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SwissAstrid 28.09.2011 19:47

Welcome home.....to me
(being Dutch I will start with the ranting)

Would it kill you, nice looking guy in suit to help me get my very heavy suitcase on the train instead of squeezing your way in front of me?

Really 7/8 year old girl running down the mountain in front of my house, you need to flip the guy who was walking up the mountain carrying a heavy load, after you first politely Gruezied him?

But on the other hand, thank you Zurich airport for your efficiency , handling multiple US flights at passport and custom control without major back ups as it took me 90 minutes on Dulles airport to do the same.

Thank you SBB for being punctual as ever, giving me a pleasant ride home, especially riding "over" the waterfalls.

And thank you nice little town where I live for being so cute and clean.

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