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Peter 1875 05.11.2012 09:41

Tax status in Zurich Stadt form - househusband?
I originally posted this in the "Tax etc" forum, but have no replies thus far. I'm sure I should just send the form off and I'm asking a redundant question, but if anyone knows otherwise, please do let me know

I am in the process of filling out a form - handily sent to me in English - from Stadt Zurich that asks for info that will help them "check my tax status in the city of Zurich".

I don't have a job yet and never had (in Switzerland), I'm not a student or a sole trader, I don't receive any pension/social security over here as I'm not valid for it and I don't have more than 200,000 CHF in assets (the chance would be a fine thing) All the above are my answers to the questions in the form.

Then there is one that says "housewife/house-husband". Now I live with my girlfriend who is an EU citizen, B permit holder with a job etc, so we're not married and she isn't financially supporting me, but in terms of what I actually do with my day, "house husband" is probably the best description at the moment.

Does anyone know of any tax implications of ticking "house husband" vs not? We pay an all inclusive rent, so I'm not entirely sure what taxes Stadt Zurich could charge me?

I need to get this form posted off today, so any advice would be most welcome. I'm an L permit holder with health insurance all sorted out etc, if that makes any difference.


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