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twomatot 23.04.2015 16:37

Bad Behaviour Basel SBB Change Office
This is the third time I've had to deal with the very rude man at the Basel SBB Change office (Blond hair, mid 50's...) Each time I go there for a VAT refund, it appears I am ruining his otherwise splendid day. Also each time, he feels it necessary to b$@#$ about something on my form. Some classics: "Why, it is impossible to read the date on this customs stamp! I cannot process this form!" (as if I have control over the quality of the German stamping...) and "The amount on here is very much (17CHF) and I will do it this time, but next time I cannot give out that much money" (Time before, I got the same moaning for 54CHF...) Christ on a cracker!

Last time I checked, it was his job to do VAT refunds. I need to do this somewhere else. Anyone ever use the same service at Badhoff or somewhere else? I'm fairly patient and usually find humor in his attempts at Customer Service, but I think I've had enough unnecessary abuse.

AletschBub 23.04.2015 23:39

Re: Bad Behaviour Basel SBB Change Office
It's just his Swiss way of flirting with you.

Ask him out for a coffee next time.:msnwink:

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