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rachael8816 17.04.2013 17:07

Tutankhamun exhibition
Does anyone know where the Tutankhamun exhibition is in Zug?
I drove past an advert and didn't register the location, and now I can't find it on the internet. Apparently it is on from the 11th April until the 21st April.

moggy 17.04.2013 17:38

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam are listed her for approx next 12 months


(you can choose between 4 languages I believe)

Below for more information and 5 video links of the Exhibition, impressive video links, I enjoyed playing with the buttons on the bottom of the videos


Exhibition in Zurich was March 08. – June 29. 2008

but maybe there is some new date planned !

rachael8816 17.04.2013 23:02

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
This is the only mention i can find of it on the internet, off zug4you.ch, however it doesn't give a location! I guess i'll just drive slowly past the advertising board tomorrow and try and read where it is at:)!! I don't feel confident enough in my German to phone the number for more info.

Exhibition of replica objects from the legendary tombs of the Pharoahs


This stunning exhibition shows replicas of the most beautiful and spectacular finds from the legendary tombs of the Valley of Kings and were made by the most renowned craftsmen in Egypt.

The exhibition of some of the replicas has been make possible thanks to Dr Mostafa El Ezapy who worked on the great Tutankhamun exhibitions in Zurich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Depending on the area of space available, up to 300 exact replicas of archaeological treasures will be on display. Smaller items will be exhibited in secure specially-made glass cases, but larger exhibits will be able to be viewed more closely.

Some will recall how the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun with its treasures of gold, jewellery and other precious objects in 1922 after years of searching, not to mention the death mask of Tutankhamun himself, the original of which can be found in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Replicas of all these treasures also convey some of the fascination of the original objects.

The exhibition is open every day from 11 am until 7 pm from Thursday 11 until Sunday 21 April. In buying a ticket, all visitors also contribute to a charity which helps handicapped children and young people in Switzerland.

Tickets are available on the day, with free admission groups of disabled visitors by prior arrangement. Otherwise tickets cost CHF 14 for adults and CHF 8 for children (including guided tour).

Further information can be obtained from René Bügler on info@showtalents.ch, telephone 078 711 94 73.

ximix 18.04.2013 01:26

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
A similar (possibly the same) event was held in Zurich some years ago.

I still can't believe how my friend and I totally missed that the artefacts were in fact replicas and actually thought we were going to see the real thing!

We couldn't believe how lax security was (read there was none) for such an important event of this nature, nor how few people there were... That is until days later when, on closer inspection of my treasured ticket stub, I realized that it was a replicas event. :D

No matter. Very enjoyable it was in spite of that although I'm glad I got to see the real artefacts exhibition held in London many moons ago. :)

John McClane 30.03.2021 15:00

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
It's on again, with replicas, if anyone's interested.
Oerlikon, Zurich
Thursdays to Sundays
Only until April 20th , 2021


reids 30.03.2021 15:41

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug

Originally Posted by John McClane (Post 3291162)
It's on again, with replicas, if anyone's interested.
Oerlikon, Zurich
Thursdays to Sundays
Only until April 20th , 2021


Friday and Saturdays have Nacht in der Museen where you sneak around in the dark with your torch 'discovering' the artifacts, sounded a bit naff but was really good fun.

Landers 31.03.2021 01:04

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
Now is a fantastic time to visit Egypt. We went over xmas and new years did all the sights privately and there was hardly anyone else there. No americans, no Brits, no Germans, no Asians (no-one who had flown in from those regions), In fact I was sometimes waiting for someone to walk into shot so that my pictures had a sense of scale. We could drive up, park outside the ticket office, get the tickets with no wait and no wait for the sites themselves. Highly recommended.

Rockabella 31.03.2021 08:36

Re: Tutankhamun in Zug
Its worth seeing, truly great replicas, all looked original to me :)
If you cant go to Egypt...let Egypt come to you...;)

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