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Mr.Maquiavelo 03.06.2020 20:01

Dental practice web application, looking for opportunities
Please accept my apologies if this topic doesn't fit here. I'm a developer and built a web application (not just a web site) for dental practices. It has a lot of features and I'd like to sell it to practices in Switzerland or overseas. In any case I am open for all kind of opportunities e.g. it also applies to private medical practices.

If you have connections to a dentist or for some reason are interested to do business please PM me for more details.

What I have already, the application features:
  • Patient online registration in web application database and integrated with the practice dental software. Currently only OpenDental is supported but can be extended to any other dental software that has programmable access. AFAIK OpenDental pricing is super affordable, something like couple of hundred USD per month.
  • Patient login and integration with social networks e.g. Facebook and Google.
  • Two factor authentication for highest patient login security.
  • Full integration with Paypal, this is optional and may be easily disabled upon request.
  • An extremely curated book appointment wizard, including selection of service, doctor-per-service-matching, calendar, confirmation of patient details and even upfront payment integrated with Paypal.
  • Allows patients to pay due bills with a credit or debit card on the web site using Paypal again optional.
  • Landing page chat to talk to the front-desk directly.
  • Integration with Google Cloud and maps e.g. navigate with GPS to the practice functionality.
  • Integrated second opinion functionality. A new or existing patient can pay the practice in advance via Paypal and submit the details of a procedure quotation from another doctor or just ask for a second opinion on a completed procedure e.g. sending X-ray before and after.
  • Complete integration with the famous dental practice design template BeDentist.
  • Very affordable full branding and customization e.g. logo design etc starting from 1k CHF.
  • Integrated blog for the practice to attract traffic.
  • Integrated search engine within the web application which ties in with its blog and SEO optimization functionality.
  • Built in multi-language support currently featuring English and Spanish. Adding support for all the Swiss official languages is easy peasy, simply requires translating a text document ... basically you can assume it's done.
  • SEO monitoring and built-in optimization, will monitor daily the rank of the practice compared to the 3-4 most direct competitors and provide hints on what terms or content to add / change to improve the SEO ranking (built-in within the web application).
  • Contact page which sends a message to the practice (in addition to the landing page chat functionality).
  • Deploy-able in the cloud, i.e. you don't need infrastructure but you can also deploy it on premises if you wish. I currently deploy a PoC in Heroku (i.e. a cloud provider).
  • Extensible to many more features e.g. allow patients to download their files, I'd love dentists to allow this, it's usually a pain for me as a patient to have to call multiple times to get my X-rays. Another one could be to see a report of your dental expenses and even get your treatments report per yer for tax deduction purposes.

For more details get in touch :) thank you.

PS: if you are a techy and are wondering my technology stack is Scala, Scala-Play, Angular 9, and any modern database vendor.

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