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benben 08.07.2020 11:08

Re: Babyjoe.ch beware!
I bought an item (over 1000 CHF) in early April. It was supposed to be delivered by end of April. They extended the delivery to end of may, but by end of may it still hadn't come. I called and they told me middle of June. By middle of June it still hadn't arrived, so I called back. The man said "Oh, yes it says here we can not deliver your item, ever". I asked if why they didn't inform me if they knew they couldn't deliver it. The man on the phone said he received 300 calls per day, and couldn't be expected to inform every person when they couldn't fulfill an order. My jaw dropped...all I needed was an e-mail notification. Is their policy just to not deliver items and then wait until the customer notices it isn't arriving and finally gives up waiting and calls them to find out why?

I asked for my money back (I pre-paid). It took another month before the money was in my bank account.

I have made 100s of online orders before, and this was definitely the worst experience I have ever had. Its okay if orders can't be fulfilled, but I expect to be notified in a timely manner if this isn't the case, and I expect the money back quickly, as well.

There are plenty of other companies out there that sell the same things.

My advice:
- Don't use this company
- If you do, don't prepay.

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