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  1. MusicChick
    10.02.2016 14:42
    Thanks for the green appreciation.
  2. MusicChick
    09.03.2015 16:14
    Thanks! And I'm agree.
  3. MusicChick
    05.08.2014 12:05
    Thanks, I am still laughing...we need more jokes.
  4. adrianlondon
    22.08.2013 21:00
    I'm agree!
  5. MusicChick
    22.08.2013 21:00
    Hahahah..You really need to coin that catch phrase. It's so hot. Thanks.
  6. adrianlondon
    13.05.2013 15:31
    Thanks for the rep! Actually, on threads like those I'm probably part of the problem. But such a small part I don't care enough to stop
  7. adrianlondon
    05.04.2013 02:48
    "Thanks a million for your blobs. Now. Come back." - Come back from where?
  8. MusicChick
    05.04.2013 00:55
    Thanks a million for your blobs. Now. Come back.
  9. MusicChick
    12.03.2013 12:26
    I know you do. merci.
  10. MusicChick
    26.01.2012 14:49
    ta for the ficus blobs! you can also cut a little ones, let them spring branches in water, they will, in the sun, after about 3 weeks, then you will have some baby ficuses

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