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planetali 02.06.2011 11:44

Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
Ladies, I need your help!

Suddenly remembered that I will need a suit for a conference I'm going to. I've been trying to lose enough weight to get into the last one I bought, because I need a proper suit approximately once a year and really didn't want to have to splash on another one, but that's not going to happen in the next 10 days. (There are, of course, other reasons for trying to lose the weight!).

Can anyone suggest where I can go in Basel where I will find something decent for a size 40/42 (UK 14), age-appropriate (40s) but not frumpy, mid-range price? I hate shopping for clothes and am a bit short on time this weekend, so I'm thinking Manor or Globus as a one-stop shop - any other ideas? Or should I wait till I'm in the UK the weekend before, where I'll know where to go?

Ta in advance.

Peg A 02.06.2011 12:45

Re: Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
I'd say to check at Charles Vögele, Manor and Ulla Popka.

That said though, I'm not sooooo keen myself on the offerings for "Grosse grossen" (larger sizes) at those stores where it comes to up-to-date fashions for the "young-at-heart 40something," I think they'll be decent to good options for business attire.

Oh, and of the three, I'd put Charles Vögele on the bottom, you'd have to judge Manor for yourself (they don't carry my size) but it maybe looks like the best bet for looking nice, and Ulla Popka really isn't to my taste BUT the stuff had a good quality look / feel to it when I looked in the shop at Stücki.

ullainga 02.06.2011 12:48

Re: Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
Wait til you're in UK. Loads more choice and of course more reasonably priced.

planetali 03.06.2011 09:49

Re: Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
Haven't heard of Ulla Popka before, and hadn't thought of Stucki, so thanks. Ullainga, that's my default setting, I guess I thought some of that Eurochic might rub off on me if I bought here. Unlikely though ;), so UK it is!

summerrain 03.06.2011 10:45

Re: Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
If you are in a hurry, Esprit.

If not, wait till you are in the UK.

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