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HAT 03.10.2006 23:19

Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
Although this is a Complaints Corner, the replies to my original posts make me want to include this last instalment.:msntongue:

I have moved to the present apartment since Jan 2005. I then bought a motorcycle (on impulse) and had problem to find a garage. The hauswart (housekeeper) did not help, and she uses 4 garage parking lots (not sure if she is hogging them or renting them herself). I asked her to ask the owners but she said all full (not really true, if I count the lots).

I posted a paper note on the postboxes and after 2 days, a neighbour offered to let me park my bike in his garage lot for free.

Being a reasonable person, I offered to pay a fee for it, we agreed on 30chf per month. He usually parks his car in the Besucher (visitor) lot outside, although most neighbours will actually complain, but he is swiss so he does not really care (or maybe they don't complain so much about him)

This year, this man bought a new car, and he needed to use his lot. He asked me for a solution, and I proposed that I switch parking lots with him, cos my original rented lot, is short and cannot house both my motorcycle and my car. He agreed.

The same man's family, helped my wife, this spring when my son was running fever at 40C. His girlfriend's daughter (19 years old), herself being 8 mths pregnant, helped my wife (7 mths pregnant too), because my son was in convulsions (due to high fever). And you know what? The woman upstairs, walked by, said something about catching a bus, and went off without helping my wife, even though my wife was in panic.

Another example of being unwelcomed and strictly "not my fault". The first day I moved in, an elderly man shouted at me to move "my DHL van" in the Besucher (visitor) lot. He shouted at me, read this : NOT ASKING BUT JUST SHOUTING. I was amazed and told him, in High German, that I am not driver of that DHL van, and I just moved here. He did not apologise but just walked back to his apartment. Nice guy huh? Did I tell you he is good friend of my landlord's father, Mr Cxxxxx?

This spring, the same man, shouted at my friends, who was attending my son's birthday party. (I invited all neighbours with posted note). He told them that the parking lot (Besucher) is private and that they have no business to park there. Nice guy. Confimed.

So....nice neighbours do exist. :msngrin:
Alongside devilish ones...:msnsarcastic:


HAT 03.10.2006 23:25

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
BTW, during that emergency, the man downstairs, the taxi driver, he called the ambulance.

So I still respect him for helping during emergency, although not for complaining about my son running around.

So 2 in 1...there you have it. A winner!:msngrin:

Nowadays, I try to say "Gruezi" (greetings) to him, even though he is not looking me in the eyes. I got to try, right?:msnsarcastic:


AbFab 04.10.2006 00:15

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
Hi Tan,

You don't have a television, do you?

HAT 04.10.2006 00:20

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)

Originally Posted by AbFab
Hi Tan,

You don't have a television, do you?

hhahha...HD or normal?
I have 2...and not counting my PCs...:msnsarcastic:

Remember....they took off BBC today?......:msntongue:

BTW, I do not wish to make enemies here, flaming a litttle is harmless.

maryhanania 04.10.2006 01:25

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
Hi all,

I've just joined the group - I have to say... The comments and stories are hillarious....:msncool: Mary

HAT 04.10.2006 08:49

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)

Originally Posted by maryhanania
Hi all,

I've just joined the group - I have to say... The comments and stories are hillarious....:msncool: Mary

Heh, come on...some of us are very SERIOUS..:msnsick:
Don't laugh at THEM....
UNfortunately the smileys don't convey enough strength of my clowning sometimes, and people misunderstand I am trying to state a point or force a point.

It is all about our own views..

mark 04.10.2006 11:44

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
Hi Hat, it does sound like you have some good and some bad neighbours. I wouldn't worry too much about the woman upstairs (the one who refuses to speak high german to you). If she speaks Swiss German - just ignore her and say that you can't understand her. If you really want to irritate just don't respond unless she speaks English to you :msnsmile:

AdFab's comment is more along the lines of the fact that your posts sometimes read more like a soap opera. I think he meant if you watched more soap operas, that you'd be less inclined to try to write them... :msncool:

HAT 06.10.2006 14:15

Re: Nice neighbours (part3 Sh*tty neighbours)
One of my secret dreams is to be a short story writer... ( I am also short in height by most standards)

I write not only to this forum, but to newspapers and blogsites too.:msnnerd:

Thanks for the hint.:msntongue:

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