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audiodruid 18.10.2016 11:42

Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Survival Courses this Autumn/Winter
Dear Forum I would like to know if this is something any of you would be interested in?

1 day introduction course for individuals or groups in English.
Based on the "Lofty Wiseman" P.L.A.N system.

This course would be the forerunner to a Level2 (2day) training in 2017.
What this is not is Ray Mears style Bushcraft or wilderness living nor is it Bear Grylls style theatrical TV.

The course location and time can be tailored to suit you, it can be in a group or as a Family or individual.
Price upon application ( depends on the distance i have to travel or if you come to me )

We will examine the true skills required to survive the unexpected and await rescue.
We will look at various types of survival kit - kits - tools & clothing.
For families, what to carry in your car/boat/canoe, on your person.

Protection : Medical/Clothing/Shelter/Fire
Location: Signals/Rescue
Acquisition: Water/food/resources
Navigation: Priority/Map compass/terrain

We can also start a discussion here on the forum prior to training - i'll glad answer questions on the subject.

Who am I?
I have been practicing the art of Survival & Bushcraft since my youth, I was keen Scout & Scout group leader in the UK.
I am married with 3 children & live near St Gallen.
I have completed an extensive survival training to Level4 (7 days immersiv), Advanced navigation & Medical training (First Aid in the workplace/outdoors) with the Trueways School in the UK

Stay safe


KevinDK 18.10.2016 12:26

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
This Could potentially be interesting - Depending on the price level.

audiodruid 18.10.2016 18:26

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
My thoughts are circa 100.- per person for a session from 10am to 17.00
Basic course material would be provided as well as a "Cook your own lunch"
If we can get a group of 4 or more I would provide the fire starters for free to keep & on a 2 day course a basic Mora survival knife.


sunshinefamily 08.12.2016 19:18

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Very interested for hubby & son. Been looking for something like this but didn't think possible in CH!

The 2 day would be along the lines of what they are looking for.

Feel free to PM me.

sunshinefamily 23.03.2017 16:56

Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Hi Audiodruid,

Is this still something you would be happy to setup?

DantesDame 23.03.2017 17:18

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
My husband and I enjoy making fun of the poor decisions made when we watch survival shows on TV. I always thought it might be interesting to take a course like this and actually put our money where our mouth is (as the saying goes).

audiodruid 03.10.2017 21:30

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
I know it's been a while since i posted on this .. but i now have permission to use an area of forestry commission land near where i live.
So if any one is still interested .. i know it's getting a bit chilly at night now but ..
all the more reason to learn how to light a fire ... right?

PM me please ...now the right email address is in there i can at last reply ..


Shelby 23.01.2018 09:57

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Simon are you still running the courses??

audiodruid 23.01.2018 10:17

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids

Originally Posted by Shelby (Post 2900545)
Simon are you still running the courses??

We are yes ....

zuricher 11.11.2018 10:50

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Hi Iím interested is it something your still offering?

Many thanks!

audiodruid 14.11.2018 12:42

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Yes I am taking bookings for 2019 .. PM me for details

chiver84 29.03.2019 15:45

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Hi Simon, can you post the 2019 schedule?


audiodruid 29.03.2019 22:42

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
As I have yet to have enough students to make this a full time job , I am currently booking courses on an on demand nature for groups and individuals.

If your interested then let me know when you would have time and if you would like a one or two day course and if you would rather i come to you for a workshop or you come to me for a weekend.

I am also giving one day workshops on:
Fire lighting
Equipment selection
Knife and Axe use

Guest 31.03.2019 22:55

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids

Am interested for two people (my son & myself) - two days from 25th/26th April.

Please PM me so that we can sort out the details.


Spinal 27.05.2019 17:33

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Simon- do you also do shorter things? Like a half-day or one-day course for a group of work colleagues?

audiodruid 27.05.2019 19:08

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Yes I can, we can go over the basic rules and depending on location make a fire lighting exercise for example ..


mandjeo 15.04.2020 09:26

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Do you have any courses planned for 2020?
(yes I know about Corona :) but maybe something for latter this year?)

Do you maybe have a website or youtube channel where I can see more details?


audiodruid 15.04.2020 20:32

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Dear Milos,
and indeed anyone else following this thread here is some updated news.

I am now working as a freelance instructor for this company:

We offer everything from Archery through a wide range of outdoor courses to things like Urban Survival or if you are interested in becoming an instructor or an outdoor guide we teach you that too, however ...we are currently not able to offer the full program, we hope that the situation will allow us to resume for the summer.

I know most of the website is in German however courses are available in English.

Stay safe out there
I wish you all good health


audiodruid 25.06.2020 08:51

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
Our Survival and Bushcraft courses are running again.
Escape into the countryside, social distancing NO PROBLEM.



gava 17.07.2020 13:53

Re: Survival Courses for Adults & Kids
hi, I would be interested In organizing a 2/3 days small group survival training, please contact me.

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