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marton 06.01.2020 00:46

Water filter
Some years ago I bought a water filter, the under-counter type that you use to fill bottles for later use.
The seller said it had a permanent filter and was not the type where you had to regularly replace it.

Anyway some days before Christmas it stopped working, I could not find the place I originally bought it from so I found another seller but with Christmas and everything, delivery would be at least four weeks.

So now I have emptied all the bottles and our guest WC is full of the empties.
I decided to take the filter apart and see if it was repairable, turns out it does not have a permanent filter as was claimed but a cartridge type you are supposed to change every couple of years!

I ordered a new cartridge for the princely sum of CHF 14,- and they promised to send it this week. Hope that fixes the problem, if so, I do not know what to do with the new one? Maybe hang it up in the guest WC as decoration?

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