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sfiki 12.04.2006 12:01

Road condition
Have u ever been to the street going up from Bucheggplatz to ETH Höngg? I think this is the worst road at least in Zürich! The company that has its maintenance obviously manages to put a lot of money in their pocket...4 years now this is my every day route to work...this road has never been fully recovered...it is full of patches of asphalt, with the result if you are going by car your car slowly starts deteriorate in the inside by the so many bumps while if you go by bus your back will be in pain-....! I just wonder if there is an office where you can complain about something like that...and imagine that this is the road leading to Waidspital..poor people who have to be transfered there!!

mark 12.04.2006 23:32

Re: Road condition
Yes there is an office where you complain about that... The complaints corner. So I'm going to move this post to that section instead...

I know what you mean about that section that you mention it I don't think I've EVER seen it without roadworks!

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