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collilj 07.09.2011 16:35

Wills - UK or Swiss
I wondered if someone could help me - I have read the following previous threads but I am still a little bit confused!
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I am not married and have no children - but have a property in England which I would like to leave to my nieces - do I do this in Switzerland or the UK?
If in Switzerland could someone recommend a good english speaking notary in Zurich please?


07.09.2011 18:48

Re: Wills - UK or Swiss
If you're English and the main asset you're concerned about is bequeathing real estate in England, then keep it simple and do your will under English law.
Especially if you might move back there. I have an English law will, have no intention of moving back there and I have no assets in England. But I did it to avoid forced inheritance rights here.

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