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smoky 26.08.2011 00:11

VgT magazine ....
Do any of you receive this magazine? If you do, what do you think of it`s contents?

As a (mostly) vegetarian .... I read it, and believe it.

What is disturbing me is that this latest has mention of a huge Pharmaceutical company in USA "Vasella/Novartis" who use animal vivisection and experiments, mentioning the figure of 27,000 animals in a year who go thru these experiments (for our health).

Also is the killing process of beef animals - with graphic photos showing their painful and torturous death.

Also is the state of the pigs in the farm factories ... living in their own faeces and filth, and the misery of the mothers with babies who are (the mothers) held in steel pens without ability to interact with their babies. (Pigs, as stated in this magazine, are an intelligent species - and the misery in their eyes is apparent in the photos)

And the apparent banning on TV of this animal-rights organisation to have their views and videos aired - being opposed by the rights of the larger organisations - food outlets and pharmaceutical firms.

And the upcoming trial of Erwin Kessler (Vgt) who is opposing the Pharmaceutical firm of Vasella/Novartis - on the grounds of animals being treated inhumanely for the furtherance of "better health" for humans, and being likened to the killing machines of Nazi Germany.

Anyone here got any views on this magazine and its contents?

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