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Urs Max 30.10.2019 15:43

Re: Smoking on the train platforms.uughh

In Ticino, the sign for OK is a stiff, extended right arm with a click of the heels.
That seems fairly convenient.

If the arm had to be raised so that the hand is at eye level however ...

greenmount 31.10.2019 10:24

Re: Smoking on the train platforms.uughh

Originally Posted by Tom1234 (Post 3115351)
That Catherine Tate sketch is funny. I showed it to some Italians once and they thought it was very funny.

I don't think it's mocking the foreigners but the general British ineptitude* with foreign languages.

* I'm going to get accused of using stereotypes again which some people find offensive.

Yes, I meant that sketch too and interpreted the same way. ( I don't know anything about the other character you have mentioned.) She's funny, especially when impersonating Vicky Pollard's "sister" namely Lauren Cooper...I might have seen her before but I don't remember. Thanks.

Guest 31.10.2019 10:30

Re: Smoking on the train platforms.uughh
So back to the issue at hand. If you find smoking on the platforms a bit rank, I suggest you save up a large guff, walk over the smokers' area and release with great theatre. They obviously have no grounds to complain.

3Wishes 31.10.2019 15:17

Re: Smoking on the train platforms.uughh

Originally Posted by Belgianmum (Post 3115297)
...this whole thread has become rather ridiculous now and has moved very far away from the original topic.

I'm agree. If someone wants to actually talk about smoking on the platforms, then feel free to start a new thread and try to stay on-topic.

People couldn't stop with the personal back-and-forth so this thread is done.:msntongue:

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