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ticino 06.05.2008 07:48

Re: The Happiest Place on Earth (Switzerland No.2)

Originally Posted by Stephanwolf (Post 155630)
Generally speaking places with more sunlight have happier people...

Recently read a book about happiness which had a section on happiness of nations as well. It included a fairly scientific survey according to which Iceland is the happiest nation (NO sunlight) with CH very close to the top as well.

Also within CH the happiest people do live in the canton Zug and not in Ticino. So sunlight probably has a small influence compared to other factors. Apparently, social security, small income variations, and a feeling of being in control of your life (direct democracy) have the biggest influence on how happy people are.

dakman 06.05.2008 08:42

Re: The Happiest Place on Earth (Switzerland No.2)

Originally Posted by byby (Post 220194)
Do you expect to find a country or place on earth, where people are happy every day? Happiness is a rare commodity, comes your way once in awhile and that's the glory of it

No, I am just saying I know alot of people who never move from where they grew up and would never dream of living anywhere else. Does that make them happy? perhaps or maybe not.

heebeegeebee 07.05.2008 09:09

Re: The Happiest Place on Earth (Switzerland No.2)
I think they are confusing contentment with happiness.

Principia Discordia 07.05.2008 10:40

Re: The Happiest Place on Earth (Switzerland No.2)
I think there are way too many other variables that need to be considered when it comes to suicide, so many that using it as a measure of unhappiness is pretty flawed. Religious attitudes make a far, far bigger difference in the rate of suicide, and in countries with relaxed social and legal attitudes to suicide, like Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, you'll naturally have a far higher rate of suicide. I'm a pretty happy person, but the fact that I can legally go somewhere to commit suicide if I have a terminal illness makes me even happier, and I imagine I would take advantage of such a service if I felt the need to, and it wouldn't really reflect on my happiness in any way, either.

Many people from other countries with more stringent laws come here to avail themselves of the services of Dignitas and Exit as well, and if those also get counted, then its even more flawed to base happiness on suicide rates.

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