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Guest 23.06.2011 15:50

Re: rude tram experience in basel
Most of us will never know what it is like to have racist comments, looks, attitudes, day in, day out. Nobody has ever been racist towards me. Like Biff, I can certainly understand that those who experience this on a regular basis do develop what some might call 'a chip on their shoulder'.
I remember a documentary in Germany where they had made-up and dressed German teenagers to look like Muslim Turkish children - peoples' reactions certainly opened their eyes to what it feels like. I often discussed this with my Asian 6th Formers, and some of their experiences were appalling.
In this case, we will never know. The driver might have been on a tight schedule, in a bad mood for any reason ... or just, racist. Plenty of people are - and not just in Switzerland. As said before the situation is much worse in Austria and the Netherlands, and I'd add France.

Wollishofener 23.06.2011 23:40

Re: rude tram experience in basel

Originally Posted by Röschti (Post 1237821)
What I think Sky means is that in English-speaking cultures when someone mentions that something negative occurred to them, people show sympathy (with varying degrees of sincerity, depending on circumstances and the individuals involved) by saying "I'm sorry (this happened to you)".

It's a different use than Sorry/äxgüsi/pardon/scusi/tschulidgung (which are used typically when you might have done - or are about to do - something which you feel may trouble/may have troubled the person you're talking to)

if so, the CH-reaction will be "oh je !" or "würkli" or "o nei" or "nei aber effektiv" or "wass nüt alles git" or "das darf aber nöd waar sii" or "jä aber da sött mä öppis tue" :)

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