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ekonshin 11.08.2020 19:26

Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you about the recently opened Whisky Grail online-shop.

Whisky Grail offers a relatively unique proposal in the Swiss whisky market: “Try Before You Buy”.

22 types of whisky samples are on offer today: discontinued rarities, new releases (incl. Ardbeg Wee Beastie) and other interesting samples.

You get the following advantages:
  • Handmade with love in Switzerland
  • Fast delivery
  • No customs clearance
  • No additional fees
  • “Warehouse” concept
  • Safe packaging
  • Free local delivery
and many more!

More to come within next weeks: new samples (new releases, discontinued and rarity products), Whisky Sets for beginners and connoisseurs, “Make Your Own Set”, newsletter group in the Telegram messenger.

You are welcome to visit our website and buy the whisky you’d like to try. Follow us on social networks, sign up for the newsletter and of course enjoy our products!

P.S. First ten customers get free shipping (use the code WHISKYGRAILOPEN at checkout) - first come, first serve!

ekonshin 20.09.2020 21:03

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
Dear Friends,

Hope you already got in touch with our whisky sample shop and tried some products. We have had a lot of additions to our line-up recently, including an interesting blend from 60s-70s, discontinued whisky, and sets.

Some full bottles of Ardbeg Wee Beastie available - send a message at forum or write to our email.

More interesting samples will come soon. Sign up to our newsletter and get latest updates from Whisky Grail.

Free delivery for the first 5 customers from the forum. Use code ENGLISHFORUM at checkout

ekonshin 05.10.2020 17:04

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
One more update from Whisky Grail: we have new arrivals and our line-up contains now more than 50 products. Among the most recent additions are whiskies from Glasgow distillery (1770 Whisky which is not available in Switzerland), various Signatory bottlings, Macallan Editions, etc.

Discount code for free delivery (ENGLISHFORUM) is still valid - hurry up the number of discounts is limited!

In case of any doubts/questions/proposals please contact me at the forum or by email: info@whiskygrail.com

grumpygrapefruit 05.10.2020 17:58

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
It's a nice idea, I don't really drink any spirits anymore but good luck with it!

ekonshin 16.10.2020 12:24

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
Thanks, Mike! It's really difficult to start that's why I'm trying every opportunity for promotion.

ekonshin 16.11.2020 18:13

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
Dear Friends!

Christmas is coming soon and you have a great opportunity to compile your own advents calendar with whisky samples from Whisky Grail.

We are also offering a new service: semi-blind packaging. Sample bottles can be numbered instead of having the name on the label. Details on the whisky samples are hidden inside the envelope coming together with the package.

You are warmly welcome to our online-shop with some new releases, new pricing policy and don't forget about our gift cards which can be a great present for anyone's birthday, anniversary and of course Christmas!

Free shipping promo-code is still valid for the forum members (type ENGLISHFORUM at checkout)

ekonshin 02.03.2021 15:05

Re: Whisky Grail samples - Try Before You Buy
Dear Friends

In case you missed the recent Torabhaig frenzy - we still have some 50ml samples of the Torabhaig Inaugural Release as well as the most recent additions from the sister company Mossburn and many other whisky samples.

You are very much welcome to visit Whisky Grail shop and get new impressions and tastes!

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