friends has been positive.
Checkout the Facebook group for a more detailed description https://www.facebook.com/groups/1067463169932576/
If interested, join the group, or let me know here. If sufficient people are interested, I'll take it to the next stage

Sbrinz 14.10.2015 22:57

Re: Zürich Supper Club
Thanks, if I lived in Zurich I would be interested in joining.

have you noticed how few Events we have on EF? Just 3 years ago there were many more things happening.

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