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summerrain 25.07.2013 11:41

Re: Wanted to share my experience :)

Originally Posted by lmerkel (Post 1936076)
Very nice story! If anyone has seen The Kingfisher, or Solo (Jamie Foxx?), several people on the street were what were once normal functioning people in society, but have had a horrific experience which they can't bounce back from and become a bit mentally unhinged. A job loss, house, spouse, family....

I lived in NYC and it was estimated that almost 80% of our homeless were not drug addicts, but people suffering from a mental distress who could not seek treatment or didn't want to because they would be confined.

Agreed. A lot of them just need a lucky break in life to bounce back.

So great of you OP. Thank you for the story. Really made my day, especially knowing that the dog will sleep with a full belly tonight :)

DrX 25.07.2013 11:43

Re: Wanted to share my experience :)
That being said however I have no tolerance for the 'organised' collectors and beggars slumming around the place, especially as you see them getting into Big ass cars at the end of the day.

There was a guy in Edinburgh who was in the local rag as he was lifted for vagrancy. turns out he had actually jacked his IT job and was making 4-500 quid per day on the street begging.

AND, there is still a rule today in the UK that if you don't have enough money in your pocket to buy yourself a haircut, you can be lifted for vagrancy. I guess the guys get a better deal on this one ! lol :msntongue:

Guest 25.07.2013 11:54

Re: Wanted to share my experience :)
You brought a lump to my throat. Good on you. Homeless people always seem so damned grateful when I just talk to them and treat them like any other human being. Society makes me sick sometimes.

singabhadur 25.07.2013 16:34

Re: Wanted to share my experience :)

Originally Posted by DrX (Post 1936082)
Well done you

This lass 'Carol McMillan' was in tears by the time we left and I hope we gave her a warm fuzzy feeling for a while.

This part is the most impressive about your post. That you remember her name :)

Great experience to share.

Thank You :)

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