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JXChin 20.11.2015 15:36

IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
Just a heads-up for anyone ordering IKEA furniture in large quantities, I just had two rather disappointing experiences with them.

The first was when they over-stacked the furniture in a bid to save time, resulting in their collapse and damage to the delivered goods. They pretended that it never happened, and did not allow time for me to check the items. This resulted in a hassle in getting them to rearrange a replacement on a separate delivery date. What's more, one of my items was missing, with the transport company even stating any missing items, you should bring it up with IKEA. This coming from the fact that it may have been the transport company who lost it.

Then during replacement, the transporters scratched the hard wood floor of my apartment, which I just moved into. This was the result of them pushing the furniture that needed to be exchanged around, with no care given during removal. This incident is still pending, currently awaiting IKEA's reply.

Just wanted to drop a heads-up that one should pay close attention to what the IKEA delivery personnel are doing if possible.

I should've known better, but I guess it's too late. Hope no-one else faces the same issues.

Mrs. Doolittle 20.11.2015 15:56

Re: IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
Bottom line is that with any delivery you need to watch these people. Ikea is no exception but they outsourse all their deliveries so you are not dealing with Ikea personnel.

Take pictures of the damage. If you saw it before the delivery people left write it on their report. Do not sign the report as if all was okay if you knew otherwise.

JXChin 20.11.2015 16:00

Re: IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
Thanks for the advise, unfortunately I only saw the damage after they left - they were in a hurry to leave, and basically did not leave me any time to check the items again.

I've sent pictures to IKEA, so hopefully they would somehow reflect / deal with their outsourced delivery company regarding the issue.

Guest 20.11.2015 16:31

Re: IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
Either take the time to inspect before signing and if you get rushed by the van driver, refuse to sign and tell him to sod off

Quite simple really

JXChin 24.11.2015 21:36

Re: IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
I should have thought of that earlier. Now I'm dealing with the transport company's insurance.

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